Pink Eye...Candy



I am currently suffering from a lovely case of pink eye. Gross! I've never had it before and the hardest part is trying not to itch or touch my eye. So far, thank god/cross your fingers/knock on wood, I haven't given it to Maura, but we're not in the clear yet. (Please let her not get it!) Since its fitting, here's some random pink eye candy:

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Maura's First Easter



Hi! Hope everyone had a great weekend and a wonderful Easter! We did!!

Look at this little cutie!! She wore this adorable floral dress and bonnet that my Mom gave her (from Marshalls). The black patent leather Mary Janes were actually mine when I was little, my mom saved them and gave them to me for Maura to wear. They fit her perfectly right now:)

The Easter Bunny came! Mostly I filled her basket with stuff I would have bought anyways...some of her solid food, a new bathing suit, 2 new summer outfits. But I did add some $1 books from Target, a Disney CD of favorite kid songs (we always have music on when we are playing and we've been listening to the same old 3 Raffi cds forever!), bubbles, and the Fisher Price Stack and Roll Cups (which she already loves). The stuffed bunny was from one of my Easter baskets a few years ago (thanks, mom).

I ordered her this custom Easter basket from Pottery Barn Kids a few months ago...the large, natural rattan one with a green gingham lining and her name monogrammed in pink. It's something she can use every Easter for awhile. I figured it was a good investment - now I don't have to buy her a new basket every year. And maybe, hopefully if/when we have another baby we can get one for him/her too:)

We went to Paul's parents for dinner, along with his sister, her husband and their 3 kids. Here's Maura with her two girl cousins (Ava and Kiley) who keep insisting that they want to "be friends with baby Maura, not just cousins!"

Pretty Lovely



Every season I love to browse the Photo Galleries over at Style Me Pretty (thousands of photographs from real weddings divided up into categories - ie., bridesmaids, centerpieces, invitations, food) to get inspired. Lots of wedding reception ideas can be transferred over to home decor (a table scape for Mother's Day or a seasonal updated color palette for your family room). These are saying SPRING to me:)

{All photos from here}

Upgrading our BaseboardTrim



Howdy! While our floors were getting refinished (and in some rooms new ones installed/stained) last summer, all our downstairs baseboard trim got covered in stain:( Urggghhh. Is this supposed to happen or did we just get screwed? Or are they supposed to rip out the baseboards when they install new floors and redo them after? Who knows, we had a lot of drama with these floors going in, so at the time we were just happy to have them done. Now though we have to do something about these messy, ugly baseboards.

Our family room has really great, substantial, tall 7.5 inch baseboard trim (this room was an addition). So we already painted these (and all the toe kicks on the kitchen cabinets) white and its looking so much more fresh and clean.

Before we go and paint over 4 more rooms of baseboards (and door casings), I figured it was best to decide if it was worth it. See, the rest of the downstairs has regular old 3 and whatever inch trim that seems kinda dinky now. I've always wished it were taller, with more architectural presence. Maybe now's the time to do something about it? So I don't waste all that time painting stuff I don't really like?

{oops, took these before I hung up the drapes in the dining room...its looks much better with curtains, no?!}

On a recent trip to Lowe's I decided to check out the molding aisle to see what our options were. And I found this pretty cool product that might be the answer to all my prayers. Lowe's carries this stuff called RapidFit, which looks just like normal molding from the front (in tall sizes), except that the back side is hollowed out so that you can install it right over your existing trim! Way easier!! We can leave our dinky trim, stain and all, in place. Paint new sections of this RapidFit stuff (it comes primed, ready for paint) and put them up. Voila, instant chunky architectural detail! At least, this is how its playing out in my mind:)

You couldn't take home small samples of the RapidFit molding, but I did buy one of their "transition" blocks (the line also has sections of molding to help you transition to normal door casings, go around corners, etc.) so that I could make sure it would fit over our existing trim. See it down there?

See how the back at the bottom is carved out? I kinda think this is an ingenious idea! We're thinking of trying it just in the living room first to see how it goes. Has anyone seen or used this stuff before? Or have you upgraded your molding to the tall stuff? Was it worth it? I'll keep you posted. But don't hold your breath or anything...we move slow around here:)

Dining Room Update: Free Drapes from the Living Room



Remember these linen drapes (and oil-rubbed bronze rods) I bought at Target awhile ago and hung in my living room? (They kinda look just like those drop cloth drapes that everyone has been DIYing, except I'm too lazy to do that!)

Well, they turned out to be the exact same color as the walls (Benjamin Moore Smokey Taupe) and I've never really loved them here, just thought they looked ok. (I'm into neutrals and everything, but lately I've been wishing I had gone a little more bold with the curtains and added some color or some pattern, kinda like I did in Maura's room.)

So this past weekend, we took the drapes down from the living room...and moved them into the dining room!

Now I love them! The warm oatmeal color (and linen texture) adds just the right amount of warmth (and contrast) to the cool grey walls and plays nicely with the beige in the rug and artwork (on the walls you can't see here). The dark hardware ties in with the oil rubbed bronze chandelier and espresso table and chairs.

{sorry, that's a jigsaw puzzle in progress on the table and I wasn't going to move it for the pic, even for you guys!}

Of course, this leaves the living room walls a little bare, but whatevs. We can worry about that later.

Here's a real before to show you how the dining room looked when we moved in:

And here it is after we painted, got some furniture, changed out the light fixture, redid the wood floors and finally found an area rug...but before we had any window treatments.

And again now with the new, no-extra-cost-cause-I-stole-them-from-another-room drapes!

{if you look carefully, you might notice I didn't hang anything on the window on the right the living room I had 3 windows, but only 5 panels, as one window was right next to the fireplace and so I only put 1 panel on it on one side. I needed 6 panels to do all 3 windows in the dining room, but I couldn't find these anymore at Target to purchase one extra one. So I decided to just use 4 and only dress the 2 windows next to each other on this wall and make it more like a feature. I saw it in a Ballard Design catalog - that all the windows in a room don't have to match - so I feel justified:) }

Next up is to replace the plastic roller shades (on all 3 windows, so they will be coordinated in that aspect) with bamboo blinds. So far I've checked at Lowes and Bed Bath and Beyond and haven't found the color or size that I want. I plan to hit up Home Depot and Target next. Where have you guys had good luck finding bamboo shades?

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