The Nursery Switch Part III: Art


Hi! Sorry if all I keep posting about is this nursery, but it and Maura's new room are about all that's going on in our house right now:) And if I want to get any of this actually done, I gotta do more working and less blogging! Hopefully you guys don't mind!

So here's where we left off last week, with a new rug and bedding that I'm psyched about:

When it comes to art for the space, I'm trying not to spend any additional money either using stuff we already had or DIYing it. And I'm trying to add to my overall, very general "adventure/explorer/nature" theme.

The first thing I already had that I knew I wanted to put in the room is this huge map of the US that I scored for a few bucks way back when Borders was going out of business. (BTW, did seeing that happen to a huge book store make anyone else really sad?!) I plan on mounting it on thick foam board (and painting the edges a color) and hanging it above the crib. I like that the warm tones help balance out the rug and the green ties in to the crib bedding. Plus it brings in lots of other fun colors and I've learned that I like a space that has a little depth to the palette.

I also already had this "Animals of North America" print from Land of Nod that I bought awhile ago when it was on sale. I had planned on putting it in Maura's room, but if she doesn't seem too attached to it, I think I might like it in here.

Then I remembered I had a couple of vintage woodcut greeting cards (that I picked up at Brimfield one year) that I hadn't used for anything yet. This bear is cool and not too scary, right?!

And I really like this sort of pirate ship sailing on the open seas one.

To bring in a bit more of the nautical vibe, I think I'll also cut up and frame part of this page from my 2012 Paper Source calendar.

On Friday, Dina posted a free chevron monogram printable over at Honey & Fitz that would be cute in any nursery. You can customize the colors of the chevron as well as the initial and birth date, etc. I think once our little guy gets here, I'll print this out (not in hot pink though!) and either hang it up or put in on the ledge shelves for a bit more personalization.

And lastly, I'm feeling like I need a bit more green in here, to tie in to the bedding. Especially over by the dresser/changing table where I already have 4 black frames with mats hanging up. I'm not 100% yet on what I will put in them yet, but maybe something like these insect drawings from (Gotta get my botanical/nature illustration kick somehow!)


  1. Lots of great stuff here Sarah. I am a sucker for maps and that woodcut of the bear is awesome. You have the makings of a great room and to think you didn't have to go buy a thing...!

  2. That's one of the things that I always love about your designs and what you do around your home - you are so creative and have so many ideas for using what you already have in different ways. This is awesome - you've got a lot to work with for your little man's room. I'd say you've got great momentum on this. And after my post today, you can see what I've been consumed with now too :)

  3. loving it all Sarah! (Of course!) Love the vibe and that it is not to baby...definitley something he will grow into!


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