Mood Board Monday Party: Wallpaper

Hi, there! Hope everyone had a great weekend! Welcome to the 10th Mood Board Monday McLinky Party. Glad you could make it:)

This blog party is all about seeing how different people are inspired differently by the same things.
This week's challenge was a fun collaboration with Cathy of Room Rx, who had the brilliant idea to use wallpaper as our inspiration. So, your mission (if you chose to accept it - and thank you so much if you did!) was to design a room (of your choice) around one of these four wallpaper patterns from Layla Grace:

1. Amy Butler Lacework Sunset

{An Honoree for Interior Design's Best of the Year award, Lacework is a modern take on folk aesthetic. Delicate textures complement the bold feel of the mandalas as sunset pinks and terracotta pop against a deep red background.}

2. Spherica Parchment Paper

{The medium scale of Spherical's interlocking circles creates a modern pattern suitable for a wide variety of interiors. The tonal parchment design of this screen printed wallpaper adds dimension to any room.}

3. Amy Butler Passion Lily Field

{Passion Lily bursts upwards with blooms tucked inside the elegant structure of a graphic trellis. Its field-inspired palette contrasts shades of green and cream infusing a room with an eclectic modern aesthetic.}

4. Leafy Scroll Sky Paper from Layla Grace

{Inspired by embroidery, the gracefully trailing vine of this Leafy Scroll design has been surfaced printed for a subtly raised texture. The neutral ivory and sky blue palette of this wallpaper creates a soft backdrop for traditional and modern interiors.}


Here's my mood board for the week. I knew right away that I wanted to use the Amy Butler Lacework Sunset (even though it is totally out of my comfort zone) and how I wanted to use it. But then I got stuck (sourcing everything else)...this was definitely the hardest room I've ever created for Mood Board Monday, but I'm happy with how it turned out.

Let me explain...
My sister and I sleep in this room (read more about it here) when we're visiting my parents at their summer beach house on Cape Cod and I'm always thinking of how we can redo it (right now its all random stuff they already had).

Enter this lovely inspirational image I found on Pinterest of wallpaper on the back wall and two twin beds nestled cozily under the eaves.

So, this is how I'm going to use my Amy Butler wallpaper - on just the back wall, with the window, behind the beds. I'm hoping to create a "girl's room" that's comfy, cozy and cute/classy for all ages.

0. (Sorry, I realized after numbering everything that I forgot to number the color palette, so I got lazy and called it zero!) The palette: mostly warm (reds, pinks and oranges from the wallpaper) but contrasted with bluish grays(I noticed the leaf work in the background of the wallpaper was some kind of what seemed like neutral cool tone to me, and I wanted to pull that out). All the other walls other than the featured wallpaper wall would be painted a soft blush pink.
1. The inspiration: Amy Butler Lacework Sunset wallpaper from Layla Grace (only used on the back wall behind the beds)
2. Instead of using the real beds already in this room, I'm stealing beds from another room in my parent's the guest room my mom has these great family heirloom antique pineapple beds from the early 1900s. (My grandpa slept in one when he was a kid and then they were used in the house my mom grew up in as well.) They're a lovely ebony color and I think they'd fit nicely with the wallpaper.
3. As for linens on the bed, I like the bright, crispness of the
Hanna Quilt and Shams in White from Pottery Barn. I think something simple against the busy wallpaper is best here, but I like that they also have a tone-on-tone quilted pattern stitched on them.
4. Also on the beds, this fun Circle Round Sheet Set from Anthropologie. I wanted to pull out a bit of the orange from the wallpaper, plus the circles echo those on the wall, just in a much smaller scale:)
5. I also wanted to pull out some of the bright pink from the wallpaper for the throw pillows on the beds, so maybe something like this Trina Turk Trellis in watermelon from etsy seller AriannaBelle.
6. Above each bed, I'd hang one of these Medici Cameos from Wisteria. I like the contrast of this very small swatch of blue grey on all that red.
7. In between the beds and under the window, I'd place some sort of bench (this one is the
Blakely Rustic Bench from PB - originally blue but photoshopped to look pink) to use as bedside table. I'd paint it the same pale pink blush color as all the other walls in the room.
8. I found this Autumn Stripe Rug from Dash & Albert that brings together the reds/oranges and greys in one piece. The white quilts on the beds will really pop off this.
9. On the opposite wall across from the beds/wallpaper (so on a light pink wall), I'd place this gorgeous French Country Pine Dresser in from Wisteria.
10. This Suzanne Kasler Gourd Lamp in French Blue from Ballard Designs adds more of that muted bluish grey to the room.
11. I'd hang this beautiful French Honeycomb Mirror from Wisteria above the dresser. The scalloped edge reminds me of the lacework in the wallpaper and the gold ties in to the frames of the cameos.
12. For more pops of color and because I love to read, the second collection of Penguin Classics with Coralie Bickford-Smith. (There would probably be a basket of childrens books around too for any younger kids who stay here.)
13. Versatile, fun and hopefully the same rust red that's in the wallpaper, I'd throw a couple of these Knitted Poufs in Blood Orange from CB2 around.
14, 15, 16. I'd hang a gallery wall of artwork, prints, etc. framed in black on one of the other walls (easily adaptable for all ages). For starters, I'd use this Seagull Watercolor Art by eastwitching, this graphic Today is the Day Linocut Print by etsy seller the big harumph, and this adorable Hot Chocolate Print by Belle and Boo.


