The Nursery: Progress Part III



Howdy! How was everyone's weekend? I spent it relaxing at the beach (with my mom cooking for me), so no complaints here!!!

I've got another installment of the nursery progress for you. Here's the floor plan again:

Last week I showed you the dresser wall (but without any framed botanical prints) and the crib wall (pretty much done, don't think I need to do anything else there, unless you guys have any suggestions?).

Here's how the back wall stands now (the one with the 2 windows and glider in the corner):

I'm really proud of myself that I didn't spend all that much in this room. One of my splurges though were these floor-length patterned drapes from The Land of Nod. Love them! Saw them while flipping through the catalog and changed my whole mind about what I was going to do for window treatments in here. I love the pop of the pink (more like a watermelon, there's definitely some orange in them) drapes against the blue walls. And they've got this great large scale floral pattern that plays nicely with the small stripes, dots and flowers in the bedding.

{La Fleur Curtain Panels...$35.00 each for the 84" tall ones, they have them in 63" too for $25 each...and you can request free fabric swatches before ordering, which I actually did for once! }

I probably did not go about this quite the right way though. I still have the old yucky white vinyl roller shades on the windows too, performing the light blocking and privacy role. Not sure what I'm going to do about them, but I liked the decorative nature of the LON drapes so much that I just went for them without really planning out the entire window treatment combination. I guess I could always take down the roller shades and actually draw closed the panels each night, we'll see. For now I'm just psyched that I went bold and colorful with the curtains as I always tend to go too neutral.

The curtain rods are by Umbra from Bed Bath and Beyond. I went there to shop for the window hardware because I had a $25 gift card and a couple of their fabulous 20% off coupons. Each rod was $24.99, but with 2 coupons and the gift card I only spent $18 total for both:)

This is the Pottery Barn Kids Comfort Swivel Glider with a Stone Twill slipcover. Besides it being comfy and all upholstered (which is what I was looking for in a glider), we actually got it for free using a ton of gift cards!!!! Paul travels a lot for work and is signed up for every frequent flyer, corporate credit card, and hotel gift rewards program that there is. And let me tell you people, these things pay off!!! He took a bunch of his American Express Corporate points and converted them over into enough PB gift cards to buy us this chair! (We did this a few years ago when we first moved in and got our dining room table for free as well.) So, even though I know the chair was a bit pricey, we decided to go for it (by spending nothing) instead of actually buying a less expensive one from Babies R Us or another furniture store.

{the little hand-made bear that I found on our vacation in PEI has a home for now here on the chair}

There's one more big thing I'd like to do along this wall but haven't had the chance yet. At our beach house on Cape Cod, my mom has a very wide low bookshelf that she's not using. Its some sort of cheap wood, I'd like to steal it from her (already got permission) and paint it white and put it centered under the 2 windows for books, toys, etc. It can also hopefully act as a side table for the glider since I don't actually have one of those.

So, what do you think? Usually I end up setting up a room over time (never being done with it) with mostly neutral stuff because I get too panicked about choosing one color palette and sticking to it (and I get bored easily). So I'm proud of myself that I decided on something, went with it and sort of did everything in such a short amount of time that this room might actually, someday soon, be considered finished. And I'll still love it in a year or two:) Next up is the last wall in the room, the one on the far left, stay tuned! (And then hopefully, a big complete "reveal" post sometime with sources.)

The Nursery: Progress Part II



Do you mind if we talk about the nursery some more?! Its just that I finally have something done, so I'm excited to share:) Thanks for bearing with me!

So, the other day I showed you what had been done so far to the dresser wall. (Thanks for all your great comments, you guys are the best!) Remember when I posted about the two different options for the floor plan for this room? Well, we decided to go with B, this one:

So, so far the wall on the right as you walk in houses the IKEA 8 drawer Hemnes dresser with our changing pad:

{still need to frame antique botanical prints for above dresser}

Now I can show you the crib wall:

We did one of the big no-nos of nurseries and went with a used crib!!! One of our best friends just moved their 2 1/2 year old to her toddler bed and offered us their crib (for free). After checking the model online and making sure it was safe, we decided to take them up on it (originally from Babies R Us). We set it up and were happy with the stability and condition (if we weren't, we would have bought a new one). If it had been another color other than white, I might have turned it down as I knew I wanted white furniture in here, but I think we lucked out. Has anyone else done this and been happy? Or are you guys cringing as you read this, shaking your heads and thinking we're going to be terrible parents?! (PS. We did buy a new mattress!)

