On the Hunt For: Etsy Nursery Art



Hi! A few weeks ago, one of my good friends had her first baby (a little boy). Such an exciting time! I owe this new little guy a gift and since his mom is so super cool, stylish, artsy, funky, non-traditional and an outside-the-box kinda thinker, I feel like it needs to be something slightly different. So, I've been on the hunt for some cute art that I can give him for his new digs/nursery...via etsy of course!

No. 1: You're Getting Very Sleepy letterpress print from Sycamore Street Press (part of a four poster series called "Subliminal Baby")

 No. 2: Good Night Sleep Tight Hand-printed Letterpress Poster by Roll & Tumble Press

No. 3: Animal Alphabet Poster by Leo Little Lion

No. 4: King Elephant Custom Baby Print by Leo Little Lion

No. 5: Creatures A-Z Alphabet screen print by Bold & Noble

Any favorites? I'm trying not to go with something too "themey" and just looking back at these right now I think the custom elephant illustration is even a little too cutesy (there are elephants on his crib sheets). I know there are probably a ton of other cool posters/prints, etc. out there in etsy land that I could get him, but I seriously searched for what feels like forever and these are the only things that stood out to me. (Holly, where's that etsy tips and tricks post?! Lol! I think I need help with my search words!!) Have any of you guys come across any great etsy art lately that you love that might lead me to something better for little Henry? Thanks!

I probably won't be around much next week...Paul has the week off from work, so its our family vacation together! Can't wait. We aren't technically going anywhere...except down the Cape for a few days to hit up the beach. And we want to take Maura into Boston for a day and to the Thomas the Tank special event at Edaville Railroad (this chic is a tomboy!). She's never been to a parade, so I'm hoping we can take her to one on July 4th without having her run into the street and try to climb up on a float or steal somebody's trombone. (Any toddler parade tips?) Have a great weekend and July 4th holiday, everybody!!!

Summer Vignettes: Foyer Bookcase



Layla and Kevin's Summer Fun Link Party is still in effect (those guys know how to have a good time!), so I figured I'd share our foyer bookcase for summer while we're at it.

So, to really check this out, you kinda have to stand far back. 'Cause I went big this time. I've been wanting to do something cool with the two vintage oars I won in a giveaway from Frugal Farmhouse Design this time last year. I'm considering hanging them above the couch in our family room (and taking down the black ledge shelves) but for now I decided to break them out for the summer foyer bookcase. I knew I wanted them on top, leaning against the wall (we have a lot of open space there since its two stories). I was hoping I could cross them over each other in a "X", but they just wouldn't stay:( After playing around with them a bit, this was the best and safest (don't want them falling down on the ol' toddler!) formation I could come up with.

Next up, I added the vintage glass fishing float that my mom got me last year for Mother's Day. I love the color it brings to the vignette, plus it helps rock the nautical vibe without being too over-the-top cheesy. I wanted some more brown and wood here, so these old letterpress printing blocks (from my first ever trip Brimfield) did the trick. (Plus, they are for our wedding anniversary, July 29th, which is right in the middle of the summer.)

To pick up on the cool, rustic, textured oars at the top, I added my piece of driftwood that I found on a beach on one of our summer visits to Prince Edward Island, Canada. Behind it is a smaller version of the brushed silver shadowbox frame from the mantel with another Vintage Printable seashell print (I made sure to choose one that had some blue and green in it to coordinate).

Lastly, I just had to switch out the books on the bottom shelf for new ones in sea foam and green, and I felt like everything (color, shape, size) was balanced:)

Thanks again, Layla!! The weather here has been HOT (like in the 90s) the last few days, so I'm finally feeling like summer is here, yay!

Summer Vignettes: Mantel



Layla (and Kevin) are hosting their Summer Fun Link Up Party over at The Lettered Cottage today, so I thought that would be good motivation to get my summer mantel up. Last year I finally finished my summer mantel at the end of August, so right now I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself:)

I went for an overall nautical/exploring/discovery kind of "theme" (ugh, doesn't that word give you the chills?!). (And remember, the goal of this kind of seasonal decorating is to spend no money, just shop the house for things that will work or DIY some new stuff using things I already have). A couple of items stayed from my winter and spring mantel, like the large grey metal frame featuring a map of the Pacific Ocean.

I also kept the square brushed silver shadow box frame, but swapped out the spring time butterflies for this sea shell print (Stematisches Conchylien-cabinet (1837)[1879] - whatever that means) that I dowloaded from Vintage Printable. I love the varying color and pattern on these guys!!

