Brimfield Finds: Part 2



I'm so glad you guys liked everything I bought at the Brimfield Antique Show for BG and her nursery (thanks for humoring me on her name, too!). I did buy two small things for myself as well, I couldn't help it. And coincidentally, they both fall under the same category - glass vessels:)

Remember last year I entered the world of the mason jar by purchasing a #13 Blue Ball Mason Jar after learning that they are really rare because they were all superstitiously smashed during Prohibition as they were thought to be unlucky?

I love the color and the story behind the maker's mark 13 on the bottom of each jar. Now this guy sits here, on my entertainment center.

This time when I went to Brimfield, I wanted to see if I could find this guy a friend. And I did:) So now I have 2 #13 blue jars. I guess I'm a collector:)

{see the 13 on the bottom of the jar?}

This next one is the "find" I'm most excited about. Really, it wasn't hard to find as this was the first booth I came upon after parking my car first thing in the morning! So I was like "Ooohh, huge over-sized wine bottles, those are so cool!" And snapped this picture. Then I kept walking, I mean, I couldn't buy something at the first tent I see, right?!

I'd noticed these large bottles/vases before, especially in the Pottery Barn catalog, and loved them. Here's PB's...Found Oversized Wine Bottles - "Purchased from a collector who carefully selected them from restaurants throughout Central Europe, these vintage glass bottles were once used to store wine or sunflower oil." They're small ones start at $99.00 and the extra-large ones (at 22" high) go for a costly $279.00. So I figured I wouldn't be getting one of these anytime soon!

In the meantime then, I lived in a fantasy world and instead used them in our Mood Board Monday party about bold and bright area rugs. See #15?

Well, guess what? I met one of Pottery Barn's "collectors" at Brimfield!!! I had finished the show (read had enough of walking around in the heat pregnant, my feet were killing me and I'd spent all the cash I'd brought) and was heading back to the car when of course I had to walk by that booth again. And those over-sized bottles were calling to me. Plus, I'd only bought myself one thing, the blue mason jar.

I'm a terrible bargainer, but I thought I might as well give it a shot with this guy, it being the end of the day and the exhibitors getting ready to pack up and all. So I said to him "Hi! What's the cheapest you'd give one of these to me for?!" Ha! Subtle, huh?! He told me he had 2 bottles with a chip out of the tops and those were going for $16 less than the rest (which were already under the price of the smallest of one of PB's bottles...and these were 25" high, even bigger than their largest ones.) He also said he is selling these for a "loss" just to get rid of them here at the show (he really does sell some of the stuff he finds to Pottery Barn), so he's not going to go any lower. He didn't even bother cleaning the bottles, as you can tell from the above photo, because it wasn't worth his time. I stood there for about 35 minutes deciding if I should get one...and in the end, I went for it!

So now I own my very own gigantic bottle...this specific one is all the way from France and was used in the 20s to make wine. (I'm not sure where I'm going to put this thing, for now I just snapped it here cause that's where the sun was coming in and so that you could get a sense for how big it is.) Usually I probably would have paid the extra $16 to get one that was completely flawless, but for some reason in this case, I decided to save a bit of money and go for one of the chipped ones (kinda like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree that nobody wants) I thought the irregular top only added to the antique charm of the thing.

Here's another shot so you can see the scale, its heavy too! I still have to clean it...the guy told me to buy denture cleaning tablet thingies and throw about a dozen in there and fill it with water and let it sit for a couple of days!

Hopefully I made the right choice! Thanks for following along on my "antique" shopping trip, guys!

What's up for the long holiday weekend? I love Memorial Day because its the unofficial kick-off of summer. Usually we'd be down the Cape opening up our beach house for the season, but this year (as in a couple of hours) we are headed out of town to Minnesota for my cousin's wedding. I've never been before, I'm excited to see what that part of the country is like! Have a great weekend, everyone:)

Brimfield Finds: Part 1



Hello! I'm back to share some of the stuff I bought when I went to the Brimfield Antique Show last week. Just a reminder, if you missed it this time, they do it 3 times a you have another chance to go July 13-18th or September 7-12th.

(A few of you asked how I knew about this great fair or where you could find a list of others like it around the country. I found out about Brimfield from a blog, and then after some research realized how close I was to it..yay! But I did remember seeing an article on just this thing in the May issue of Country Living entitled "America's Best Antiques Shows". Luckily I was able to find a coordinating online article on their site, thanks Country Living!!! Check out their "coast to coast antique guide" here. Hope that helps!!)

Back to the goodies...I decided to do this post in 2 parts. The first set of things I bought for our nursery! Even though we haven't really started putting the room together (we are due with a baby girl at the beginning of September!!! - by the way, I added a new label for the "Baby Girl" category), I thought it would be fun to add some "antiques" to her space. I don't really know enough about antiques to feel confident buying large pieces of furniture or other big ticket items, so I tend to just go for small accessories when I'm there. Plus I figured the goal of scoring some things for the nursery would keep me most focused and my budget for the show day hopefully intact:)

From this moment forward, I will refer to our future daughter (how weird and awesome is it to say that?!) as BG. Besides standing for Baby Girl, BG also happens to be the acronym for what Paul and I (and my family) actually call her...and its just too wacky to share with you guys;)

So, here's the stuff I got for BG's room (all items photographed on my mantel/coffee table, as so far there's not really a nursery to put them in....yikes! I gotta get moving!):

Last year at the show I stumbled across a gentleman selling old moveable type from the letterpress printing industry. So cool! You get to rifle through all the sizes and fonts and pick/spell out whatever you like. I brought home the numbers 7, 2 and 9 last year for our anniversary, July 29th. You can see them here. This time I wanted to spell out something fun for BG's room, so I went with "play".

