Thank You and Checking In

Just a quick post here...not even any pics, sorry! Wanted to say thanks to everyone who participated in the John Robshaw Textiles Mood Board Monday party this week. You guys are amazing! Awesome work once again, so many beautiful spaces, each totally different. If anyone has any ideas for what the next MBM could be about, let me know. Or maybe someone wants to guest host it and come up with the inspiration or something? I'm open to whatever:)

Also wanted to let you know that I won't be around next week. We'll be on another staycation...this one with my sister and her boyfriend who are flying in from London on Saturday for a week! Haven't seen her since Christmas - can't wait to hang out, meet her man and have her reconnect with Maura! During the beginning of September things might be a bit sporadic around here too, with the Labor Day holiday, Maura's birthday (maybe I'll eventually get around to posting the pics from last year's party?!) and some other stuff we've got going on. Can't believe the summer is winding down so quickly, I'm so sad. We are trying to cram as much fun, outdoor stuff in as we can:)

Take care, talk soon!


  1. So sorry to have missed this past MBM (and the one before). I even put my mood board together but didn't get a chance to do a post about it. I ended up having a deadline for work that I had to meet that day. Anyway, have a nice staycation and hopefully I'll get my act together for the next one!

  2. Hi friend! Enjoy your stay cation and see you when you return. Sheila's party is this weekend and her birthday is Sunday. Will take lots of photos.

  3. Have fun with your family! And, with Maura's birthday -- what a fun staycation :)

  4. Oh I feel bad I missed this one! I had it in my diary but just got too busy to get organised. I'd love to help you host it if you ever need a hand though - maybe we could co-host on both blogs? :) xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)


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