An Afternoon at the Vintage Bazaar



Two weekends ago I took a drive up to the North Shore (I'm on the South) to check out the Vintage Bazaar. It takes place twice a year (one weekend in June and one in September) on a flower farm in Salisbury, Ma. Its like an antique show, flea market, craft show, festival all rolled into one with vendors, live music, food, kids' activities. This was my first year going, just found out about it on someone's blog a couple of weeks ago. I was owed some "me time" by Paul and the kids, so this is what I chose to do:) Super fun!

And guess what? I met a famous person there! Like literally shook hands with them and introduced myself and had a down-to-earth chat. Recognize this lady from the HGTV show "Cash and Cari"?!

I knew it was her (Cari Cucksey) right away!! She had her own booth there selling cool finds and then was the special guest of the weekend with a scheduled meet and greet time. I was in her booth buying some old flash cards (see below) when she came in and I was like one of those star-struck dorks although I tried to play it cool. She was so so nice, talked with me right there and showed me her new paint line (sort of but nothing like chalk or milk paint) and everything! Thanks, Cari! Check out her website here.

I got a couple of small things that I'll show you, but I was really tempted to buy this spindle bed for when Ian is out of his crib. I got nervous though and didn't have anyone to help me carry it, or really any room in the car, etc. so I walked away:(

Here's the vintage flashcards I got in Cari's booth (I bought 4). I'll probably hang them in the playroom.

I have a hard time resisting any old ephemera or botanical/nature prints I see, so I bought 4 of these really cool owl illustrations from a book "Birds of the Forest" by J.F. Lansdowne. (Love that guy on the left!)

I also came home with this hand-made pillow in a lovely blue (with bits of coral) floral crewel fabric. Love it!

What did you guys do this weekend? Get any great finds?

Flea Market Finds for Early Fall in the Foyer



***waves nervously*** Hi! I was just gone for like 2 months and didn't mean to be! Sorry about that!! How is everyone? The motherboard on my old laptop went and it took me a long time to get a new machine and back up to speed. While all that happened, I guess we had summer?! And now its fall? Waaah, I loooove summer. Sniff. Sniff. To help get me a little less depressed, I redid the top of the new painted dresser in the foyer (remember when I bought it from Danielle of Finding Silver Pennies this spring?!) for the season.

A week or two ago I dragged Maura and Ian to a local flea market one Sunday morning while Paul was golfing and came home with four things...2 brass deer and 2 vintage bird prints. I chose the bird print that had the most warm tones in it to include here (leaning in the black frame). I've always had a thing for deer and just decided that I might start collecting them:) I'm excited to leave these guys out for Christmas and winter, but for now I think they say autumn to me too.

Now I'm feeling more in the fall spirit and ready to get back in the saddle here in blogland. (Speaking of saddles, we had Maura's "horse" birthday party this past weekend, with real ponies!, and it was awesome! I'll try to get some pics up soon.) 

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