For something a bit more sculptural, I added in this model ship I stole from my mom a while back (plus the big white canvas sails do a good job of balancing out all the white in that frame on the left). I had already painted the hull once when I didn't like the original color, and I just did it again! I wanted some more color here, so I threw a coat of blue acrylic paint on the bottom and changed the red stripe to white. (This thing was probably like $3.99 at the Christmas Tree Shop ten years ago, so I don't mind roughing it up a bit.)

The last thing I added to the mantel are the old apothecary glass bottles I found at last year's Brimfield Antique Show. Usually I leave well enough alone, but this time I decided to try a project I've had pinned for awhile. I made little tags for some of the beaches we have visited over the years and filled each bottle with sand from that specific spot. (I originally wanted to do this using baby food glass jars for Maura's room - the beaches she's been to so far, but this is a good spin off for now.)

The tags I cut out of cardstock and then wrote on them in pencil for a more vintage, used, collected look. At first I tried tying on the tags with jute twine, but it was a bit bulky, and too much brown, and a bit distracting, so I grabbed some sage green thread I had sitting around in a little sewing kit (baker's twine would be cool, but I don't have any of that). Confession - to be honest, only the PEI Canada sand is actually from PEI Canada (brought home in a bucket), the other two bottles are filled with sand from our backyard. They are both beaches close to home that we visit frequently (one down the street, the other down the Cape), so next time we are there I just have to remember to grab some sand and come swap them out.

Overall, I'm digging this new summer look. I like the contrast, natural vibe, pops of bright color. What look are you going with this season?

Thanks for hosting, Layla! Can't wait to browse through all the other summer decor! Are any of you guys linking up? (Your post doesn't have to be about a mantel - it can be a bookcase, table vignette, whatevs.) 

Living Room Update: Vintage Wall Map



...otherwise known as "Brimfield 2012 Finds: Part II". (See Part I here.)

The huge wall map I bought at the Brimfield Antique Show this year is up!!! (It used to hang in a classroom in Germany in the 1950s. ) I'm psyched, I think its totally cool! 

We didn't have a ton of walls that were large and empty enough to hold this bad boy, so it was kind of a no brainer (for now) to stick it here on this blank wall in our living room - kitchen is to the left, family room on the right. (This wall has never really had a good look - for a while it was totally blank, then I tried to hang a gallery wall on it that was an epic fail. When I inherited my Gram's bow front dresser, I put it here and flanked it with two our kitchen chairs, that we weren't using, to fill up the empty space.)

Its definitely a German map of the US, which is fine with me. It was pretty much an impulse buy...I'm kinda too lazy to do the appropriate research and find the "perfect" map of my dreams. If I waited around to do that, I wouldn't have a map probably ever!

It also has a couple of notes drawn on it in red marker, I guess by either the teacher or students. There's big circles around Washington DC and somewhere in the middle of Wyoming (totally random!)...and then here's the legend in the bottom right corner that explains what they are. "GHB"?! Any guesses what this might mean in German?

Coincidentally, I love how the bright colors in the map coordinate with the striped rug, the chevron pillows and the sofa in here.

This vignette is nowhere near "done"...I think I'd eventually like to paint the dresser (maybe white/off white for the base/drawers and sand down the top and restain it in like walnut or something), these kitchen chairs are not my favorite (but we got them a long time ago and don't really need a new set), and I should probably sorta style the top of the dresser (for these pics I just took everything that was on there off and put it on the other side of the room!). I also know this map would look great in a play room or big kid's room, so who knows where it will eventually end up. But for now, I'm loving that I got an entire wall of bold, colorful, educational impact with one nail hole!!

Mood Board Monday Linky Party: Seating that Speaks to You



 Hello! And welcome to the 13th Mood Board Monday Linky Party!!! So happy you're here:)

This blog party is all about seeing how different people are inspired differently by the same thing. Today we've come together to see what happens when a bunch of creative ladies are forced to choose between three good looking chairs...and then, without any other direction or requirements, design a room based around said seat. Chaos (I mean, blog fun) ensues!! Here are your three inspiration choices, all by Horchow:

{Handcrafted of European beech wood and soft leather, this striking chair is as comfortable as it is beautiful.}

{A bold blue and white pattern ensures this chair will stand out no matter where it's placed. Handcrafted wood frame with cotton/rayon-blend upholstery.}

{We've got your number! Cottage-chic dining chairs with striped seats are labeled with your choice of numbers 1-9.}