Now its your turn! Here's what you do to join the party:

1. Create a mood board for any kind of room using one of the above inspirational wallpaper patterns.
2. Write a post about it, including sources (with a link back to this post so others can come look).
3. Add your name, project and thumbnail image to the Linky here on this post.
4. Then add the link to your SPECIFIC Mood Board Monday POST, not your general blog address.
5. Have fun checking out all the other wonderful rooms!

Remember, feel free to include an example or inspirational image of the way in which you are going to use your wallpaper if you think it will help others visualize your space better:)

Thanks so much for taking the time to join the party!!! Can't wait to see your wallpaper fabulousness!

PS. Thanks again, Cathy, for the fun tag team!


  1. The wallpaper you picked is tricky, but you did a great job creating a cozy, pretty room. Love it! Thanks for hosting this fun party!

  2. You did a great job with the wallpaper! I agree that it would look amazing in a bedroom on one wall! great job! :) And thanks for the party- it was fun!

  3. Beautiful room Sarah!

    The wallpaper you chose was my favorite inspiration piece. I love how you tied in all of the reds, pinks and oranges and paired the colors with some neutrals. My parent's have two old pineapple beds too, they are gorgeous and I agree would be just the right piece for the space.

    Thanks for hosting, I had fun participating.

  4. Very pretty room. I love all the detail - you did an amazing job! ( have linked up but for some reason my pic has not cropped properly and I do not know how to undo it). Thx for hosting.

  5. Another beautiful room Sarah!
    I loved this wallpaper too, but I went with the scroll.

  6. Hi Sarah - I loved how you used an example of a space in real life to transform here on MBM. Now are you going to put this plan into action?? It's so beautiful - I love the palette that you used on your board. A big thank you again for reviving this fun event, I hope there are more to come!! It was a blast!

  7. Sarah, this is fabulous! A fun and funky way to update a traditional setting in a cozy room.. LOVE this paper and how you pulled out the various colors with the graphic patterns you chose. The pineapple beds are lovely and along with the chest, keep the space grounded. Can you sell youir folks on it?!!!

    Thanks for partnering with me today, this is a blast and you are the best!


  8. Hi, everyone!! I can't tell you enough how happy and grateful I am that you are all here! And what beautiful rooms you designed...wallpaper rocks:) I will definitely try and do another one of these soon, I had such a great time!

  9. So beautiful. I love all the colors and the artwork. Great job!

  10. I love the wallpaper you've used as inspiration, and it would probably be my first pick for a room (although the colours are unusual) but I thought I'd challenge myself with the green & yellow Amy Butler pattern. Thanks for hosting - it's a fun idea!

  11. When I look at your mood board and descriptions, I can totally visualize the room! What a stylish and beautiful room. Love your choice of pillows, artwork and pouf!

    Thanks for hosting. I will be submitting my mood board later. A new follower by the way!

    P/S: Come by and enter my giveaway for a chance to win a stylish book: Shoestring Chic by Kerrie Hess! Hurry, only 2 days left! :)


  12. Oh I wished I did this but I really enjoyed looking at them all. So many out of the box ideas! Next time!

  13. Too bad I'm discovering this on a Thursday! Would have loved to participate. What a great idea! I just started my interior design blog last week. Looking forward to joining your Moood Board Monday soon!

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