I love botanicals, so when I got sucked into a booth of vintage prints, I thought it only fitting that BG have some for her room too. I bought four 19th century hand-colored lithographs of flowers found in Germany (which is cool, I'm German on my dad's side). They were $10 each, and I got to choose the ones I wanted from a big stack. Not sure how I'm going to frame them yet.

I think this little piggy bank guy is so cute! He's only silver plate, but from the 1960s and he was $2.00:) I have to give him a good polish.

I bought this cool hook thing from a shabby/cottage chic booth called Twig and Berries Antiques...from searching the web it looks like they have a shop in Westfield, Ma. They put together this piece from salvaged architectural finds - the old piece of trim, a brass numbered plate and a painted iron hook. It'll go on her wall somewhere, I figure babies/kids need to hang stuff up, right?

So, there you have it. Nothing totally mind-blowing, but some vintage finds to add that created-over-time look to a room that I need to have ready in 3 months:) What do you think? I'll post the 2 things that I bought for myself soon!

A Sketch



Well, I'm still working on taking photos of the things I bought at is raining and dark, not good for pics...and tomorrow I'm not going to be around during the day. (Sorry to keep you waiting, hopefully I'm not creating too much of an expectation!!)

So, in the meantime, thought I'd share this sketch I did that I'm using in one of the current custom invitations I'm working on. The bride and groom really love their venue -this place
The Hotel Northampton in Northampton, Ma - so we're going to feature it as the main graphic of the set.

{bad Google image}

{my version}

Hope everyone is having a good day/week:)

A Walk Through Brimfield



Hey! How was everyone's weekend?

So, fortunately, I did make it to the Brimfield Antique Show on Friday! The weather forecast was not great...when I woke up it was cloudy and cold and sprinkly. But I decided to go anyways, and am so glad I lunchtime the skies were clear and it was so hot that I started shedding layers and wished I had worn capri pants instead of jeans:) I had a great time meandering around, checking out about half of the booths (I think you really need two days to see the show), eating fair food and buying some stuff (that'll be another post).

Here's some pics I shot while walking around, although half the time I was having too much fun and would forget to take photos! They have everything there:

{tons of architectural salvage}

{the above booth had tons of neat stuff....old door knobs, hinges, doorbell parts, antique keys, lamp shades, spools, manequin hands...}

{Iron Pointy Things...$3}

{I really liked these, they would make good found object additions to a mantel display or a bookcase, etc...they must have come from an old wrought iron gate, but they were more than $3.00}

{I liked these old house numbers..they reminded me of Peanut Petunia and all the cool old signs, numbers, etc she has in her gallery walls}

{sports paraphernalia}

{old musical instruments}

{HUGE found wine bottles}

{lots of fabric..especially burlap and grain sacks and all that stuff}

{tons of beads and ribbon and jewelry}

{this booth looked like the inside of Holly from Life in the Fun Lane's garage!!!}

{I would love to get my hands on an old apothecary chest or a cool library card catalog thing like this}

{chandeliers and lanterns and all kinds of lighting}

I'll do a post soon about what I came home with. I did actually buy something from one of the above places/in one of the above pics...can anyone guess what it is?

That Time of Year Again



It's time for Brimfield again!!!!! The Brimfield Antique Show is one of the largest outdoor antique shows in the world! The Brimfield show is held here in a small town in MA three times a year (May, July and September since 1959) with thousands of dealers attending.

Last year I went in September but this time I'm going to hit up the first installment, which is going on now through Sunday, the 16th. I figure I'll be too fat and hot to go in July and September is definitely out this year:) Originally one of my best friends, who is an architect and furniture designer in Manhattan, was going to come up and stay with me and we were going to go together, but she got called to Hawaii at the last minute for a job she's working on...hmmmph! So now I'm off by myself, which is no big deal, since I'll probably have to take frequent food, bathroom and rest breaks. Hopefully I can go on Friday, I figure it'll be less crowded than the weekend, although the forecast here is showing rain on Friday and a bit more sun on Saturday. Hmmm.

I don't have anything specific in mind to get this year...but hopefully I'll find something cute for the baby's room. And maybe I'll find some more letterpress printing blocks or aqua blue mason jars. I also love mercury glass, I'd like to add to my "collection" with some real old pieces.

{from Bittersweet by Margot about her trip here}

{from Antique about her trip here}

Check out my photos from last year's trip click here. And see what I actually bought here.

I'll let you know how it goes:) Anybody else going this year (or been before)? Even if not, what are your favorite things to shop for when antiquing? Got any bargaining tips for me?

Ps. I just realized that this time last year I was at the New York Stationery Show (a totally different but equally exciting experience as Brimfield)! So fun!! If you're headed there this weekend (there's lots of blog talk going on about the show recently), good luck and have fun. I can't wait to read all about it when everyone gets back. Here's what I learned last year.

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