Flea Market Finds for Early Fall in the Foyer

***waves nervously*** Hi! I was just gone for like 2 months and didn't mean to be! Sorry about that!! How is everyone? The motherboard on my old laptop went and it took me a long time to get a new machine and back up to speed. While all that happened, I guess we had summer?! And now its fall? Waaah, I loooove summer. Sniff. Sniff. To help get me a little less depressed, I redid the top of the new painted dresser in the foyer (remember when I bought it from Danielle of Finding Silver Pennies this spring?!) for the season.

A week or two ago I dragged Maura and Ian to a local flea market one Sunday morning while Paul was golfing and came home with four things...2 brass deer and 2 vintage bird prints. I chose the bird print that had the most warm tones in it to include here (leaning in the black frame). I've always had a thing for deer and just decided that I might start collecting them:) I'm excited to leave these guys out for Christmas and winter, but for now I think they say autumn to me too.

Now I'm feeling more in the fall spirit and ready to get back in the saddle here in blogland. (Speaking of saddles, we had Maura's "horse" birthday party this past weekend, with real ponies!, and it was awesome! I'll try to get some pics up soon.) 


  1. It looks amazing. Love the botanical prints on it. Thanks so much for the shout out too. x


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