My sister-in-law and mother-in-law were generous enough to get us the crib bedding we wanted as part of their shower gift! Yay! I love it! Its the Sophie Nursery Bedding from Pottery Barn Kids and inspired the color palette in the room (I knew I wanted blue walls but to also incorporate some pink and green). Remember when I posted about it here?

I decided to put up the Cavallini Alphabet Cards I bought for BG above the crib, since this wall is really tall.

I went with a 5 x 5 grid of cards because that seemed to suit the space best...this leaves just the "Z" card to put somewhere else in the room. First step was to lay out all the cards on the ground and kind of get a feel for how much negative wall space I wanted in between each card. Then I really began by measuring out the overall dimensions that the grid would take up and marking those measurements on the wall (so the top edge of the top row, bottom edge of bottom row, left side of left column and right edge of far right column). After that I figured I would need to do a lot of math and lots more marks, until I remembered the Strait Line Laser Level that we had bought but never used (you know, the little guy that you adhere to the wall and that shoots out a laser line). This thing made the whole project so easy!

I did the bottom row first and then moved on to the middle row, based on the mark I had drawn at the complete center of my grid. From there I filled in the in between rows and top row. In each row, it was super easy to first put up the left hand card (used my laser level to project a plum line up the wall also so that I had a vertical edge to align it to), then the right hand card (with another vertical line), then the middle card. After that I just eyeballed the position of the 2 in between cards (in this case the V and the X, so that they seem centered in between the U and W and the W and Y), all the while using my horizontal level line for the bottom edge of each card. Not nearly as hard as it sounds!

I was not sure how to attach the cards to the wall until I posted about it and you guys had some great ideas. Emily of Jones Design Company suggested 3M's mounting strips which is what I ultimately used - thanks, girl! (If this hadn't worked, I was going to move on to Glue Dots like Kaylie and Nicole recommended.) I found the Scotch 3M removable foam square mounting strips at Target for like $2.19 a pack (I needed 3 to do all 25 cards - I cut each square in half, and used 3 halves per card). They worked perfectly:)

In the next post I'll show the you back wall of windows as it is now. I'm so excited to have this room somewhat ready to go for her if she comes early (38 weeks today!)!!!

The Nursery: Progress Part I



Hi! Sorry for the radio silence, but we actually got a ton done in the nursery this week!! My mom came and stayed with me for a few days and helped me sort through all the new clothes/stuff we got at the shower, I started washing them, and we organized them in the dresser and closet. Yay! (Thanks, Mom!)

But you probably want to see more of the fun stuff, so here's a look at the dresser wall in progress.

If you remember this room before, the walls were cream, but the color stopped at the sloped portion of the high ceiling. Paul and I painted the walls Benjamin Moore (Natura) Heaven on Earth and brought the color up onto the angled part of the ceiling to really accentuate the height.


{in progress}

Finally got the IKEA Hemnes 8 drawer dresser put together and I'm loving this thing!! It's huge, which is what we wanted (all the drawers are already filled). Plenty of room for the changing pad and diaper paraphernalia, plus a little bit of fun accessories. I'm not completely sold on this vignette, but I wanted to style it a bit, with what I had, to make the photo look better for you guys:)

{still have to choose the perfect ultrasound pic of BG and put it in the frame...Remember the little silver pig I bought at Brimfield? about him here.}

I'll probably do a big source list for you guys at the end once I have most of the room done, but I can tell you that the only things we actually paid for in the above whole wall shot are the dresser ($299), the paint (like $65) and the pig ($2). Everything else was either a gift (changing pad cover, PB Bunny Critter chair, stuffed animal, diapers), hand-me-down (changing pad) or purchased with a gift card (lamp, area rug)!!!

Even though having this much done is huge for me, there's still obviously more I want to do. I think the proportions of this dresser lend itself perfectly to the 4 antique botanical prints I also bought at Brimfield this year. So my plan is to frame them and hang them 4 in a row above the dresser.

And just to prove more to you that I have made some substantial progress in this room (really, I had like nothing done up until last weekend), here's a couple of sneak peeks of what else is going on.

{Read about this little guy (Flopsie Bear) that I found on our vacation to PEI here.}

{After all your help - thanks!, I figured out how to best hang up the alphabet cards...I love how they turned out! Post on that to come.}

Things are totally starting to feel more real around here now...I'm 37 weeks 3 days today! We made it full term and that means she could come at any time:) Thanks for all your support and encouragement throughout these last 9 months!!!

