Mood Board Monday: Etsy Artwork

Hi, there! Hope everyone had a great weekend! Welcome to the 12th Mood Board Monday McLinky Party. Glad you could make it:)

This blog party is all about seeing how different people are inspired differently by the same things. This time we're appreciating some good art and celebrating some talented artists. Your challenge was to design a room inspired by one of these three pieces of artwork found on Beautiful, right? Shouldn't be hard;)

"Romance of Fall" by photographer Carl Christensen

{Carl lives in southeastern PA right near where I grew up. His stunning fine art photographs of the surrounding areas remind me so much of home. Check out his Bucks County Collection for some charming, beautiful scenes. Here's Carl's website, Integrity Studio,and blog.}

2. "Live Colorfully" by Him & Her Abstract Art

{You guys most definitely know this husband and wife team already..."Her" is the lovely and talented Camila of the blog "Effortless Style". Camila is known for her brilliant use of color and pattern and for writing the always fascinating and inspiring series "In Her Shoes". Apparently her hubster has his own talent, he's the artist behind this beauty.}

3. Bird Art Community Tree by Cori Dantini/etsy seller corid

{Cori is the perfect example of an etsy success story. She started out selling her art at craft shows, opened up an etsy shop about 4 years ago, and is now a more-than-full-time artist who just started licensing her work...while her husband stays home with her son! Here's her blog: Cori Dantini makes}


Here's my mood board. Obviously I love all three of these pieces (that's why I chose them!), but Cori's "Bird Art Community Tree" kinda fits in perfectly with something I've been thinking about. Eventually Maura is going to need a big girl room, so I decided to challenge myself to design one using Cori's illustration and some of the things we already have. I put a bit of a "woodland/nature" spin on it as Maura really loooves being outside. The only thing I wasn't realistic about when putting this together was the budget!! Might as well dream big:)

1. The palette - taken directly from Cori's "Bird Art Community Tree" illustration and further solidified by the right bedding. The room in which Maura will probably move to for her "big girl room" is our office, which is already painted BM Woodlawn Blue and we would keep it, such a pretty color. It's similiar in value to her nursery color, but its just slightly more green-blue.
2. Once she's made the transition to a real bed, I want to give her the twin bed I grew up sleeping in. This is just a representation of it, since I don't have a current photo. It's walnut, with an arched back and ball posts on both the headboard and foot board.
3. For bedding, I love this Scalloped Organic Patchwork Quilt and Sham from Pottery Barn. I like the idea of something with a lot of pattern, sort of mix and match. Casey from loft & cottage used this quilt recently in her client's cozy little guest room and I pinned it on my "Big Kids Room" board as soon as I saw it. The colors work perfectly with Cori's bird art.
4. Love these Spring Time Sheets from Land of Nod! A nice "nod" to our woodland "theme".
5 and 6. For throw pillows on the bed, I'd use these two from the recently launched Caitlin Wilson Textiles (Peacock Scallop and Tangerine Lotus ). All Caitlin's patterns and colors are GORGEOUS, but I liked especially how these two played with everything else in the room.
7. On the floor (over the wall-to-wall cream carpet), this Iznic Dhurrie rug in Citron from West Elm.
8. Maura already has the Ikea Hemnes 8 drawer dresser in white in her nursery. I'd either move it from there to her new room or just buy another one if we ever have another baby.
9. To spice up the Ikea dresser though, I'd swap out the oil-rubbed bronze hardware for these Zinnia Knobs in Aqua from Anthropologie.
10. Yellow Eden Table Lamp from Land of Nod.
11. Over the dresser, these dramatic Dog Rose and Moss Botanical Posters from The Evolution Store would look so awesome! Camilla, of Effortless Style and our #2 artist's wife, recently posted about these somewhat budget friendly large black botanical charts and I was smitten!!
12. These are the current curtains from Maura's nursery that I would transfer over to her new room. They are no longer sold at Land of Nod, bummer. I like how the warm watermelon pink coordinates with the bedding and the art.
13. For toy, book, and just general stuff storage, two of these White Flat Top Bookcase (48") from Land of Nod would be great along one wall.
14. One or two of these pretty Jaquelyne Rope Handled Baskets from Pottery Barn would work on the floor to coral loose odds and ends. I like how they bring in more of a natural material and the brown tones help balance out the headboard/foot board.
15. The inspiration piece that started it all - Cori Dantini's "Bird Art Community Tree"!
16 and 17. I'd probably hang a gallery wall including another piece by Cori, this owl - "Smell the Flowers" - and this Letterpress Poster from etsy seller happydeliveries ("Wherever you go, go with all your heart.")
18. Finally, for a bit of whimsy, I'd hang this Spring Garland of Green Acorns from etsy seller acornisborn.


