The Next Mood Board Monday: Coffee Tables with Anna of "my design ethos"




Happy Monday! How was everyone's weekend?

Get psyched...Mood Board Monday is back!! And to kick it off, we have something special...the lovely and talented Anna from "my design ethos" is helping me host!! I asked Anna to choose the category and inspiration pieces for you and she did an awesome job. On the day of the actual MBM linky party (Monday, June 10th), she will also be co-hosting the party, which means you can link up your mood boards either here or there and they will automatically show up on both blogs. (Unless of course, I'm actually in the hospital in labor, then I'm leaving it up all up to Anna!!!)

And as an official slacker, I even had Anna write up this post, so take it away, girl:


The idea is that other bloggers (anyone can join in - don't be shy!) choose one piece to be inspired by and design a room around it. It's very fun to see how everyone creates such different spaces that all feature the same object.

Since everyone over here in Australia is so excited about the opening of Pottery Barn and West Elm, I thought it was only fair we showed you what you can do with some of their gorgeous pieces. The furniture of choice? Coffee tables!

{West Elm describes this piece... Into the fold. Inspired by the Japanese art of paper folding, the Origami Coffee Table artfully supports a natural bone-tile top with a lightweight base. Its small footprint makes it ideal in the angle of a sectional or as a side table next to a deep sofa.}

{Described...Classic conversation starter. Part of our popular Parsons Collection, the Wrapped Metal Coffee Table's square legs are the same thickness as its top. This stylish table sits well with sofas of all sizes.}

{Pottery Barn says...A testament to the woodworker’s art, this table has turned legs and an intricately hand-carved apron. Metal strapping accents each corner, and the top has a deep distressing that lends a sense of history to the design.}

{Described...Artfully finished to replicate the look of weathered canvas and detailed with brass nailheads that secure the edge braces and corner guards, this piece resembles vintage trunks that have been re-purposed to serve as occasional tables. Wood-lined compartments allow stow space for blankets, games and more.}

If you haven't seen a Mood Board Monday before, here's the general idea:

1. This is a fun way to share all of the creativity out there and showcase how we can all start from one inspiration point and end up with a variety of ideas.
2. To participate, you need to create a complete mood board for any room using one of the four coffee tables shown here.
3. On Mood Board Monday party day (Monday, June 10th in this case), come back here (or to Anna's) to link up to the party. You will need to include your sources in your post and give a brief description of the room and how you used the inspiration pieces.


Exciting, right?! I don't know how you Aussies have survived this long without PB and WE stores! Thanks again, Anna, for all your hard work...this is going to be so fun!!!

Taking a Little Break



Hi! So, I've been a terrible blogger lately...sorry!...and I'm about to get worse. Our little guy is due in just 4 weeks (no idea how that happened!) and I know I'm not going to be blogging a lot right away once he gets here. Until then I have a lot to finish up around here and I'm starting to panic! Plus we moved Maura to her "big girl room" and although she seemed to be adjusting fine at first, she then started waking up super early, not napping for as long, and figured out how to climb out of her crib. So we are dealing with the transition to a twin bed now, when I was hoping to put it off for awhile longer. Subsequently, we're getting up a lot during the night, early in the morning and she's not napping for that long - all this means I've lost most of my productive/blogging time:(

I was trying to stick to a schedule of one post a week (I know, pathetic!) but even that right now is stressing me out. So I'll be popping in and out randomly (I'm actually working on projects, its just finding the time to take the pics and write about them). Not having that expectation of having to post, instead just doing it when I can, will make me feel a lot better.

Also, keep an eye out for a special Mood Board Monday coming up!!! We haven't done one yet in 2013, I really apologize. But time to get back into be looking for an announcement post about that:)

So this is not a totally boring non-pic post, here's what we've been up to lately (mostly enjoying the finally good weather):

{learning how to pedal...knee pads courtesy of Maura's cousins}
{walking and rock jumping around downtown historic Plymouth}

{watching and feeding the ducks at the Public Gardens}

{and Maura's been getting much better at drawing recognizable people! that one on the left clearly has a head, 2 eyes, a nose, a mouth, hair and 2 cool to witness the development!}
I'll still be reading and hopefully commenting on blogs, just not writing as often. So, I'll be seeing you around, just not sure when. Hope everyone is well, talk to you sometime:) And thanks for understanding;)

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