Show Us Where you Live Friday: Nursery Inspiration Pics



TGIF!! I love 4 day work weeks:)

Well, its Show Us Where You Live Friday again over at Kelly's Korner Blog:) Today is Nurseries and Kids' Rooms. Of course, we don't have any kids (yet) but Kelly did say we could post some inspiration pics if we wanted (thanks, Kelly!). So here you are...some nursery eye candy for your viewing pleasure (these are pics I just happened to have already saved out and of course when I first started I was too much of a newbie to take note of where the images were from, so if anyone recognizes them, let me know. I think a bunch are from Rate My Space ).

{Love the bold colors and fun mix of patterns}

{This is one of my favorite rooms...its pushing me in the direction of blue walls no matter if we have a boy or a girl}

{This is another one of my favorite rooms... and more proof that I'm leaning toward cool color walls}

{Love that artwork, and the wall treatment's not that bad either!!}

{or maybe I'd want to go soft and neutral}

{with some kind of fun hand-painted design on the wall}

{and a unique way of displaying their name of initials}

Thanks for hosting, Kelly! Next week is "Offices". Mine is currentlybeing painted and reorganized. I wonder if I could get my act together in time for next week's event?! Hmmm....

Real Rooms: The Cape House Porch



Hi! I thought it could be cool to every so often post some pics of real peoples' rooms. Let's qualify as a "real person" if you are a.) not me or b.) not a professional interior designer/decorator (not that we don't love you if you are a professional, but maybe those will be in a separate set of posts!). I'm making these rules up as I go/type, can you tell? So, maybe they'll be friends'/family's spaces or readers' (once I get some). It's always fun to peak inside someone else's home and this way we'll hopefully see alot of different styles that we can appreciate/learn from. Sort of like one of my favorite sites, Rate My Space, but without the star ratings or snarky comments:)


Let's kick it off with a look at one of Mom and Dad's Cape House rooms, the porch. You might remember (how could you not, I've been blabbing about it for a week now?!) that their house was recently renovated. It used to have a screened in porch where we spent a ton of time, but part of the reno was converting the porch into interior living space. Since we loved the function of it so much, my parents made one of the new rooms into what we call "the porch" even though its totally inside the house. We're also going to do a little mini makeover on this room, so maybe you can help us out with it. The new house is very open concept floor plan, so this is what you see when you enter in the main door we use (not the front door - the other cute little red door on the right).

Off to the right, through that big opening is the kitchen and eat-in dining space.

You can access the dining part of the deck from this side of the porch, through one of the many sliding glass doors.

Perhaps my favorite part of the new porch is the ceiling. Mom wanted it to still have somewhat of a different feel than the rest of the house, so she asked the builders to install beadboard on the ceiling and paint it a pretty sky blue. (All walls are Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan.)

As you can see, Mom is keeping her outdoor porch wicker furniture from the old porch here in the new space. It helps add to that indoor/outdoor living vibe that they are shooting for. However, we figured a little mini-makeover could help bring this spot up to date and more in line with Mom's new look (don't get me wrong, Dad will benefit too but I don't think he cares about such things as pillow cushion color!!).
So, she has around $150.00 in Pottery Barn gift cards (that we gave her for Christmas) to spend, and we thought new cushions for the chairs would be a good place to start. These "Tufted Outdoor Cushions" are $29.99 each and are thankfully the right size:) We're thinking the "Stone Classic Stripe" (the first wide-striped one in the pile on the right - that sort of beige/gray color and white) would be perfect...neutral enough to stay classic for awhile, picks up on the wall color and makes a nice backdrop for some more colorful, fun decorative pillows. What do you think?

So, for 3 new cushions we'd spend about $90 and still have some money left over to get new throw pillows. The area rug is staying and Mom thinks she wants to use reds/maroons and olivey/sagey greens as accent colors. So here's a few pillows that could possibly work on the chairs with our new striped cushions:

{the Coral Stripe}

{the Textured Solid}

And of course, I love mixing and matching solids and patterns, so there's that option too. What's your vote? Maybe I'll check out Grandin Road and a few other places and see what they have (of course, our gift card won't work then, but I'm sure we can think of a few other things to buy at PB!).

One other change we are considering....painting the wicker furniture black. Has anyone ever painted wicker before? Do you have tips or photos? Do you think this would look better than the white? (The kitchen which is the room right next door has a black island and the dining set that will eventually go in the eat-in space has black legs and chairs.) I guess we could always update the cushions and pillows and then see how we like it. If we need more of a change, we could try the black?

Thanks for your help!

blue + yellow



I just finished up 3 sets of custom invitations with 3 awesome couples:) I haven't taken any photos of the final products yet, so I thought I would share some past projects with you guys. Now that summer is just around the corner, its officially prime wedding season (P and I have 3 to go to this summer)...and nothing says summer like a crisp, fun palette of blue and yellow! There's so many shades and combinations of these two colors that work well together, the possibilities are practically endless. Here's 2 different projects I've used blue and yellow for:


cornflower + bluebell + lemon

Julie and John got married last summer at the Massachusetts Horticultural Society and wanted their big day to have a sophisticated garden feel. Julie's bridesmaids dresses were a pretty cornflower blue...pairing this with white automatically gave us the light, fresh palette they were looking for. Julie and John were also slightly obsessed with the idea of using lemons as part of their reception decor (sometimes you just get an idea in your head and you have to run with it). We thought adding a graphic image of lemons to their Save the Dates and invitations would also help reinforce the garden vibe (think botanical illustration) and the pop of yellow would play nicely with the blue and white. So I did a watercolor painting of 2 lemons (they're getting married after all, what a cute pair!) and we used this as the focal point, letting borders of cornflower metallic and smooth bluebell cardstock do the rest of the work.

