Mini Foyer Update: Chevron Rug



Hello! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend:)

I'm very happy with the path our foyer has taken over the years. First we got a new entry rug, refinished the hardwood floors, painted the inside of the front door black and hung up 4 framed antique fish prints. Oops, then I kinda recently killed said black and white striped rug by trying to wash it...and almost killed our dryer! Let's just say the fringe did not survive:(

Soooo, kinda needed a new rug. Didn't search for very long before I found this indoor/outdoor chevron rug from Ballard Designs. The size I needed was only $35 and I had a 15% off coupon, so I just went for it (you guys probably remember I'm impatient and don't love to do a ton of has come back to bite me in the butt before, but hopefully not on this one). I got the "Gray with Sand" colorway, which even though the gray is dark, I think still adds a nice level of color depth to the space.


I'm trying to bring in more pattern to our home. I know that chevron is like way popular right now, at least online, but no one that I know in real life whose house I go to has anything chevron in it. So I'm cool with still sporting it. Do any of you think we worry too much about what's current and overdone, etc. in the design/blog world and let it get the best of us?

And now that it's gotten deep around here, back to the before with the striped rug (also from Ballards):

and the after of new chevron rug:

Got a favorite? Straight stripes? Zig Zag stripes? I can't say I like either one better, they both have their merits. And discuss:)

PS. Remind me in a while (when I forget) that this rug is not supposed to be washed in the washing machine either, just hosed down/spot cleaned:)

Taking the Paint Plunge



Guess what? I'm now the proud owner of these:

Yay!!! Yesterday I had to head into Boston for a doctor's appointment, so I decided to make a side trip to the closest retailer we have of Miss Mustard Seeds new Milk Paint, the quaint and friendly Maison Decor. Amy and her son Justin were super helpful when it came to answering my questions about the milk and chalk paint and really aided me in figuring out what I needed to get and what I didn't need to spend more money on. 

So, I'm going to try the Linen (like a winter white) milk paint on the old dry sink that I inherited from my mom (I'm going to use it for toy storage in the family room) and I'm going to see how far the sample jar of ASCP in Duck Egg (a pretty, soft green/gray/blue) will get me on the small black cabinet in my kitchen that I've been wanting to paint for forever.

I'm so excited to actually get going on these!!! Getting the paint was the last step holding me back, so now there's no excuses!!! Let's get some stuff done:)

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

Ps. I am currently writing this post during the day because I'm in the middle of a standoff with Maura. She refuses to get dressed in the morning or take her clothes off at the end of the day. We had an incident last weekend where I got a very cute dress stuck on her head while I was trying to get it off and since then its like she's scared of putting things over her heard. Last night we fought with her for 2 hours to get her clothes off so she could take a bath and then get dressed into her pajamas. This morning its been an hour and a half since I started trying to put her clothes on. Apparently we are not going to go do the errands I wanted to get done today. Any and all advice appreciated, I'm about to pull my hair out. Way past the crying about it stage:) 

DIY Pressed Leaf Art



We've got some new artwork hanging up in our living room!

 Maura and I started collecting leaves way back at the beginning of October. We go for a walk or are outside in our backyard almost everyday, so this was something to do with the added bonus of teaching her about fall. We got a pretty good collection going and then I showed her how to press them in between the pages of a large, heavy book. I figured we could make some sort of arts and crafts project out of them. My first thought was garland, but we already did that with our pine cones. Then my plan was to frame a bunch of them glued down to a large sheet of paper, plus maybe then we could try to identify them.

Wouldn't you know that before I could get started, this came in the mail?

Gasp! Love! Pressed leaf art by Lucy Mitchell was featured on the cover of the November issue of Country Living. Once I saw this, I had to change my mind and do my/our own version. I love things in multiples, there's definitely a lot of drama in lots of one thing. Just bummed I didn't think of it on my own first.

This was super easy. I already had white cardstock, so I just cut a bunch of 5 x7 cards out of it and used spray mount to adhere down the leaves. I tried referencing some online fall New England leaf guides to see if I could actually figure out what each of the leaves were. Eh, I was about 50% successful, and most of that was just guesses. (I figure no one I know is a super leaf expert, so its not like they are going to be in my house going "You are wrong!! That is not an oak leaf!!")

We hung them here in the living room, to the right of my vintage map, on the way into the family room. I love the idea and look of actually thumb tacking them to the wall like Lucy did for the CL cover, but I wasn't loving the idea of a bunch of holes in my wall nor the fact that Maura would have thumbtacks readily available for the taking. So instead I used Scotch 3M Removable Mounting Squares (which I have had super luck with before) and tried to make it look like they are pinned to the wall by only using one piece of tape and putting it near the very top middle of the card. (And I totally eyeballed all of it, no measuring or level using.)

I also wanted to include some sort of description as to what this was, sort of to commemorate our adventures, so I made the first card in the top left corner of the grid this sort of plaque. I'm not sure yet how long I'm going to leave these up...I mean, I know they're obviously overboard fallish, but we don't have anything else to put on this wall and I like the quirkiness this adds...I mean, I'm a stay-at-home mom of a 2 year old, this is my life! So at least now we have a way of remembering how much fun we had together doing this:)

Looking back at the inspiration, I aesthetically still like Lucy's wall more. Her cards are bigger, there's way more of them (I thought 14 was a lot, but they don't actually take up that much room), I don't have the lovely gradation of color and shape in the leaves that she does and I do like how her walls are white so the cards blend in and the leaves pop.  (Plus there's the whole thumbtack thing, oh well..and that beautiful wood sideboard and those green over-sized bottles!!.) But I'm surprised I actually got this done at all (knowing my track record) and my kid and I did it together. Priceless:)

Ps. In case you haven't noticed, I've been a pretty bad blogger lately. I am currently happy posting once a week and not trying to stress myself out by coming up with anything more. Ok with you guys? Has anyone else been in a blogging slump lately?

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