Maura has Some Exciting News!

Guess what?

Yay! We are expecting baby #2 in late May. I'm 17 weeks along and we have our big ultrasound to find out the sex two days after Christmas!! I know I have been a slacker blogger for the last few months, but I was just so tired that first trimester...trying to nap when Maura napped or going to bed earlier instead of staying up to write posts...sorry!

I might not be around again before Christmas hits (I really wanted to participate in all the Christmas home tour linky parties this year, but I don't know if its going to happen)...we have our big annual holiday party at our house this Saturday and my sister is in town from London. So, just in case, wishing all of you a wonderful holiday and peace, love, and joy for 2013!!


  1. congrats! what wonderful news! happy holidays to you and your family!

  2. YAY for you and your family!!! Such wonderful and exciting news. Maura certainly has a smile on her face about it...
    Enjoy your holiday time, your party and the visit from your sister. 2013 will be a great year I'd say!

  3. Oh...and is there a big girl bedroom in the works?

  4. SO exciting! Congratulations!! :) Maura looks thrilled!

    I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas! :)

  5. Congratulations! Such exciting news! I'm about 6 weeks ahead of you with #2 also (we're having another girl). Hope you're feeling well. Can't wait to hear if you'll team blue or pink! Merry Christmas!

  6. Yay!! I needed some wonderful news and this IS wonderful!! Congratulations to you guys and Maura looks thrilled :) And look at that hair of hers growing too. Is she the cutest right now with Christmas and Santa or what? Hope you're feeling good and enjoy your party this weekend. Congrats Sarah!!

  7. Congratulations and Merry Christmas!!

  8. Thank you so much, everyone! We are so excited...and scared at the same time! How am I going to handle 2?!!

    Cathy - yes, good guess! We're going to move Maura to a big girl room and keep the nursery where it is. Waiting until we hear about the sex to really get going on it, there's going to be a ton of work to do!!! Big girl room is currently the chaotic "office"!

    Congratulations, Courtney!!

  9. Yay!!!! This is such wonderful news! I'm so happy to read this. Congrats to you! Can't wait to hear what you're having. Have a wonderful holiday with your family and don't for a second feel guilty about resting!

  10. That is amazing news Sarah- I am so happy for you!! Maura will be such a great big sister! :) So, how far apart will they be? My kiddos are 2 years (and a month) apart and it's really nice. I'm excited to find out what you're having- I'm going to place bets on a boy!

  11. Sarah!!!! Congrats! I had a feeling (based off of what you had been pinning on Pinterest! :)
    Maura will be a great big sister!!!

  12. SARAH!!! I'm SO happy for you!
    What a blessing :)
    Have a fantastic holiday and we'll catch up sometime in the new year. Perhaps you'll need help painting a nursery???

  13. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is the best, most exciting news EVER!!!

    You have such a cute little family that another little baby is just going to throw you guys off of the cuteness charts.

    I can't wait to hear if it is a little boy or another little girl. Coops just told me that he hopes it's a boy so that they can be cyber buds and talk cars.


    I hope your pregnancy goes smoothly and that you don't become a toast addict like I did.

    Have a merry, merry Christmas and don't forget to feed that baby bump some peanut butter balls.

    Mmmmm. Peanut butter balls.


  14. Congratulations! I'm a little late in the game but wanted to wish you the best! We had our second November 27. Hard to believe a month has already passed! Nora loves her baby sister and I know Maura will as well. Take care!

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