Maura's 3rd Birthday Fairy Party: Invitations



Maura turns 3 next month! (How did that happen?) When she turned one and two years old, I got away with doing the party how I wanted, but this year I think she's old enough to have and deserve input. After much back and forth, she has officially now requested a Tinkerbell/fairy party. I'm going to focus less on all the trademark Tinkerbell stuff and more on a general fairy/woodland "theme". Because I didn't need that many, I went ahead and made the invitations...using paper, card stock, and envelopes (kraft paper brown, not pictured) I already had.

Apparently Disney has decided that Tink's official colors are that leafy green...and purple?! Where did that come from? Since purple isn't really my jam (yes, Maura likes it, but on this I'm being selfish!!), I'm just going to pretty much leave it out. During my shopping so far, I found some paper products and other decor items that have more pinks and oranges and yellows in them. Add that to the Tink green and all the browns found in nature and I'm much more happy:)

I did purchase this printable silhouette of Tinkerbell on etsy from MyHeartHasEars for $5. I think its a good investment...I used it here and can apply it in different ways throughout the rest of the party. I also bought some gold glitter (the Martha Stewart line) and a glue ball point pen (had never seen one of those before but it worked really well) to add "pixie dust" to Tink's wand and the number 3. I incorporated butterflies and mushrooms to hint at the "woodland" aspect and add a bit of whimsy. Mounted the invite on a thin border of green card stock and then a thick border of gold metallic card stock.

Secretly I'm kinda excited about this theme!!! Even though I'm 36, I'm pretty much a kid at heart with a wild imagination. I like to believe there are actually lovely creatures like these out there somewhere in the world:)

PS. Two of Maura's friends are boys. (Frankly a majority of the people at the party will be adults, but whatever!) Now, there are tons of male fairies in Pixie Hollow but do you think I need to add a whole pirate/Peter Pan spin to this for our boy guests or is that overthinking it too much?

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