Maura and Mama's Bathroom

...otherwise entitled photos of a room in our house that has never graced this blog before:)

We haven't really touched either of our upstairs bathrooms since we moved in six years ago. The master bath is fine enough for now, plus only Paul really uses it...a trend that started way back when I had to get up earlier than him for work, so I would go down the hall to the guest bath to shower and get ready so as not to wake him. Thus, our guest/kids bathroom became both mine and Maura's. It's pretty pathetic that I/we've been using it for so long in such a sad state, but the truth is that its so terrible it needs a complete re-do and I haven't even felt like giving it any effort cause it is that bad!

Case in point, here's some real before pics, from like when we moved in (these photos are bad in and of themselves, but its not even worth taking better pics!!!):

{Bad laminate counter top, its like pink and gray speckles! I also hate this sink hardware.}

{I like having a shower/tub combo...its just old by now, with more bad hardware. Don't forget the blue plastic shower curtain rod that matches the walls exactly! I now have a plain white shower curtain here, but not for long.}
{Gah! I love blue, but this is way too blue!!! I suppose I coulda repainted 6 years ago, but I didn't.}
{One thing I do like about this bathroom is that our laundry is here, behind those bi-fold doors. Easy and convenient.}

So, yeah...yikes!! The complete redo of this room is not going to happen anytime soon. I figure though that Maura deserves a better place to have a tubbie in. And there's our guests to think about. Maybe its about time I do something about it. I mean, like a little something, but something. We all know I work better with deadlines though, so I have the perfect motivation to do a little mini, mini, cheap make-over in sister is coming in from London (with her British boyfriend who we haven't met yet) to stay for a week at the end of August. Bingo!! We all, Maura and the Brit:)

First up is a new shower curtain. I figure since I'm too lazy to do anything about the over-the-top blue walls, I'll just embrace them. And try to distract your eye away from them! I went to Target with the goal of finding a shower curtain that would coordinate with the blue and maybe give me some other inspiration to work with. I immediately stumbled on this pretty blue bird floral one for $19.99.

Yay! It's got bright blue in it, as well as some other decent colors. I like birds. Maura likes birds. I wonder if my sister's boyfriend likes birds?

I also stopped at Bed Bath and Beyond and snagged (with 20% off coupons) a "chrome" shower curtain rod to replace the plastic blue one and a new shower curtain liner (I swear, I change these out frequently). Although small, I think it'll hopefully make a big improvement.

Other than that, I'm going to try and make a little gallery wall above the towel bar (to the right of the shower). I plan to not spend any money here, just use frames I already have and downloadable art or calendar pages, stuff I make, etc.

Any other cheap, easy ideas? I really know nothing about bathroom materials and haven't ever collected much bathroom inspiration, so I'm actually quite intimidated to think about renovating this space for real! Any ideas for down the line when we do it right?


  1. Oh Sarah, you're too funny. I hope you don't hate me for saying this, but it's not that bad. It's not like pepto pink that you saw we had - there's no way we could've dealt with that. I think with the shower curtain and some artwork this will be much improved - and don't forget a dose of fresh flowers too maybe to bring in that buttery yellow color in the shower curtain. Or even a pop of red would be fun too. When you finally do renovate, I would think about layout first - does it work for you, would you want to change anything, etc. You also want to think about who and how you'll use this bathroom b/c that will be important in making decisions abotu materials. And how exciting to meet your sister's new British boyfriend - I would just want to hear him talk the whole time. Ha!

  2. i really love it..i love decorating my bathroom..oh i can't wait that my house would be done..i want to make sure that it would look good and well organized..


  3. Great seeing you yesterday, Sarah! I'm with Holly, I don't think your bath looks that bad, especially with the new curtain you got... But let me know if you want help painting it :)

  4. For small touch to go with the shower curtain I would love for a non-white window shade and some bath rugs. I like the other comment about a buttery yellow, or more of the green in the shower curtain. I would go for baskets or candles for smaller touches as well. But I am a horrible decorater so maybe that is not good advice!

  5. Oh, I've been in love with that shower curtain for ages. So glad you got it. I think it's going to freshen that room up so much, without a paint change.

  6. Pretty curtain!! I hope you will show us the little makeover. :)


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