**Edit: Holy moly, I just remembered...we didn't even really pay for the IKEA dresser either!!! We bought it originally, but my parents reimbursed us for it as they wanted to contribute to part of the baby's nursery furniture. I guess my grandparents had bought the nursery furniture for my parents when they were pregnant with me 33 years ago and my mom wanted to continue the tradition!!! Thanks again, Mom and Dad!! (Boy, we lucked out!)

PEI Driftwood Find



Besides the stuff I bought for the nursery while we were on vacation on Prince Edward Island, I also came home with one other home decor souvenir. This one was free...but I worked for it:)

One of my favorite parts of the trip this year was when we "hiked" part of the Prince Edward Island National Park of Canada in Greenwich. This part of the park, a peninsula, is known for its fragile dune system. We walked for about an hour to where the trail ends at the dunes and a beautiful beach. As we walked along it, we found tons of great big pieces of driftwood. My friend Dena, who we stay with while we are there, is an avid antiquer and collector of cool old stuff. She had the brilliant of idea of taking one home with her (hopefully this is not against the law!), so of course I wanted one too. Here he is on the coffee table in our living room:

Awesome, right? Let me take you on a more detailed journey of how I got my own piece of real driftwood from a beach at the tip of PEI.

First, we walked on a gravel pathway along St. Peter's Bay.

Then the trail entered the woods (loved the birch trees and all the dappling light).

Soon we came to a boardwalk, meandering its way through the forest.

Eventually, the boardwalk started to float, and we walked along this suspended dock through these wetland marshes. Amazing!!!

After a short climb over the dunes, we were here:

{looking right}

{looking left}

Once we each had our perfect piece of driftwood, we started back, lugging those guys this whole way.

The trip was worth it just for the wonderful views, but I'm also super glad I also have something so lovely to remember it by!!

Check out another photographer's pics of the Greenwich hike

PEI Nursery Finds



Hi! Well, we got back on Saturday from our vacation to Prince Edward Island...and we did not end up having a Canadian baby:) Phew (no offense to any Canadian readers)! 36 weeks today...and one of the things we were worried about (besides the long car ride to get there) was having BG come early while we were away up there, with no car seat, no hospital bag, no family around, in another country, you get the idea.

The 12 hour drive was not as bad as I thought - I ended up needing to stop for the bathroom on average of once every hour!!! I'm not sure what exactly I expected, but I thought this was pretty reasonable, no?! On the way up we broke the trip up into 2 parts - almost 5 hours up to Bangor, Maine where we stayed for the night on Saturday, and then about 8 hours the next day to get to our friend's rental on PEI. I think this helped a lot. This past Saturday, for the return trip, we did it all at once and I could definitely tell the difference for the last hour or 2, I was ready to be out of that car!! Later that night, once we were home and settled, I realized my ankles and feet were really swollen - for the first time of the entire pregnancy. I'm guessing this was a side effect of all that sitting...I put my feet up for a little bit over the last few days and they are definitely looking better.

Now on to the fun stuff!!! While we were there and "shopping" (which in PEI terms is relative, we had to drive about a half hour to "town" where there were a couple of cute little retail stores), I found a couple of things for the nursery. (Hopefully no one minds that this blog has been mostly nursery related lately, sorry! And even though I keep posting about it, I don't actually have that much done!)

This cute little guy (Flopsie Bear), of the Gain's Creek Collection, was hand-made by local artist Glenis Bowser of the
Gains Creek Bear Studio. He's made from 100% virgin wool blankets by MacAusland's Woolen Mills, also of PEI.

I love collecting home decor related items made in the area or by local artists of wherever I'm visiting (last year on our trip to the Island, I bought a really cool matted photo by a local photographer, its in our family room on the entertainment center).

My other two purchases are by a Canadian artist (though not specifically PEI) but they were too good not to buy just because of that! They are greeting cards by illustrator Julie St-Onge-Drouin of Ketto in Quebec.

Even though they're cards, they'll make great wall art. I'll probably frame them or just lean them up on the two Ribba picture ledge shelves I got for the room at IKEA.

Love the style, the characters, the color, the whimsy, all the fun patterns. I had to limit myself to only 2 cards, even though they were like only $4 each:)

What have you guys been up to the last few weeks?

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