Show Us Where You Live Friday: Master Bedroom


It's Friday! Yay! Hope everyone had a good week. We finally saw the sun here in Boston yesterday afternoon for a few hours after days and days and days of rain and clouds and cold. Of course, its raining again now, so....

want to look at some master bedrooms for inspiration? Head over to Show Us Where You Live Friday at Kelly's Korner Blog
. Today's room to share is your master bedroom. I'm slightly embarrassed to show ours because we haven't done very much yet to it and I don't have all that many pictures. But hopefully you'll like it:)

We do have a great space to work with though. The room is really large, it was part of an addition the previous owners added to the house in 2003 along with the
family room on the first floor. They didn't add any attic space over this room though, so the ceilings of our bedroom are really high and peaked with the roof line. We have 4 windows, so we get alot of light. And this is one of the only rooms in the house we haven't repainted because we liked the dusty muted denim blue that was here on the walls when we moved in.

We wanted a new bed and mattress when we bought the house because our old bed was a queen and we were ready to upgrade to a king. We didn't quite know our style yet or where we wanted to head with the space, but we needed somewhere to sleep and somewhere to put our clothes right we just went out and bought one of those complete bedrooms sets (with headboard, dressers, end tables, etc) that we liked for a fairly low price. We figured that this would do us fine for a bunch of years and then when we really knew what we wanted and were ready to committ to quality, long-term furniture we would treat ourselves or start building up a collection of replacements or additions over time.

My favorite part of the room is this photo collage we put above the bed. I wanted something a bit dramatic to take advantage of the high ceilings. These are 11 x 14 landscape photos of some of the places we've gone and adventures we've been on together over the years.

{My fave part of the bedroom set we got is the bench that came with it instead of a footboard. Inside I keep alot of my purses and bags, and its a great spot to throw clothes that are clean or sit and put on your shoes, etc.}

Here's the only other part of the room I'm going to show you, "my" dresser. P has his own (that's taller and narrower on the other side of the room - also holds our tv.)

So this room is really in progress. We still need window treatments, bedside lamps, wall art and more accessories. And then of course in a few years we'll probably start all over! If I were to get a new bed right now, I'd want something like this Farmhouse Canapoy bed from Pottery Barn. I think it would add great architectural detail to the room and really take advantage of the room's height.

I would also love to do something with the peaked ceiling. Maybe line it with white boards/planks like this:

or wood beams like this:

Something to add some character and make the grand space (which I know you can't get from my lousy photos, sorry!) feel a bit more cozy and intimate. Any ideas? Has anyone done this?

Thanks for looking and thanks again to Kelly! Hope you have a good weekend:)


  1. I love your room. Great colors. I also live in New England and was so happy to finally see the sun although I hear it is not going to last.

  2. I really like your wall color and the little dog next to the dresser is too cute.

    Looking good so far.....I am jealous, mine is HORRIBLE!

  3. Again... lovely space. I have been pondering some sort of ceiling treatment and have thought about adding the boards at some point. We have this cathedral-type ceiling and it would really add some charm. Love your blog!

  4. I think your bedroom set looks great! Hmm, I like the idea of the beams but I would definitely paint them white!

  5. I agree with vballgrl. If you do beams, keep it bright with white. I LOVE that wall color, girl. Blue's my fav. And all of that light! JEAL-ous! With the sun never coming out anymore (it's vacationing in Texas, so I hear) my apartment is so dark... It's a townhouse style, with two floors and two bathrooms, but no windows on the left or the right since there are other apts on those sides. Light is hard to come by.

    Also lovin' that furniture, set or no. Ours are a hodge-podge of hand-me-downs. Half of it was my GREAT grandfather's (yeah) and half was probably found on the side of the road or something. Eeesh. Our bed is a box spring on a metal frame. I'd die for an actual bed!

  6. it's totally pretty ... nothing to be embarrassed of {although i completely understand as ours is unfinished as well}. Again, love you style!

  7. I always love your clean lines. Your inspiration pix are fantastic! I'm in love with the one that has the peaked ceilings...well, #3 isn't so bad on the eyes either! Lovely!

  8. Great framed photos... love them. love the doggie too!

  9. Beautiful! I love your pictures above your bed.

  10. Thanks so much, everyone! Getting comments is soo fun:)

    Thanks for the advice to keep whatever we do on the ceiling (if anything at all, I'm so slow with projects) light and bright.

    Lol..and I'm glad you like the little metal dog. We have another one in our guest room. I bought them ages ago at the Christmas Tree Shop and every time my nieces come over (6 and 3), the first thing they do is run upstairs and find the dogs and drag them downstairs to play (great for the hardwood floors, ha!)!!

  11. I knew I wouldn't be disappointed when I dropped in for this week's tour...and I'm not!! Beautiful!!

    I had to laugh (out loud) about the comment about the dogs from the Christmas Tree Shop- kids, metal, and wood floors- ouch!! I'm a fellow sufferer, believe me!! Ha!! And I'm thinking the C.T.S must be the northern equivalent to the Hobby Lobby all our southern bloggers keep talking about :)

  12. You're right...that is a really nice blue color. So incredibly soothing. I love the idea of having a chest to put your purses and whatnot in. I'm going to have to remember that. Thanks so much for sharing! I'm looking to do my master bedroom as it needs some decorating. I loved the inspiration.

  13. You have great taste! Love it all!

  14. I love those photos above your bed! So many people are doing b&w, it's nice to see something different.


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