Show Us Where you Live Friday: Nursery Inspiration Pics


TGIF!! I love 4 day work weeks:)

Well, its Show Us Where You Live Friday again over at Kelly's Korner Blog:) Today is Nurseries and Kids' Rooms. Of course, we don't have any kids (yet) but Kelly did say we could post some inspiration pics if we wanted (thanks, Kelly!). So here you are...some nursery eye candy for your viewing pleasure (these are pics I just happened to have already saved out and of course when I first started I was too much of a newbie to take note of where the images were from, so if anyone recognizes them, let me know. I think a bunch are from Rate My Space ).

{Love the bold colors and fun mix of patterns}

{This is one of my favorite rooms...its pushing me in the direction of blue walls no matter if we have a boy or a girl}

{This is another one of my favorite rooms... and more proof that I'm leaning toward cool color walls}

{Love that artwork, and the wall treatment's not that bad either!!}

{or maybe I'd want to go soft and neutral}

{with some kind of fun hand-painted design on the wall}

{and a unique way of displaying their name of initials}

Thanks for hosting, Kelly! Next week is "Offices". Mine is currentlybeing painted and reorganized. I wonder if I could get my act together in time for next week's event?! Hmmm....


  1. I love all these! Again, you and I have similar taste in nurseries. =) Even though Cam's nursery is pretty calm in color, I've been thinking about doing something a little bolder (but not loud!) next time around. I'll have to file some of these away!

  2. Great's hard to pick my favorite!

  3. Cute cute!! The top green is the same color I have painted in our guest room. I've often thought about what I can make it look like when we do have a kid...and this little inspiration helped! :)

  4. Oh wow! How darling! No nurseries here, ever (daughters are 16 and 20) but those make me want to have a baby and start all over again! haha
    Thanks for sharing! I love the Where You Live features...I'm going to have to participate! ;)
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Thanks so much for your kind words in your nursery comment on my blog. Your blog is lovely too! It looks like we have a similar eye. Your house looks like a catalog. Just beautiful and tasteful. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely be following your blog in the future. Keep in touch.

    - Emily (

    p.s. Your paper and designs are fabulous. I love how thoughtful you are with the typography.

  6. I love your room inspiration!! My favorite are the top two! I might steal them for inspiration for my next little one. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Love these rooms.. You have great taste!! I would love to have a room big enough to hold a crib and a twin bed! :)

  8. Oh I'm excited you plan to ad me to one of your "love" categories on your blog! I added you to my blog list too (reserved for very special blogs). I look forward to reading and seeing more of your real room posts.

    -Emily (

  9. i love the top one! i don't think i'd ever have thought of that bright of a green but i looks so neat!

  10. Wow these are all gorgeous. No kids for us yet but I have baby fever and this is just fueling it. I'll tell my husband to thank you haha

  11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your inspiration style! :-) too cute!

  12. Aw, thanks, guys! Its so cool to "meet" all of you, thanks for stopping by. I think I have (ok, I know I have baby fever) and it can't hurt to start thinking about this stuff now, right? I have a ton more of nursery inspiration pics on my other computer, I'll have to do another post:)

  13. Hi there! New to your blog (just found it today via Kelly's Korner). LOVE your style! Love that you're starting a side biz. I am doing the same. :)

    I wanted to ask you how you get the photos in your posts to be so large? Is there a secret in your html code?

    Best wishes to you! I plan to add your blog to my google reader.


  14. Lovely photos! I think decorating a nursery would be so much fun. So many cute ideas out there!


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