Beads and Baby Food Jars

Hi! Just a quick post to tell you that we're back from vacation, I'm alive, and to sincerely apologize for being the world's worst blogger lately. Seriously...I posted 3 times in July...that is pathetic!! Somehow the time is getting away from (how is it August already?) and though we're thoroughly enjoying our first summer with Maura, it seems like (read - its obvious) this blog is suffering. I will try and do a better job moving forward, but I will warn you that the next month and a half is looking crazy busy 'round here (we've got Maura's Christening - yes, I know she's about to turn 11 months and you're supposed to be baptized when you're a little baby but this is what happens when the godmother lives out of the country, a set of invitations due, an out of state wedding, a block party for my development of 80 houses that I'm in charge of planning, Maura's first birthday party (!!!!) and a bridal shower for my oldest friend that my mom, sister and I are hosting...aaaahhhhh!). However, there will definitely be another Mood Board Monday linky party coming soon (yay, finally!), so stay tuned.

And now on to the actual point of this post! Usually I buy the Gerber little plastic tubs of solid food for Maura (I know, I did have hopes of making my own puree for her, but that dream died when I realized I would be spending all my free time - uh, what free time, you have a baby?! - with my blender), but sometimes I like some of the flavors that you can only get in the real glass jars. Instead of recycling them, I figured they could be used for something since they're so cute, like mini mason jars. Then I remembered a shoe box full of beads I had stashed in our office closet.

So now I'm keeping all my beads in the baby food jars, organized by color. Aren't they pretty! Gotta love stylish kills 2 birds with 1 stone.

So, is anyone else having trouble keeping up with their blog these days or is it just me? Anybody use their baby food jars for other things?

PS. These are not the first recycled glass jars to make an appearance in our office...I got the big, real mason jars holding stuff too:)


  1. Welcome back to the blogland, Sarah! I don't blame you for putting the blog on the back burner for a bit. Summer is too short and there's just too many activities going on.
    But I do love your little baby storage jars. Great repurpose :)

  2. Glad to see a post! I too have been a slacker this summer -- even though we have a brand new house to blog about! Oh well, too many vacations and not enough time in the lovely season of summer.

  3. I have definitely been having trouble keeping up with my blog- especially since Kylie was born. I get about 1-2 posts a month written!
    I love your idea of storing beads in baby food jars. I have a ton of them around too and no idea how to repurpose them. I saw this great idea on the cupcakes and cashmere blog for a floating vase that could use a baby food jar like that (the taller ones). Here's the link:
    SUCH a cute idea- I think it would be great for a mother's day gift for my mom and mother in law. =)

  4. Sarah, never apologize for spending time with Maura! Before you know it (like a blink of your eye) she'll be gone--trust me on this. Loving and enjoying her SHOULD BE your priority! Just reading what you have ahead of you exhausted me lol!!

    You could also use baby jars to hold paper clips, elastic bands, etc. in your junk drawer. Hubby can use them for "nuts and bolts", etc. Uses are endless.


  5. Thank you so much for understanding, guys!

    Vonda - congrats on the new house!

    Glad that its not just me, Leslie! And thanks for hte link..going to check it out now:)

    Hi, Denise!!! So nice to see you commenting...yay! Thank you so much for the kind words. And great ideas about all the other stuff to put in the baby food jars...awesome!

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  7. Love the jars! My grandmother used to store nails, screws, nuts and bolts in jars. She used to nail the lid to the underside of a shelf and then just screw the jar on and off to get what she needed. Also, I think the jars would look great with the tops painted! : )


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