Now its your turn! Here's what you do to join the party:

1. Create a mood board for a room using one of the three pieces of etsy artwork above.
2. Write a post about it, including sources (with a link back to this post so others can come look).
3. Add your name, project and thumbnail image to the Linky here on this post.
4. Then add the link to your SPECIFIC Mood Board Monday POST, not your general blog address.
5. Have fun checking out all the other wonderful rooms!

Thanks so much for taking the time to join the party!!! You guys are the best:)


  1. Thanks for hosting again Sarah! I love that sweet little print and really wanted to use it, but decided that since I chose to do a nursery last time I needed to do something different!

    I love the colours you've used, so perfect for a girl's room :)

  2. Once again, thank you Sarah for hosting this fun party. I did this last-min as I had my dates mixed up and wanted to attempt this board. Love the detail of yours - it is spot on with the colors and theme.

  3. Thanks for hosting Sarah!!!! LOVE this room and the inspiration piece. What a whimsical, yet sophisticated "big girl room." Great foundation pieces and definitely a room that will make her happy through her teens! Love that you used so many of the pieces you already had, especially your childhood bed. You always do such a great job explaining your choices too!

  4. Sarah, thank you for hosting this challenge again! Your room is just gorgeous and so perfect as a place for Maura to grow in. You have such a great attention to detail!

    Thanks for the fun!

  5. AAAAAH!!! I ran out of time! So bummed I didn't get a chance to participate this go round but I love what you did. Maura is a lucky little lady to have such a creative mom!

  6. Awesome, guys!! Thank you so much for playing along! So cool that so many of you really went for the bold abstract piece, love it!! Erin- too funny that we both used the bird piece for big girl rooms and yet they look totally different:)

    Dina - oh well! Good try;) It would have been great to have your board in the party, but I don't know how you get everything done as it is, so I understand!!

    I'll be around through out the day to leave my comments, might have to wait for nap time for most of them;) This is so fun!!!

  7. Thanks for hosting the party, Sarah!
    I thought about using that piece for a girl's room too - the colours are perfect! I love how yours turned out!

  8. Thank you for such a sweet comment! And thanks for hosting!! I'm looking forward to participating in many more Mood Board Mondays!!

  9. Big cheers for the first MBM of 2012! Enjoyed this one and branched out a little bit with my choice. I love that you used this as an opportunity to start thinking about the big girl room - ahhhh I can't even think about getting a big bed yet - but so exciting at the same time. (PS - I bought a potty over the weekend!) I also added the letterpress Etsy shop to my favorites - I love that one that you've used in your board. And love that you've brought items in that you already have. Thanks again Sarah and looking forward to checking all the boards out!

  10. Sarah, I love the space you've created for Maura -- it's so sweet. Thanks for hosting MBM. I have so much fun participating :)

  11. Just found your blog. Love the Mood Board Monday post. I'll have to join sometime! I'm your newest follower! Hugs, Kim

  12. Sarah, this space is so fresh and colorful and sweet! I love it! Absolutely yummy.

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