Real Rooms: The Girls' Side


Hi! Well, why not take a look at another real room that's in store for a mini-makeover?! We all remember my parents' beach house where I go and stay every weekend during the summer, right? And how over the winter it got completely renovated?

There are now 2 new bedrooms upstairs, one off either side of the landing... and we refer to them as the Girls' Room and the Boys' Room. I sleep on the girl's side when I stay over. I'm 32. And my sister is 29. (We are the girls!!!) Every once and a while my 25 year old brother makes it up from Atlanta, and then he gets the whole boys' side all to himself. Now eventually, there might be real girls (you know, like kids) running around this house and this is where they will sleep. So the point is to get as many girls in here as we can and still be comfortable and have room for lots of suitcases, wet bathing suits, books and sand.

Now you may be wondering why this room needs a make-over if it is completely new. Technically it doesn't. But when you take freshly painted walls (Benjamin Moore French White - a kind of soft buttery-yellow cream) and trim, new hardwood floors, and quaint architectural details and plop in some old hand-me down are left wishing you had a bigger budget to run out and buy all new furniture and accessories:) (No offense, Mom!! Don't worry, she reads the blog and she's with me on the mini make-over idea!)

So, no guarantees that any thing will get done this summer...but we would love to hear any ideas you have for updating this space on the cheap (we need window treatments, wall art, etc). And now for some pics:

{lots of fun angles here because of the style of the house, roof line and added dormers}

{my sister's bed}

{my bed}

{see that cute little door next to my sister's bed, that's for added storage}

{whoever the current lucky girl guest is gets to stay in that far 3rd bed tucked cozily under the eave. don't worry, we will put sheets on it if you come and stay!}

So far we have 3 twin beds in here. Two of them have these headboards my parent's had from somewhere. My first thought is to paint them white...crisp, cottagey, classic, will match anything else we may get in the future, and girls of all ages love white! What do you think? We grabbed 2 blue stool/bench things from other spots in the house and put them at the end of each main bed - makes a great spot to dump your stuff. We don't have matching bed linens, for now we're just using different quilts for each of the beds that my mom happened to have on hand.

{nice lines and love those finials, just not that green paint}

For some reason bad green paint is a big trend in this room. Here's a dresser we also had lying around. I think this would look a million times better with a coat of white paint as well and a new knob.

{isn't this little window seat so cute?! the lid hinges open for storage. i think we need some fun throw pillows for this spot.}

{and check out the trim work on this closet door! they angled it to match the roof.}

So, who wants to come for a sleepover and help me paint furniture? The beach is less than a mile down the road and my mom is a really good cook;) (Did mention there will be margaritas?) Look forward to hearing your suggestions!


  1. What a cute room! I think you're already way ahead of the game by wanting to paint the headboards and nightstand white and adding some cute throw pillows for the window bench. If you did matching bed linens that would really tie the whole room together too.

    I think an area rug would make the room feel more cozy, as would some simple curtains. Maybe even some art up on the walls? What type of light fixture is in the room? One of those crystal chandeliers would look so cute since it's a "girls" room! Have fun, can't wait to see what you girls come up with!

  2. My bags are packed with Cottage Living magazines. haha

    I agree with painting the furniture white. Anthropologie has the cutest knobs/drawer pulls - inexpensive since it looks like you only need one. Maybe a paint treatment on the benches. I agree with HR that a pretty chandelier (you can snag a mini one for $30 or keep your eyes open for an old brassy one to repaint). A cushion/throw pillows on the dormer window seat is a great idea. I just saw plantation shutters on clearance at HD...that'd be cute for the windows too. Is there a way to put cube shelving for reading material?

    It's an adorable room - can't wait to see how it turns out!

  3. So cute! I was just going to say paint & pillows! Instead of going matchy-matchy, coordinating bed linens would look great! You could also paint/prettify those benches. Maybe an antique-looking suitcase w/ a pretty throw blanket coming out of it?

  4. Saw this and thought of your girls' room too. It'd be a cute door sign project:[]=tags&includes[]=title


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