Here's their Save the Date cards, which we formatted in a more modern tea-length size for a little unexpected twist. A combination of script font (some Bickham Script Fancy and some Champignon) and block font in both all caps and lowercase (New Baskerville BT - one of my fav serif fonts) gave us that elegant sophisticated feel, but kept things still feeling casual enough for an oustide garden wedding.


navy + periwinkle + butter

Jessica and Michael got married in a rustic barn on Brooksby Farm two years ago. Jess told me she was using navy blue and yellow as her colors and that she wanted her invitations to conjure up the feeling of a beautiful sunny breezy day in New England (sounds good to me!). The venue was also very important to them (you know the kind of local that just dictates the direction you are going to go with your whole look and feel?!), so we decided to incorporate that into the invites as well.

I started by hand-drawing an illustration of the barn at Brooksby Farm. We could have probably used some clip art image of any old barn and it would have sufficed but we really wanted this to be personal and unique to them. Adding some fun pinstripes in yellow and white and periwinkle seemed like an obvious choice...can't you feel the sun shining down and the breeze rustling your dress now?! A wide band of navy grosgrain ribbon and a font that seems hand-written (Cezanne) added that bit of rustic farm to the mix. A directions card enclosure with custom map made sure no guests missed the celebration:)


Think of all the gorgeous combinations of blue and yellow that could be used to achieve the perfect look for your wedding day! There's soft muted cream and light wedgewood grey-blue, bold mustard and deep denim, or turquoise and citrus yellow.

I'm assuming everyone knows about the awesome site that is Snippet & Ink..but if you don't, definitely check it out. Such a great resource for planning a wedding (or any other event)...or if you just love looking at color like me! Here's a few of Kathryn's infamous inspiration boards that feature blue and on the link under the image to see her full posts (with image credits). Thanks for all the gorgeous eye candy!!!

{navy blue, lemon yellow, porcelain white}

{pale blue, pale yellow, pale white}

Did any of you use blue and yellow for your wedding colors? Would love to see pics:)

The Cape House Reno: Exterior Before and Afters



Unfortunately, the long weekend is over and its back to business:(

Fortunately, we were able to move in to my parent's renovated summer house over the weekend!! The place looks amazing...its going to be so fun to hang out there...and now its ready for my parents whenever they can finally retire:) Meet our Cape House here.

I thought I was going to have to hunt through a lot of old photos to find some good before shots to show you guys, but we lucked out...our next-door neighbor dropped off a CD of photos he took all winter of the progress! Thanks, Kevin! Now we have the whole renovation captured on film:)

So here's our cute little Cape house before the work began. According to my dad, it was about 900 square feet. It had 2 bedrooms, one bathroom, a tiny kitchen (with no drawers and knotty pine cabinets), a family room, a screened-in porch, a one-car garage, and a deck (that we built). And we looooved it! We didn't care that it was small or outdated. It was our mom says that she doesn't even mind cooking when we are at the Cape house, everything just tastes better!

And here's the after!! It now has about 2200 sq. feet of living space....4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, a huge eat-in kitchen, a living room (aka "the fireplace room"), a family room (aka "the TV room"), a sitting area (aka "the porch") and no garage. The main aspects of the renovation were:

  • changing the roofline, adding dormers, completely finishing the upstairs with a full bath and 2 bedrooms
  • blowing out the living room ceiling and making this room into two stories
  • adding a master suite (addition off the back of master bedroom and master bathroom)
  • converting the garage into interior living space (its now the new kitchen)
  • converting the screened in porch into interior living space (entryway and sitting area)
  • building a new deck that runs most of the length of the house in the back

Both doors look good red, don't they? (Mom and Dad debated between black and gray for the doors too, but in the end wanted that "pop of color".) I still need to take some photos of the back of the house and the deck which is where the biggest change is evident (of course my camera died this weekend from low battery just when I was about go out back...figures! You can see the basic idea though in some of the following during shots). One of my favorite things about the new house is all the natural light, there are soooo many windows and sliding doors. And I love that the house still maintains its Cape charm and character (this was important to my parents) - there are little nooks and crannies and angled ceilings upstairs and from the street it doesn't look like all that much has changed.

Here are some pics from during the renovation:

(the shingles come off)

(bye, bye screened-in porch...sniffle)

(the garage gets a real floor)

(new walls go up...hello, kitchen...high five!)

(the master suite gets a foundation)

(and walls)

(we have an upstairs...fist pump!)

(pilings and frame for the new deck go in)

(yay for new shingles and lots of windows)

So, what do you guys think? We love it! And Mom and Dad, we're so happy for deserve it. Congratulations:)

(Ps. stay tuned for inside pics!!)

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