A Visit to Hazard Ave.

Remember in April when I met up with local bloggers Casey (of loft and cottage) and Carrie (of Hazardous Design) at a stella and dot party at Casey's house? We got together again on Sunday, except this time we ventured down to Providence to Carrie's GORGEOUS home on Hazard Avenue. Built in 1886, this place has such charm and character, wonderful architectural details and loads of fun little hallways, staircases and a butler's pantry...I got lost more than once going to the bathroom:) Carrie and her really handy husband Chris have been renovating it room by room...and they are doing it right! I was so excited to see these beautiful spaces in person:

{Carrie and Chris' master bedroom}

{Carrie and Chris' office...and that's Harry, btw}

{the newly revealed powder room - AMAZING, and I'm in love with this light, I think I want it somewhere in my house - it feels very scientific to me, maybe cause it looks so much like an astrolabe?, like something Dumbledore would have in his office}

At the stella and dot party, Carrie was the lucky winner of a free design consultation with Casey, which is why we decided to meet at Hazard Ave. Ok, so its why Casey was supposed to go down to Providence and why I just invited myself to go along!! I got to sit and watch as Casey helped Carrie with some ideas for her family room (next up on the to do list). It was so cool to see a real interior designer in action...and really hard for me to keep from interrupting and asking a million questions. Here are the ladies talking window treatments. (Its such a great room, love the high ceilings, all that trim, crown molding and its got a fireplace.)

Can't wait to follow along as this room starts to take shape! After the serious stuff was over, we headed out to lunch and then on to some shopping. First we stopped in at this really cute shop called Comina. I was immediately smitten with these Glass jug lamps from Cisco Brothers, so pretty!

{cool star chandelier}

{loved this file cabinet handcrafted of reclaimed and recycled wood from Northern and Southern China}

I was so excited to find out that Comina carried Dash and Albert rugs, I've never actually seen one in real life before.

So of course I had to buy one! I found this
2' x 3' diamond indoor/outdoor rug in this lovely shade of blue/green/gray ("Ice")...its not often you see rugs with this much gorgeous color subtlety (at least in the places I've been looking!), so I snagged it up. I think I'm going to put it under the sink in the kitchen...where I've been wanting to add more of that soft cool tone.

Yay! I love it! Anyways, next we stopped in at another fun boutique shop called Butterfield. I must have been on a lighting kick, because I was really into this:

And if you didn't already know, I have a slight decorative throw pillow obsession, so was immediately drawn to these:

{the Ikat chair isn't bad either!}

And because what blogger real life meeting wouldn't be complete without antiques (?!), we rounded out our shopping excursion with an antique mall. The first thing that caught my eye was this old spice cabinet. (I think the first thing that I actually thought was "hey, its miss mustard seed!")

Upon further inspection (taking a pic of the tag so that I could tell you guys what it was), I discovered this spice cabinet is, no joke, from the town in Pennsylvania where I grew up!! How about that for random? Too bad it was $6,800:(

After hand painting my own, I'm on the lookout for old sign inspiration so that I can try another one. This one was cool.

And again with the lighting! This candelabra was $35...Carrie and I said how pretty it would be hanging outside all lit up for a night time party.

Carrie was the only one of us who bought anything at the antique mall (I did buy an old key at a really small antique store we ran into quickly, I'd been on the look out for one after regretting not getting one at Brimfield in May when I had the chance), and she scored big! After much debate about whether he was weird or totally awesome and unexpected, she went home with this large, framed oil painting of Abraham Lincoln for $25!! Although off by about 20 years, its cool that he was president not too long before the time that Carrie's house was built. A nice nod to the home's past. When we got back to Hazard Ave., Casey and I helped hold up Abe in different spots around the house so that Carrie could see where he fit best.

Thank you so much for a fabulous day, guys! I had such a great time!

PS. Check out Carrie's post about our day here (with a pic of Abe in his new digs) and read Casey's post here.

PPS. I think our next gathering might be at my house. Aaahhhhh! I gotta get my act in gear and like get some projects done! These girls have such great taste, I gotta step up my game. They've definitely inspired me:)


  1. Carrie is so sweet, Hazardous Designs is one of my favorites! Beautiful photos of Carrie's house. It sounds like you all had a fabulous day.

  2. What an awesome recap of our day. It was SO fun, and I'm excited to come down to your place and talk design and life next!

  3. Hahaha! It was fun reliving the day through your post.
    We should get our next date on the calendar before summer is over!

  4. Great post. Looks like fun. What I would give to have resources like this where I live. I loved all of the overhead lighting you showed. It would be hard to pick a fave. Your friends powder room wall paper is STUNNING and I'm not a blue person and I after stripping rooms of it I swore I would never do that again. Still I thought it was gorgeous. Never say never. :)


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