Our Little Pumpkin


Happy Halloween!!! It's Maura's first real holiday! Even though we didn't get her a costume (Are we the worst parents ever? She's only 7 weeks!!), she did receive two cute Halloween outfits as gifts.

She wore the first one (from Gymboree) to our neighborhood outdoor Halloween party. Here she is in her car seat/stroller on our way out the door and up the block.

{without cute pumpkin hat}

{with cute pumpkin hat that's a little too big}

On a side note, this was the day after she smiled for real for the first time!!! What a gift! It's so fun to see/make her smile now:)

The second cute holiday get up was an orange "My 1st Boo" onesie and matching jack-o-lantern hat (we added a pair of stylish infant jeans). Every week I've been taking a picture of Maura in her Pottery Barn kids bunny chair (just like Nicole and Eleanor from Making it Lovely or Sherry, John and Clara from Young House Love) to document how fast she's growing.

I've discovered that taking good photos of a newborn is not as easy as it sounds/looks. I suppose I should get a better camera. But I also need a kid who will sit still for a few minutes. And I need more hours in the day. And if it could be sunny during her happy, alert time that would help too:)

Hope you had a great Halloween weekend! Any advice for colicky babies?


  1. She's beautiful!

    I'm very familiar with colic unfortunately. There is nothing that works 100% but a super tight swaddle (highly recommend the Miracle Blanket), walking while bouncing, infant swing and shush-ing right in the ear were things that I had a little success with. There is a book called Happiest Baby on the Block that you may find helpful.



  2. Thanks, Melanie!!! Sorry to hear that you had colic trouble too. She doesn't really like the swaddle, but maybe we'll have to try the Miracle Blanket. I tried to get Happiest Baby on the Block last time I was at Borders but it was out of stock. Got Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby instead. I'll have to look again. Thanks for all the help:)

  3. She is a doll, Sarah! I don't have any advice about soothing a baby with colic. I know time seems to stand still when you have a crying baby who doesn't seem to respond to anything you do; it's frustrating but I know it will get SO much better. Then, her little personality will shine and you'll be able to really truly enjoy your new job as a mom. Hang in there, girl! I'll be where you are in just a few months.

  4. OMG Sarah, I know it's wrong to want to eat babies...but she's just so yummiliciously adorable.

  5. Have you tried some gripe water? It used to be hard to find but now little tummies carrys it in most grocery stores. It's an all herbal supllement you either add to the bottle or you can give it to them on it's own. My first was a little colicky and it worked great on him. my other two weren't too b ad but I would always put it in thier night bottles to help them relax. hope it helps!
    p.s.- we didn't dress our first up for his 1st Halloween either, he was exactly a week old so he too just wore a halloween onsie!

  6. Super sweet pics! Thanks for sharing!

    Amy R.

  7. Thanks, Megan! Too funny, just gave her some gripe water:) We've been using it the last few days and I think its helping a bit. I've been breast feeding, but since all she wants to do is feed, we just started trying a bottle of formula at night so that I can have a break. Hopefully that helps too. Glad your other 2 babies didn't have colic!!!

  8. Great pictures! She's changed so much! And I'm impressed you got her to smile in these pictures. It's always a stuggle with Nora - seems she smiles just until we click. Maybe the sound distracts her? And I agree - tough to get a good baby shot!

    I'm sorry Maura is colicy! We always found Nora was really fussy in the evening - not sure if it was colic or if she was just tired. A few things we tried...

    1) We allowed her to have a little cat nap in the evening about an hour before bed. She used to nap for about an hour (now it's about 15 minuts) and that seemed to help calm her down.

    2) I cluster fed her in the evening. I would normally space her feedings out about ever 3 to 3 1/2 hours but in the evening I would feed with about 2 to 2 1/2 hours in between. This also seemed to help her calm down easier for sleep.

    3) We started a bedtime routine pretty early. It was pretty simple. Bath (if it was bath night), PJ's, feed, look at books, swaddle, rock, bed. By the time it's swaddle time, she was/is pretty fussy but then I know she's tired.

    4) We started putting Nora to bed earlier. She would just get so tired, which I think contributed to her fussiness. We try to make sure she's in her crib by 8:30 or just slightly after.

    Not sure if any of these will help. I know how frustrating it is to hear her cries and not know what to do. Plus, it's the toughest when your husband is home for work, which isn't fun for him either. They say it will pass - Nora is 11 weeks old and still has her fussy bouts but I have seen great improvment over the past few weeks.

    Good luck!

  9. Oh, and I second what Melanie said about the swaddle and The Happiest Baby on the Block. Lifesavers for us.


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