The Nursery Switch Part III: Art



Hi! Sorry if all I keep posting about is this nursery, but it and Maura's new room are about all that's going on in our house right now:) And if I want to get any of this actually done, I gotta do more working and less blogging! Hopefully you guys don't mind!

So here's where we left off last week, with a new rug and bedding that I'm psyched about:

When it comes to art for the space, I'm trying not to spend any additional money either using stuff we already had or DIYing it. And I'm trying to add to my overall, very general "adventure/explorer/nature" theme.

The first thing I already had that I knew I wanted to put in the room is this huge map of the US that I scored for a few bucks way back when Borders was going out of business. (BTW, did seeing that happen to a huge book store make anyone else really sad?!) I plan on mounting it on thick foam board (and painting the edges a color) and hanging it above the crib. I like that the warm tones help balance out the rug and the green ties in to the crib bedding. Plus it brings in lots of other fun colors and I've learned that I like a space that has a little depth to the palette.

I also already had this "Animals of North America" print from Land of Nod that I bought awhile ago when it was on sale. I had planned on putting it in Maura's room, but if she doesn't seem too attached to it, I think I might like it in here.

Then I remembered I had a couple of vintage woodcut greeting cards (that I picked up at Brimfield one year) that I hadn't used for anything yet. This bear is cool and not too scary, right?!

And I really like this sort of pirate ship sailing on the open seas one.

To bring in a bit more of the nautical vibe, I think I'll also cut up and frame part of this page from my 2012 Paper Source calendar.

On Friday, Dina posted a free chevron monogram printable over at Honey & Fitz that would be cute in any nursery. You can customize the colors of the chevron as well as the initial and birth date, etc. I think once our little guy gets here, I'll print this out (not in hot pink though!) and either hang it up or put in on the ledge shelves for a bit more personalization.

And lastly, I'm feeling like I need a bit more green in here, to tie in to the bedding. Especially over by the dresser/changing table where I already have 4 black frames with mats hanging up. I'm not 100% yet on what I will put in them yet, but maybe something like these insect drawings from (Gotta get my botanical/nature illustration kick somehow!)

The Nursery Switch Part II: A New Rug and Bedding



Now that I know what I need for the new nursery, I can get to the exciting part, picking out all the new stuff:) I've done several boy nursery mood boards before, but I've realized when it comes to realistically working on my own home, I'm more of an impulse decorator. I can never seem to decide on everything all at once and then go and buy it. I find I'll continue to get inspired by things I see in person or in a catalog, or I'll run across a great deal while out shopping at Target/Home Goods and grab it. So for this room, I just decided to see what happens. I mean, I had in mind a color palette, a general overall vibe I wanted, but nothing concrete. And then, in one weekend, two great sources were having sales and the little guy's room was officially underway!!


I started looking around on line for both crib bedding and rugs simultaneously. These are always good jumping off points or dictators of what should happen in the rest of the room. One day on my Facebook news feed I saw that West Elm was having a sale on rugs, so I clicked over to check them out. I stumbled across this Nomad Printed Cotton Dhurrie in Straw. The 5' x 8' (the room already has cream wall to wall carpet but I like putting an area rug on top for more color and to kinda designate the floor play space) was on sale for $75, where as every other 5' x 8' rug I had been looking at was at least $200! Was it exactly the rug I had been looking for? No. Was it the right size? In the right color family? Did it have a funky pattern? All yes. It fit the bill enough that the money I could save and put towards something else in the room was worth any qualms I might have about it being "perfect". Sold!

Then it came in the mail and I was totally happy with my spur of the moment purchase. It's a little more on the brown side of things in person (below) than the taupe/grey of the online product shot (above), but I'm ok with it.


That same weekend, I found out that Serena & Lily was having a 25% off nursery sale. I've always looked at them for inspiration and used them a lot in mood boards, but that's because I wasn't really worrying about price. Now that this is for real though, I just assumed that they were slightly too expensive and high end for me to actually consider using. However, with this sale, I quickly did the math and these "out of my reach" lovelies were now just slightly cheaper than counterparts from Pottery Barn Kids, which is where I was going to probably buy my bedding from. Score!!

Like I mentioned before, the walls in this room are already a soft blue and I've always envisioned bringing in some green for a boy. Browsing around the S&L site (once I knew I could afford it!), I fell in love with the simple, diagonal, watercolorie stripes in this Sprout Candy Stripe Crib Skirt from the new for spring Sprout Kite Collection. (Didn't get the crib sheet though, I knew I could find decent patterned sheets elsewhere for a way better price.) Then I purchased the Sprout Basics Crib Bumper , all white with the sprout green piping along the top of the bumper and sprout green ribbon ties, to coordinate with it. 

Here's the crib bumper and skirt at home on top of my rug. Loving them!

Ok, so then I went on the hunt for crib sheets. I was looking for more pattern and to bring in some light blue from the walls and perhaps even some of the warm tones from the rug. Oh, and I'd like to add some navy to the space too (not too much to ask, right?). In my brick and mortar store shopping, I stumbled on two more great finds - the star sheet from Babies R Us ($12.99) and the polka dots (bonus, it even has green in it!) from Target ($9.99).

And here it all is with the wall color (BM Heaven on Earth), which is the second swatch from the top.

Sometimes, even when you don't have a plan, things can come together:) Next I'll share some of the random art, accessories, etc. I've collected so far, and then maybe you guys can help me with my biggest snag so far - window treatments!

PS. Can you stick to a mood board and actually bring it to fruition? Or are you a bit more play-it-by-ear like me?

The Nursery Switch: Part I



Now that I'm almost 24 weeks pregnant (the time is flying!!), its time to be thinking about the little guy's nursery. (And who's kidding, that's really the fun stuff anyways!)

Our plan is to move Maura down the hall to what is currently the "office" and convert it into her big girl room. We will then keep the "nursery" where it is now, but change it over from her room, to a space more suited to a boy.

If you've been following along for awhile, you might remember that I wrote on this exact topic over a year ago as a guest post on Honey & a lot of this might sound familiar.  But I wanted to recap here again for my own sake and anyone else who really wants to follow along with the whole process or might be in similiar situation:)

Fortunately, all of the furniture and the paint color (a blue called "Heaven on Earth" by BM) can remain the same. Here's a list of what is staying:
  • the floor plan/layout
  • the paint color
  • the crib
  • the dresser/changing pad
  • the frames above the dresser
  • the glider
  • the ledge shelves
  • the bookshelf
Then I need to replace the more girly things (like the drapes, art, bedding) with more manly items. So we'll need:
  • new bedding
  • new rug
  • new window treatments
  • new art in frames
  • new stuff on shelves
  • new art above crib
  • new lamp
  • new Pottery Barn critter chair 
Here, this might help:


I've already purchased a bunch of the new stuff and scrounged around the house for a bit more, so I'll share that next in subsequent posts. It is getting so exciting and more real to think that in a few months we will be a family of four:)

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