Foyer Update: The New Painted Dresser


The blue "Grantham" dresser that I bought from Danielle over at Finding Silver Pennies last week at the Duxbury Antique Show is here! And I'm in love:) Danielle and her husband Luke were super nice enough to drive it down to me on Saturday and I got a bit of time on Sunday to start putting some stuff in the drawers and get 'er styled. Its such a perfect fit here on the wall in the foyer and is providing some much needed "out of sight" storage.

{after with new dresser}
Here's how the wall looked before, with this Crate and Barrel glass and wood bookshelf. I still love this piece..we moved it upstairs to our guest room and filled it all with books (my complete set of Robert Jordan's "The Wheel of Time" sci-fi/fantasy series, volumes 1 - 14, take up one whole self all on their own!!).

{before with tall bookcase}
The old bookcase did provide two functions which I needed to keep with this new set up. The first is the spot where Paul dumps his wallet and phone and other manly things when he gets home from work, etc. My mom had given him this monogrammed silver tray from Pottery Barn a while back so that needed to stay. We had also gotten very use to looking at the clock on the second shelf (a constant no matter how much the other accessories changed) to know the time. I thought it was a bit large for the top of the dresser, so instead I swapped it out with this PB Charleston Vintage Clock that I got for Christmas and was keeping on my nightstand. I love how the silver of each plays off the brass lion pulls on the dresser.

I have a couple of ideas for what I can hang above the dresser on the wall, but for now I just put up these leaning frames until I make up my mind. Have never met a botanical or bird illustration I didn't these combined with my Wisteria fishing float and vintage glass bottle from the Brimfield Antique Show are saying spring to me. (If only mother nature would just get the message!)

Danielle did such an amazing job on this piece. The French Enamel from Miss Mustard Seed's milk paint line is such a pretty color in person and I love that the top is stained to coincidentally match our floors. Every time I walk through the foyer I am smiling now:) Here's how it looks with my hand-colored fish engravings from the 1800s (also a Brimfield find) that are flanking the front door:

and the view from our couch (which is now in a new spot due to the shift in rooms from adding a playroom):

So glad I went with my gut on this one! Thanks, Danielle!

PS. Linking up to Miss Mustard Seed herself's Furniture Feature Friday:)


  1. Love it Sarah, it it perfect in everyday and beautifully styled, of course!

  2. This is PERFECT for your house! I love the blue - so pretty!

  3. Sarah! The Grantham dresser looks so perfect there! I love how you've styled the space. So, so, so gorgeous. Thank you so much for all the kind words! So happy the dresser went to such a happy home! x

  4. Gorgeous! It looks great in that spot!

  5. This looks SO good Sarah - it's like it was meant to be. And you've got a way with styling - always such pretty vignettes with such purpose and meaning. I want to come up for Brimfield one of these days. Do you plan on going this year?


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