Wishful Thinking at Target


I ran into Target the other day for a few odds and ends and like normal, I couldn't help perusing the home aisles to see what was shakin'. In hopes that they would have some great new stuff out, I brought my camera with me.

And since the seasons are a changing (waaaaaahhhhhhh!), I'm on the look out for new accessories to decorate for fall/winter. Here's some things I spotted that I really liked (but did not buy):

I really, really, really love throw pillows. (At one point when we lived in a one bedroom condo right after we got married, P actually had to forbid me from buying anymore until we got a bigger place. Hello! Bigger place now!) I mean, can you blame me? They're relatively cheap, they add texture, color, and pattern to a space. By switching up just your throw pillows, you can majorly change a room.

Loved these cool grey plaid pillows (they came in black too). They've that got that great wool-old man-pants-fabric vibe that has made its way into fall fashion and decor over the last few years. They would look so good in my family room:)

{plaid pillow in grey...18 x 18...$19.99}

{plaid pillow in black...14 x 20...$17.99}

And so would these lovely sweater pillows, in either grey or white...this soft cable knit is another material that would bring warmth and coziness to a space. Makes you want to have a fire and a mug of hot chocolate, no?!

{cable knit pillow in grey or white...14 x 20...$17.99}

These oversized herring-bone pillows in ivory and brown would totally work in my living room...or maybe even our master bedroom.

{herringbone pillow in brown...24 x 24....$24.99}

I found these 2 framed sepia maps (one of London and one of Paris) that I thought were pretty cool (not in love the frame itself, but that can be fixed). I've wanted to do a project with maps for awhile now (add that to the list), so seeing these kind rekindled that idea for me.

{map of Paris...16 x 12...$19.99}

{map of London...16 x 12...$19.99}

I usually take a spin through the bedding aisles to check out the throw pillows there too. This time I stumbled randomly across this really pretty toile "quilt". It's sort of monochromatic in cream and an olivey green/brown. I'm not on the hunt for bedding, but this could look nice as a fall update in our guest room.

{neutral toile quilt...king...$69.99}

I always venture into the Smith and Hawken aisle (in our Target its near the front, close to the stationery and greeting cards) to see what fun garden or natural stuff they have out. I loved these distressed off-white stoneware pieces. Sort of rustic and farmhouse...they say fall and winter to me:)

{Stoneware Crock...large/tall....$24.99}
{Stoneware Crock...bowl/short...$19.99}
{Stoneware Candlestick...$4.99?}

I was also drawn to this large metal wire basket...I know I've seen similiar flea market and yard sale finds around blogland lately. Since good looking storage is such a must these days, I like the variety these would bring..something different from woven baskets and paper boxes.

{Metal Wire Basket...$24.99}

So, there you have it. What I would have bought at Target to help update our home for the new season if I had a few extra hundred dollars lying around! Anyone snag any good deals at Target recently? I'm going to pull out alot of my fall stuff from last year soon, but its always fun to add a little bit more/extra each year. Do you guys do this?


  1. This is from Target?! I was just there and didn't see any of this goodness!! Those sweater pillows are so lovely...the herringbone pillows---LOVE, the maps...oh my gosh I love it all!

  2. Love it all, but especially the baskets. We only get to a Target in the States once or twice a year, but I would sure like to find great pieces like that when I do go. Thanks for sharing. p.s. I'll keep an eye out for older sturdy sweaters and maybe make my own pillows.

  3. Wow -- you found some great stuff at Target -- must head there soon! Thanks for sharing!


  4. I found some fabulous target finds recently and posted about them in the link below. I love fall and yes, I must admit that I do enjoy a few new items to spruce up my seasonal stash!


  5. I'm part of the DIY party. I signed up as a follower and hope you do the same.

    Its So Very Cheri

  6. Wow! So many beautiful items! Guess I have a plan for the weekend! haha

    Thanks for sharing!

    Thanks for stopping by to see me too. You always make my day. You're so sweet. Hopefully the link to you brings lots of new friends your way! :)

    Have a great day!

  7. I love the cable knit pillows they would be great to dress my bed for the fall/winter season (yes I do that LOL) Also, I guess I am going to have to go down and see if I can find that London map print, our family lived their for a few years when I was in my early teens and we have very fond memories there and that would be perfect in my home office.

    I love your blog you have some very inspirational ideas.

    Daily laying it at the Master's feet!
    Laura Ann

  8. LOL...I just bought 2 of the Smith & Hawken candle holders for my MB a few weeks ago. Pics coming soon!

    PS - I LOVE the cable knit pillows...need to convince DH we need new LR pillows, he may just kill me. :o)

  9. I love the frames of the London & Paris maps. I actually picked them up for myself since hubby & I went to London & Paris for our 1 yr. anniversary. Not sure where I'm going to put them but I had to have them.

  10. Becky and Jen - jealous you actually have some of this stuff!!! Can't wait to see the candle holders in your bedroom! Hey, gap! Haven't seen you around in awhile..should have known you'd have something as cool as those maps;)

  11. Erin - I know, huh? Hope your Target gets with the program soon!!;)

    Elizabeth - Once a year? Oh no! I think you could totally DIY the sweater pillow, great idea. I want to learn how to sew just so that I can make my own throw pillows (***evil cackling laugh***)!!

  12. I love that metal basket! ...and the herring bone pillows! I've been staying away from target lately- I have no will power at that place!

  13. I'm loving those grey pillows. I didn't realize they had so many cute things in right now! (I try to stay away for the sake of my bank account)

  14. I LOVE Target! So many pretty things. =)

  15. I totally picked up those pillar candle holders the first time I spotted them last month! $4.99? Cmon, you can't beat that! They are dressing up my dining room table as we speak. :)


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