Super Easy DIY Cardstock Bunting



Hi! Just popping in quick to show you guys this super easy bunting I made out of plain, solid card stock for Ian's Christening party. Uhm, yes, it was back in November when he was 5 months...but the point is that you can make this for any occasion in any colors or patterns:) And you get a big bang for not a lot of buck! (Really what happened was that I left it up for our Christmas party because it was so versatile and then didn't get around to taking it down until just the other day and thought "Hmmm...maybe I should throw this up on the internet!")

I love metallics, so I opted for a lot of gold and silver mixed with whites (and green in the fresh flowers) for the party after his baptism. I've always been a fan of using paper to decorate with and I wanted to do something easy, cheap and simple using stuff I already had lying around. First I collected all the 8.5 x 11" metallic cardstock I had - in gold, silver, champagne and a sparkly white. The only thing I bought was a big spool of white yarn from Michaels (from the like knitting section) to hang the cardstock "flags" from. I wanted the least amount of work as possible, so I chose to do rectangular shaped flags that were exactly half the size of one piece of cardstock. So I only had to cut each 8/5 x 11" piece of paper once (directly down the center vertically) to get 2 flags. Then I simply folded them in half, ran the white yarn in between along the fold and dabbed some hot glue inside to hold it in place.

I could have alternated colors or created a pattern with the different tones of metallic paper, but I chose to do each bunting out of just one single color. Then I alternated those along the ceiling of our dining room (swagged in the middle near the chandelier) to sort of create stripes. It looked festive with the rest of the decor, like white and green flowers in mercury glass containers and lots of votives/hurricanes with white candles. (Excuse these horrible pics, it was dark and at the end of the party.)

You could do this easily for Easter with pastel colors or pretty stripes and floral scrapbook paper.  Garland and bunting and banners are so in now...but they don't always have to be super complicated or have words on them or involve lots of cutting:) Sometimes less is more... and then in this case...more - or lots of multiples of the same thing repeated over and over again - is more!

Have a great Easter weekend everyone!!!

Ian: 10 Months



Somehow two months have gone by (since my last post like this) and my little guy is now 10 months!! (That means 1st birthday party planning has officially begun!) It also means that I'm getting sad again. This past almost-a-year has gone by way too quickly. He's just the best..I can't wait to see how he grows and what kind of little boy he becomes, but I really want to hold tight to this chubby, smooth-skinned, still wants me to pick him up all the time little angel. Guess that's why I'm writing these posts:)

{had to include this pic cause it just cracks me up! of course, Paul will probably kill me}
Here's the last two monthly elephant chair pics. These things are getting harder and harder to do because he will just not sit still. Even if he stays put for a second and smiles, by the time I scootch back on the floor and hold up the camera to take the shot, he is gone! Have had to resort to toys and for this time, yes, even the binkie (he just woke up from a nap, has his first real cold and I was losing light fast, have to go with it!).

Height (at 9 month check up): 29.5 inches
Weight (at 9 month check up): 20 lbs 3 oz.

{right after he gets out of the tubbie, I always pick him up in his towel and we look in the mirror, he loves it! excuse the arm flab, but I'm going to try and be more present in photos even if they are not perfect so that they know there mom was always there}
Sleeping Habits: This guy sleeps like a champ now. He has two consistent naps a in the morning (usually around 10am) and one in the middle of the afternoon (say 3pm). His bedtime routine continues to be the same. We put him down around 8/8:30pm and most days he sleeps through the night until sometime around 7am. Thank you, Buddy!!!! Mama and Dada are so grateful:)

Eating Habits: Dude likes to eat! Not gonna lie. He goes to town on table food! His favorite thing though is real far we have tried and he loves real bananas, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, grapes, pear, mango, and watermelon. He eats pancakes and waffles, blueberry and lemon poppy muffins, mac-n-cheese, spaghetti and meatballs, pizza, hot dogs, sloppy joes, peas, carrots, broccoli, cold cuts, cheese, all kinds of bread. We still give him a little bit of fruit or veggie mush or yogurt with each meal and he gets four bottles a day (the first when he wakes up in the morning, then one around noon after he wakes up from his morning nap, one late afternoon after he wakes up from his afternoon nap and one before bed) totalling about 22 ounces.

