Maura's 1st Birthday Party: Invitations


Maura turns one on Saturday (really hard for me to believe), but her party isn't until next Saturday, the 17th. I'm not going overboard on any one particular theme, but I am kinda running with the idea of a slight vintage alphabet flash card look and feel for a few things. (Similar to the alphabet cards hanging on the wall above the crib in Maura's nursery ...and we have a more modern set that we like to look at when she's sitting in her high chair eating.) Maybe with some other old school learning/toy ideas thrown in there for good measure. (Of course, we've all met me and thus know that I tend to think big and usually run of out time!)

For her invitations, I went with "Bb is for birthday" (as opposed to "Mm for Maura", etc.) and painted a little watercolor cupcake (since we're going to serve cupcakes for dessert instead of cake...hopefully not a huge no-no at a first birthday party!).

I want the color palette of the party to be bright and fun...watermelon pink, seafoam and aqua, yellows, oranges, shades of green...kinda like her room. I'm going to also try and incorporate lots of pattern. So I used Paper Source cover paper in Strawberry to back the invites and sent them in these cute envelopes in Pool.

I'm hoping the combo of old school school-house and script fonts plus the rounded border give off a bit of the vintage vibe I wanted.

I didn't have exactly enough time to work on these as I would have liked (sorry, baby girl!) so I think I probably could have developed this idea a bit further, but I think they're good enough to fit the bill.

I hope to somehow display the set of alphabet cards we use at mealtimes at the party (no way am I messing the ones on her wall!) and incorporate the whole "Aa is for apple" idea with any of the other paper things. I'd like to leave out some vintagey children's books on the tables as part of the centerpieces/for kids to read during the party. And get a chalkboard for people to write messages on and hold up at the photo booth. Any other ideas for how I can develop more of the vintage alphabet flashcard/learning/toy theme at the party? Thanks, guys:)

Ps. Check out some of my inspiration for party decor here.


  1. Sarah those are just could they be an cuter/better?!!!! Love the "loose theme," the colors and all of your ideas. How about using some vintage alphabet blocks in your centerpiece? A Red Flyer wagon would also be cute for the younger set to use in the photo booth. If I think of anything more, I'll let you know. Have a blast, it's a wonderful milestone!


  2. So adorable Sarah! I love them. I think they are bright, fun, with a touch of vintage/classic look to them. Great job. I like Cathy's ideas too. If you end up doing favors - you could do an apple for each person. Or just display some apples. The Golden Books are so great too. My Mom still talks about how they used to be a quarter a piece when we were little.

  3. So sweet! Your invites are beautiful!! Happy 1st to your baby girl!


  4. They are seriously perfect! I know how you feel though- I always feel like invitations I do could benefit with more time and thought. :) But really, they are so cute and the watercolor cupcake is phenomenal.

  5. You are so creative! It was nice to see you this weekend! Stalker neighbor... Lisa

  6. These are incredible! Surely a keepsake that Maura will treasure many, many birthdays from now :)

  7. I love the invites, they are adorable. Gives me some inspiration to make my daughters party invites!

  8. So these are the way I found your blog, Sarah. I am doing a "vintagey ABC" theme for Norah's first birthday, and I have to admit I ganked your invitation style for ours! Hope that's ok (only using them for personal use, and if I get them posted to my blog I'll be sure to link back here to yours!)

  9. Found your blog while perusing first birthday parties for baby girls! Adorable ideas! Did you post pics of your actual party? Was it a large party or just immediate family? Trying to plan ours out and wondering what to do. Thanks!


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