Grandma's Bow Front Dresser


I recently inherited my grandmother's old bow front dresser!! When she lived in an assisted living residence she had her tv sitting on it and every time I would go visit I would tell her how much I liked it. She just had to move to a nursing home where she can't fit as many of her own things, so I asked her (and my aunt who is storing everything else) if I could have it:)

After talking to my mom about it, I realized this was actually my great-grandmother's before it was grandma's. Even better!!! (BTW - I don't think I would have fully appreciated the history to this piece or seen its potential a few years ago. Wanted to say thanks to all of you out there for showing me the light when it comes to "antiques", refurbishing old things and creating a home filled with personal and unique treasures.)

It's not in perfect condition...there's a lot of scuff marks and scratches and some extensive damage to the scalloped legs. But I love it! The tone of the wood is a lot warmer than our wood floors, but I'm not going to let that bother me. Inside the top drawer is the mark "Morganton".

I think for now I'm just going to leave it as is (with the possibility of painting it in the future). But does anyone have any easy/quick tips for cleaning this baby up a bit? I also don't know exactly where I'm going to put her, in the meantime she's on the big blank wall in our living room. I'm excited to fill the drawers with some stuff that I haven't had a place for and I can't wait to hang something above and tablescape her up a bit.

I'm mostly just happy to have something of my gram's:)


  1. That's a lovely chest! And, what could be better than something that reminds you of your grandma. I have a few things from mine and I just adore them.

  2. Beautiful piece, I have used this tip to clean wood furniture:

  3. What's beautiful piece and I love that it's a family piece.

  4. I saw a fix for a similar problem over on Russett Street Reno. I hope this helps.

  5. SOOOOO beautiful! Lucky you for having this treasure. It's so pretty and classic. I know it will have a place of honor in your home for a long time. So much better than a new piece if you ask me.

  6. We have a very similar piece that was a little banged and
    I painted Cloud White and am LOVING the look. I'm going to be posting it on my blog tomorrow, so stop by for a look.

  7. Whatevwr you do dont paint it. EVER. keep it natural


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