Maura's 1st Birthday Party: Inspiration

Hi, guys! How's it going with you? Things are a bit more hectic here this week than I anticipated, but I wanted to at least try and post something. Maura's birthday is coming up in two weeks (what?!) so I have birthday party ideas on the brain. Here's some inspiration I've saved out on Pinterest:

{alphabet flash cards}

{balloons on mason jars}

{children's books on the tables}

{Maura's weekly bunny chair pics display}

{photo booth}

{paper chain garlands}

{balloon garland}

{"one" garland decorating her high chair}

More birthday party posts to come:) In the meantime, I'd love to hear about your first (or any kid age) birthday parties! Any advice? Things you wish you had done differently, etc? Do you always have take home goodie bags? Planned activities/games? This rookie needs help, thanks!

Ps. I jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon and then forgot to tell you. If you want to follow me (I don't have a ton, but its a start), go here. I'd love to follow you back:)


  1. My husband comes from a huge family so there are lots of cousins. I had made goodie bags for all of them and was so caught up in the party that I never even handed them out. I felt so bad but it was really about celebrating my daughter and the goodie bags evidently took a back burner - ha! We had some bubbles and sidewalk chalk out and that was about it. It was a lot of fun but I definitely worried about the details more than I should have. Enjoy your daughter's party and birthday - it's amazing how fast the first year goes!

  2. I've got no kiddos so no advice, but I know your party decor is going to be fantastic. Enjoy the day!
    Just followed you on Pinterest!

  3. it all looks like so much fun, and kind of like her bedroom too! I don't do the usual goodie bags with plastic toys and what nots, I fill up a little goody bag with some home baked cookies and maybe a piece of candy or 2. I'm one of those moms that hate the $ store toys taht usually get put into goodie bags and throw them away, they just create too much clutter that my kids don't need. I think something that can be eaten and not provide more clutter is better. Can't wait to see picks of what you do!


  4. Don't you love Pinterest? It's truly an obsession. Love your inspirations! Happy bday to Maura!

  5. I like the presentation of your first birthday party! My kids like it too.

  6. I've never really done "themed parties" before. BUT I love the colors from the balloon mason jar for my youngest 1st bday. I'm running with it... we shall see, i have 3 months to plan ;)


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