Little Changes Make a Big Difference


Hey!! I've been trying to clean/organize/decorate our office/studio a little at a time. Because really that's all I can manage to get done....I started back in at the beginning of the summer (yes, last summer, 2009!) and am still going...slow and steady wins the race:)

Recently I made a couple of quick, small changes that made a big difference. First, I emptied a lot of my art supplies into mason jars...because that gets rid of boxes and big ugly packaging taking up space, and let's face it, everything looks better in a mason jar!

I just started saving glass jars from things like spaghetti sauce and salsa...let them soak in hot water to remove the labels and then run them through the dishwasher. Now I can transfer a ton of supplies to them and they'll look great on a shelf or my desk:)

I also recently found these really cool graphic print file folders at Target. These make me want to file away receipts and orders!

They came with these cute little stickers for labeling, I like the pop of the chocolate brown border.

12 folders came in a package, 4 each of the 3 designs...the orange Greek key, blue lattice and green quatrefoil.

There's nothing like functional and stylish!! The office is looking so much better now. Anybody else working on their office/craft room? Anyone have any other tips or tricks for getting all this clutter to look good?


  1. Just my style. I use glass jars for everything too. They a cheap, look great and can get a good cleaning in the dishwasher. I agree they make EVERYTHING look better.

  2. I love those folders.

    I just finished my office last week. It feels great to finally have it done:

  3. I love collecting jars! Salsa, sauce, pickles, you name it. I'm always on the lookout for neat old jars when I'm thrifting, especially if they have a great lid or an interesting shape. This weekend, I found a fabulous old green glass jar (huge!) with a lid, that was handpainted, with a circus bear holding a red umbrella. $3! I was so excited! Spools of thread, buttons, pencils, glitters...a jar is good for so many things. :)

  4. Love the clever use of mason jars! I actually bought those same folders and I think they are terrific! If only I actually filed things away in them...


  5. Great find- those folders are just adorable. I'm working on my little crafting/designing area right now.. just ordered a few items to spruce it up a bit. It can be tough to find a place for everything!

  6. I love organizing photos. Love your jars!!!

  7. I love the file folders, Target is just awesome.

  8. Oh your file folders are amazing! I love them so much and am going to have to put them on my Tar-jay list! I have some similar ones in pink.

    Just finished my office a few weeks ago. Have a peek!


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