Taking a Little Break


Hi! So, I've been a terrible blogger lately...sorry!...and I'm about to get worse. Our little guy is due in just 4 weeks (no idea how that happened!) and I know I'm not going to be blogging a lot right away once he gets here. Until then I have a lot to finish up around here and I'm starting to panic! Plus we moved Maura to her "big girl room" and although she seemed to be adjusting fine at first, she then started waking up super early, not napping for as long, and figured out how to climb out of her crib. So we are dealing with the transition to a twin bed now, when I was hoping to put it off for awhile longer. Subsequently, we're getting up a lot during the night, early in the morning and she's not napping for that long - all this means I've lost most of my productive/blogging time:(

I was trying to stick to a schedule of one post a week (I know, pathetic!) but even that right now is stressing me out. So I'll be popping in and out randomly (I'm actually working on projects, its just finding the time to take the pics and write about them). Not having that expectation of having to post, instead just doing it when I can, will make me feel a lot better.

Also, keep an eye out for a special Mood Board Monday coming up!!! We haven't done one yet in 2013, I really apologize. But time to get back into it...so be looking for an announcement post about that:)

So this is not a totally boring non-pic post, here's what we've been up to lately (mostly enjoying the finally good weather):

{learning how to pedal...knee pads courtesy of Maura's cousins}
{walking and rock jumping around downtown historic Plymouth}

{watching and feeding the ducks at the Public Gardens}

{and Maura's been getting much better at drawing recognizable people! that one on the left clearly has a head, 2 eyes, a nose, a mouth, hair and 2 legs...so cool to witness the development!}
I'll still be reading and hopefully commenting on blogs, just not writing as often. So, I'll be seeing you around, just not sure when. Hope everyone is well, talk to you sometime:) And thanks for understanding;)


  1. 4 weeks?! Wow! That seems so quick! This post makes me laugh a little, because I'm posting about once/week and I'm not pregnant/about to have a baby. No excuse! :)

    I am SO EXCITED for Mood Board Monday. I was just thinking the other day that I missed it :)

  2. Girl, I totally feel you! All the reasons you mentioned is why my blog updating is so sporadic when my updates used to come on a weekly basis. It's very difficult, and it does get harder with 2. I never want to burn myself out at all- so i just blog when i can!
    Regarding Maura's transition, it sounds just like Kylie right now. Getting her down for a nap is such a fight everyday, and if she does take a nap, she's going to get up out of her bed a few times a night. I think it all comes with the territory of being 2 1/2, honestly. Cameron was a great, consistent napper until he turned 3, so I was really hoping Kylie would be the same. I think though, that we are on the brink of giving up naps all together, and just going to a quiet time in her room, like her brother does. She sleeps so much better at night when she doesn't nap. Eventually when Maura doesn't nap anymore, you can coordinate a quiet time for her while your little guy naps so you can have a bit of time for yourself.
    And lastly, Maura just looks so big! She seriously looks like she could pass as four. Best of luck to you as you deliver your sweet baby boy! :)

  3. Was thinking about MBM too and now I'm wondering how you're going to fit it in - looking forward to it. And look what a big girl Maura is - remember when you thought her hair would never grow :) It's amazing to see our little beauties grow and get more amazing by the day. Sheila went through a rough bedtime a few weeks ago but we got over it and she's been fine since. Nap time however not so much - not even happening really which is a big bummer. Although she falls asleep in the car when we're going somewhere. We still do rest time though so we'll put on a movie or read some books so she knows it's time for a break. Keep us posted!!

  4. You deserve the break, Sarah. Enjoy it :)


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