Our July 4th Week Staycation!

Hello! Hope everyone had a great holiday/week! Here's what we did on Paul's week off, just in case you were wondering;) Warning...lots of cute Maura pics (and I've applied a little vintage effect to them)!

First we hit up Edaville Railroad in Carver, MA where there was a special "Day Out with Thomas" Event going on. Maura loves watching Thomas the Tank and trains in general, so we thought she'd have fun riding the train being pulled by Thomas and partaking in the general theme park vibe.

{Riding the train...see that blue car waaaay up in front? That's Thomas!}

We had fair food, played on all the fun equipment, and went on some kiddie rides. Good times had by all:)

Then we spent a few days down the Cape at my parent's house. We got in plenty of beach time, took Maura on my Dad's sailboat for the first time (she did so well!), caught the last few minutes of the Chatham July 4th parade and watched the fireworks from the beach at the end of our street (she loved them!!! she was asleep for them last year!).

Here's my on-the-fly attempt to get Maura's picture in front of some patriotic bunting on July 4th:

{"Oh my!"...that's one of her favorite new sayings!}
{"Is that dirt?!"}
{"And, I'm out!"}
 Really?! Guess I was asking too much;)

Towards the end of the week, we took her into Boston. It was hard to cover much ground because she tends to lollygag, getting lost in the small and normally mundane stuff...like climbing the same stairs over and over again, playing with a fire hydrant and splashing in puddles! But that's ok, that's what life is all about:)

We had a great week! And it was so nice having Paul home to help. I love creating all these family memories:) What did you guys do?


  1. Sounds like a great week. We're in your neck of the woods and had a similar week...4th on the beach, lots of swimming, and family adventures. Fun!

  2. Your daughter is adorable.

    My son would have loved that Thomas the Train place. We lived on the other side of the country when he was a little more than obsessed with it.

  3. Cute pictures! I love Maura's yellow dress! Funny...my Nora's key sayings right now is "Oh my!" as well. Must be the age. :)

  4. Wow- looks like you guys had fun! I know I say this every time there is a picture of Maura, but she is just such a doll- her hair is getting so long!
    We didn't go anywhere for the fourth, we just hosted a neighborhood BBQ which was such a fun time! Seeing your pics makes me so excited for vacation!

  5. How fun! And Maura is just looking so cute and grown up - great photos you have from the week! We dress our girls the same way too - I love putting Sheila in t-shirts and shorts but I also love getting a dress on her too. It looks like Maura likes her Crocs too - I'll have to try those with Sheila. I've been thinking about getting them but wasn't sure how she would like them. Looks like a fun week! We just planned our week off in August so I'm hoping for a beach/staycation combo too. Glad to have you back Sarah! :)

  6. Looks like such a fun week! Maura is such a cutie! :)

  7. Thanks, guys! I know, I can't believe how big and old she is getting. It's only two months now until her second birthday....what?!

    Nicole - thanks, I love that yellow floral dress! Got it for a steal at Old Navy a few months ago.

    Holly - yes, she wears her Crocs all the time! She had the exact same ones last summer but in a couple sizes smaller, of course:) Sometimes they are a bit slippery, but overall they are so easy and versatile.

  8. Such adorable pictures, Sarah. Maura is getting so big!

  9. Beautiful girl. I can't believe how big Maura's gotten!


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