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Easter Vignettes

Well, it snowed again here over the weekend (seriously?!), but we are getting our Easter on inside:) Here's a couple of shots of seasonal decor from around the house: The Egg Mantel I didn't really mean to just rock all Easter eggs on the mantel, but that's what happened, so let's go with it! Felt Easter egg garland from Target a few years back. Hand-painted eggs by Paul on the left and Maura on the right at our local Paint Your Own Pottery place. Mine broke last year:( ***cough cough Maura dropped it after I repeatedly asked her to be careful*** Maura and I dyed some eggs with one of those Paas kits and although they didn't come out exactly as they were supposed to, they are really pretty, pastel, and speckly. I balanced them very carefully in moss on top of these little wood stumps that I stole from a friend who cut them down in her backyard (love them, and so versatile too, used them for our Christmas party this year). The Blue Dresser

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