Developmental Milestones/First: pulls himself up to standing position, walks while pushing a walker toy, walks if you hold his fingers and walk with him, learned how to climb up the stairs, learned how to wave, first Valentine's Day, first St. Patrick's Day, first time sitting in the front of the shopping cart

Favorite Toys: Most of Ian's favorite toys are probably not ones he would be playing with if he didn't have a 3 year old big sister! Exhibit A (see below): he loooves Maura's Fisher Price Disney Princess Klip Klop Stable (the one where the horses really walk down the ramps on their own). Exhibit B: My Little Ponies (and all the other kinds of horses we have in this house)...enough said! He still loves our Melissa and Doug Wood Standard Unit Blocks, the V-Tech Sit to Stand Alphabet Train that he got for Christmas, and he's been having a lot of fun lately playing with our play kitchen, especially now that he can stand up at it and cook/bang things around.

{excuse the state of this room...playroom conversion in progress...this is with the old rug}

{with new rug}


Favorite Pastimes: eating!, taking a tubbie, going for walks or riding around the yard/driveway in Maura's old Push Around Buggy Car (similiar to this one), swinging on the swing set, his baby class at My Gym, standing at the train table and going all King Kong on it (there are not like 2 tracks connected together anymore, he just takes everything and smashes it), messing around with/crawling all over Maura, did I say eating?!

Least Favorite Pastimes: getting his diaper changed, getting his clothes changed, having his nose wiped, getting something taken away from him that he is trying to eat:)

And even though we have officially entered the open all the drawers in my dresser and throw all my clothes onto the floor, get into all the kitchen/bathroom/entertainment center cabinets and take everything out phase, how can you not love this guy/want to smoosh his face with kisses?!

Foyer Update: The New Painted Dresser



The blue "Grantham" dresser that I bought from Danielle over at Finding Silver Pennies last week at the Duxbury Antique Show is here! And I'm in love:) Danielle and her husband Luke were super nice enough to drive it down to me on Saturday and I got a bit of time on Sunday to start putting some stuff in the drawers and get 'er styled. Its such a perfect fit here on the wall in the foyer and is providing some much needed "out of sight" storage.

{after with new dresser}
Here's how the wall looked before, with this Crate and Barrel glass and wood bookshelf. I still love this piece..we moved it upstairs to our guest room and filled it all with books (my complete set of Robert Jordan's "The Wheel of Time" sci-fi/fantasy series, volumes 1 - 14, take up one whole self all on their own!!).

{before with tall bookcase}
The old bookcase did provide two functions which I needed to keep with this new set up. The first is the spot where Paul dumps his wallet and phone and other manly things when he gets home from work, etc. My mom had given him this monogrammed silver tray from Pottery Barn a while back so that needed to stay. We had also gotten very use to looking at the clock on the second shelf (a constant no matter how much the other accessories changed) to know the time. I thought it was a bit large for the top of the dresser, so instead I swapped it out with this PB Charleston Vintage Clock that I got for Christmas and was keeping on my nightstand. I love how the silver of each plays off the brass lion pulls on the dresser.

I have a couple of ideas for what I can hang above the dresser on the wall, but for now I just put up these leaning frames until I make up my mind. Have never met a botanical or bird illustration I didn't these combined with my Wisteria fishing float and vintage glass bottle from the Brimfield Antique Show are saying spring to me. (If only mother nature would just get the message!)

Danielle did such an amazing job on this piece. The French Enamel from Miss Mustard Seed's milk paint line is such a pretty color in person and I love that the top is stained to coincidentally match our floors. Every time I walk through the foyer I am smiling now:) Here's how it looks with my hand-colored fish engravings from the 1800s (also a Brimfield find) that are flanking the front door:

and the view from our couch (which is now in a new spot due to the shift in rooms from adding a playroom):

So glad I went with my gut on this one! Thanks, Danielle!

PS. Linking up to Miss Mustard Seed herself's Furniture Feature Friday:)

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