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Howdy! Thought I'd just share some random pics I snapped while walking around the Brimfield show. (To check out what I actually bought, click here.)

{I almost bought a couple of these metal baskets instead of the large oneI did end up getting. They're from a locker room at an old community pool. Thought they'd be cool holding some stuff in the office.}

{I held back from getting some of these... it was hard, but I did it}

{lots of old cool architectural salvage stuff}

{more stuff}

{this one booth had all old stuff from the railroad industry - I guess those are lights?}

{I thought these were pretty cool, but I couldn't even lift one of them, they were so heavy}

{cool vintage typewriter}

{real letter stamps}

{these are like sugar molds, or something, right?}

{too bad they didn't have any baskets!!}

{loads of awesome lanterns, I think that first one was from a firehouse}

{there were tools of every shape, size, function and age there}

{and boxes and crates galore}

{this thing looked awesome, no idea how to work it or anything, but too much for my budget!}


{thread, ribbon and buttons in every color}

{wagon, anyone?}

{or maybe just the wheels?}


  1. wow. looks like you had a great time from the pics. Those are some amazing antiques.
    oh and ...Congrats on being featured as "Real Couple home tour" on
    a fellow nestie

  2. Oh wow! What a great place that Brimfield must be. You have me dying to go. Thanks for sharing the photos!

  3. What great stuff! Those lanterns are to die for! I don't think I would have had as much restraint as you. :)

  4. Holy moly -- what a treasure trove!! Love love love the old railroad lights - my Dad is a retired railroad engineer -- he would have loved one of those! And the typewriter -- so cool! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  5. Awesome stuff! I need a Brimfield in my neck of the woods!


  6. I could get lost (with delight) at this place! What fantastic goodies!

  7. Great photos! I so want to go next year.

    Do you mind sharing how you felt the pricing was? I would assume its pretty competitive b/c of all the other booths but Ive been surprised before at the prices of flea markets :)

  8. So much great stuff! I think I would have a terrible time limiting myself there. I love the stuff you bought!

  9. Thanks so much, everyone! It was hard not to buy more stuff...I had fun for my first time.

    East Coast - Hey! Thanks for the heads up on the Real Couple tour...I never go to the home page of the nest! Didn't know they had it up again, thanks!

    Janet- I sooo wanted to buy something from that railroad guy! He had all these old metal plaque/sign things that I was really digging...they would have like the name of the railroad and the year and some other train stuff on cool!

    Mrs. Limestone - Hi! Thanks for stopping by! pricing. This was my first foray into the world of flea markets/antiques/yard or estate sales, so I didn't really know what I was doing or have much experience with what would be good prices. I know I always read blogs where everyone finds things for like really cheap so I will admit that when I got there I was surprised by how high some of the pricing was. Take my blue Mason jar for example - the guy said he usually charges $3 or $4 for the regular ones. Since mine was a rare #13, it was priced at $18. I talked him down to $15 and got it. No idea if the whole #13 story is real, I'm hoping it is, but I assumed that since there was like 2 booths very close to him also carrying blue Mason jars, that he couldn't completely overcharge or people would be on to him. Then when I got home and saw that Layla was selling them at Lettered Cottage Home for $9.99, I felt slightly better...but then slightly worse...she must have got hers for a lot less to be reselling it for $10. I think it all depended on what the item old wooden vice was $20, I talked the guy down from $24 (go me!) which seemed reasonable to me to have a piece of history from 100 years ago. Then I saw a lady who collects some sort of old candlestick/lantern things (from when there was no electricity) and she was willing to pay $175 for this very small thing. So really I have no idea!!! I saw things that were very expensive and pretty cheap. Lots of booths would have $5 tables with lots of random junk/stuff that you could get for 5 bucks. No idea if I am any help! Sorry!

  10. Wow. I think you practiced RESTRAINT with your purchases. haha There are so many awesome things! Why oh why isn't there something that cool near me? :(

    Thanks for sharing! I would have gone crazy with all of that thread and buttons!



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