Holiday Home Tour: Part I

Hello! Happy Friday! Christmas is 2 weeks from today!!! Wow, hard to believe. About the only thing I have done is our holiday decorating:)

Julia is having her Hooked on Holiday House Tours over at Hooked on Houses today, so thought I'd join in with some pics of our foyer and kitchen. Can't wait to spend some time peaking in at everyone else's place.

On Monday the Nester is having her Christmas Tour of Homes so I'll post some more pics for that (like our living and family rooms, etc.). I was not part of blog land this time last year, so it's so fun to see how much everyone around here gets in the spirit.

Well, come on in!

{these are the huge lanterns I snagged at HomeGoods last year. Usually they're inside, but I put them outside and lit the candles for our party this weekend and they were lots of compliments}

Don't be a hater, but I just buy my wreaths instead of making them! (What? This is a skill too!) I can't help it, I love fresh greenery. And there's something about boxwood that I am just drawn I treat myself to a fresh circular wreath from the local nursery for our front door every year.

And it goes on our silver engraved wreath hanger from Pottery Barn. (I asked for it one year for Christmas!)

Mini pumpkins came down from the transom window above the front door and up went these silver ornaments on green grosgrain ribbon.

I did a kind of green, brown, silver color theme for the bookcase in the foyer.

My somewhat small but still lovable collection of mini-trees goes on top.

My best friend from college gave me the one on the left. He's got little tin cookie cutter ornaments hanging on him. My mom gave me the Christmas weeping willow (with stars) and the burlap guy with spots of snow.

One of my favorite easy holiday decorating projects to do is to wrap up random boxes as gifts with pretty paper that matches my color scheme. (I love paper and pattern and have a ton of it hanging around, so its free too.)

{I swapped out the fall colored books on the bottom shelf for green and brown ones.}

I've got this garland on the bannister going up the stairs.

I don't really do much in the kitchen, but it took just a second to put some more of my wrapped boxes from last year onto the ledge shelves.

It's become tradition that while I'm at the nursery getting the boxwood, I buy a few real pine wreaths (these are 14") for our inside doors too. I just use wide satin ribbon and a small nail in the top of the door to hold them. Here's the door in our kitchen that leads down to the garage.

Thanks for stopping by!! Check out our holiday mantel here or the centerpieces for our holiday open house last weekend here. I love this time of year:)

Ps. Duh, its Friday. That means its Holiday Linky Friday over at the Inspired Room...I'm linking up to that too. Thanks, Melissa!


  1. Very, very calm and serene and so lovely!

  2. pk @ Room Remix
    I love your style, Sarah. Very pretty. I'm lovin' that polka dot package too! :-)

  3. Very nice! I love the little trees!

    Hope to see you next week for the Holly Bloggy Christmas Bash!

  4. I love the little Christmas-y touches you've made throughout your home.

  5. What lovely images and classic taste in decorating. I would love to use real greens, not healthy for a family of allergy patients. Beautiful wrapping of gifts!

  6. Your home is lovely! I LOVE your front porch...those lanterns and the wreath are fabulous. :) Visiting from Julia's party. :)

  7. Your packages look so pretty! I think they add to the decor, too. I need to get started on mine so I can put as much thought into the wrapping and not rush at the last minute.

  8. I am not a hater, I love your wreaths! And we have the same lanterns, LOVE! So many cute ideas here! Thanks for sharing!

  9. How lovely! I love the color scheme! ~Lisa

  10. How pretty, I love the wrapped up boxes too!

  11. I just love your style! Everything looks gorgeous. Your front door is fabulous with that wreath and those lanterns. If I had a transom over mine, I'd be totally stealing your idea with those ornaments. Thanks for the tour!

  12. Very pretty and very simple. :)

  13. Really pretty, Sarah! Much of my holiday decor this year consists of wrapped empty boxes strategically placed on shelves and tabletops. It felt like cheating because it's so easy to do, but it sure looks great.

  14. I can't imagine not having a fresh wreath for the front door. Yours is beautiful, as is all your decor. I'm very jealous of your weeping willow ;)



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