Here's my mood board for the week. To be honest, I started out wanting to challenge myself, so I got all excited to tackle the more contemporary, bold-patterned Cecilia chair, which is kinda out of my comfort zone. Then I started getting frustrated because I couldn't find the right stuff I wanted to go with it and unfortunately, eventually I gave up:( I know, disappointing. I immediately switched to the beautiful citron leather chair though and things began to come together. Phew. I did not want to show up to the party empty-handed!!! I am imagining this chair in a sitting area in a master bedroom...a great spot for reading, throwing your clothes that you don't feel like putting away yet, having a cup of tea. And as I got going, I realized this was more like a bedroom for a chic, yet somewhat dorky (she has 2 huge maps hanging up) single gal (pretend her name begins with "B") as opposed to a couple.

1. The palette: I opted for cream walls with this one as there's a lot going on. This way we also keep things light and bright and let the other colors and patterns shine. Obviously, that cool shade of yellowy-green is in full effect, plus coral and a soft blue which I pulled from the bedding.
2. I like this Raleigh Upholstered Camelback Bed and Headboard with Nailhead Trim from Pottery Barn to keep things feminine and soft. Plus, the nail head trim ties in to the nail heads on the inspiration chair. I like how there won't be a lot of contrast between the headboard, the walls and the background color of the bedding.
3. This Cora Kalamkari Reversible Quilt and Sham from Pottery Barn pulls the whole color scheme together. It's got hints of that green in it and adds a bunch of other hues to the room for more pop and depth.
4. Animal Print Pillow Cover in Persimmon from etsy seller Turquoise Tumbleweed on the bed.
5. As well as this Custom Embroidered Letter Initial Lumbar Monogram Pillow from etsy seller Red Door Home (I'd have it custom made in ivory linen with blue monogram and piping).
6. Love this Empire Rosette Open Nightstand by Restoration Hardware. I'd use one on each side of the bed to keep things symmetrical and somewhat formal.
7. Since they're open (they have a closed version with drawers too), they will be provide spots for good looking storage and personal effects, like this Pastel Vintage 9 Book Collection from etsy seller jaysworld.
8. Instead of bedside lamps, I'd hang one of these Addie Pendants in Celadon (or Amber, depending on which looked better in person) from Ballard Designs above each nightstand. Totally fun (don't want this room to be too stuffy) and that pop of green will help balance out the green chair on the other side of the room.
9. The inspiration piece...the Old Hickory Tannery Green Leather Chair by Horchow.
10. For holding drinks and books and whatever, the Olivia Mirrored Side Table in Antique Black from Ballard Designs.
11. I'd ground the seating area with this really pretty Clonaslee Rug from Anthropologie. I like that its a touch darker than the chair, so there's a bit of contrast, yet it supports it, rather than competes with it. I thought something with more pattern would just be too distracting, but this sort of faded tone-on-tone goes really nicely with everything.
12. I'd use the coordinated Empire Rosette 8-Drawer Nightstand by Restoration Hardware across the way on an opposing wall from the bed. I love the color and shape of this furniture line, plus there's no budget, so why not?
13 and 14. I also like that it has plenty of table top surface for mementos and things, like family pics (leaning against the wall) in these Multi-mat Thin Frames from Pottery Barn. And collections, like these
6 Vintage Apothecary Bottles Aqua Green and Two Antique Milk Bottles from etsy seller Concept Furnishings.
15. Things were getting a bit too serious in here for me...uh hum, I mean the "client", so I threw in these huge North America and Europe Suzanne Kasler Map Giclees from Ballard Designs. Their large scale will take up a lot of wall space and they perfectly combine all the colors in the room.
16.This fabric that I'd use for the drapes, Happikat in Coral by Lauren Leiss of pure style home, was the first thing I picked out after the bedding (after the chair). I love the bold, graphic pattern and color!


Now its your turn!!! Here's what you do to join the party:

1. Create a mood board for a room of your choice using one of the three chairs above.
2. Write a post about it, including sources (with a link back to this post so others can come look).
3. Add your name, project and thumbnail image to the Linky list here on this post (see below).
4. Then add the link to your SPECIFIC Mood Board Monday POST, not your general blog address.
5. Have fun checking out all the other wonderful rooms!

Some personal stuff came up and I've got to have surgery this morning (Monday) at 8am. This just means I won't be able to make it around to comment on everyone's rooms right away...I'm bummed! I'll get there eventually, it just might be late Monday night or Tuesday or something:( I hope you all can make the rounds and show each other some love. Thank you all again for your continued participation and support!!!

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