Maura's Birth Announcements


I knew I wanted Maura to have a birth announcement, and I also knew that there was no way I'd have time to design and print and assemble them myself. Instead, I had my good friend-in-real- life Holly (we used to be product designers together), who writes the blog For the Love of Letterpress, make them for me:)

Holly has recently decided to start her own custom invitation and stationery company (go girl!)...except she has something I don't - a 1200lb Kluge 12 x 18 press!!!! People, this is huge! It means I now have someone to print in letterpress for me (we're working on my holiday cards now!) and my clients (so I could still do all the designing, but she could do the printing for me). Are you as excited as I am?

Ok, back to my baby. Here's the finished, lovely product:

Holly came up with several really good initial concepts for the announcement, but the one I loved the most featured this completely unique way of writing Maura's name. It's hand-drawn, not a font!!! So cool!

Something else Holly has that I don't is a Klik-n-Kut machine. She used this to cut out the light pink heart and frame around the photo (both out of Paper Source Blossom card stock) and then adhered them to the card. The paper is 110lb Fluorescent White Crane's Lettra and we had the photos printed at SmugMug.

Holly mixed ink that would match Paper Source's Strawberry color, so that I could send them in coordinating envelopes.

I asked Holly for some behind-the-scenes pics to share with you guys (I find the entire process fascinating!).

{Her initial sketch...I had her take out the larger hearts. Getting exactly what you want is one of the benefits of custom stationery!}

{the plate with the text that will be printed}

{the press in action...gorgeous ink color!}

{before assembly...frames that have already been cut on the left and blank printed cards on the right}

Thanks so much, Holly! We love them and you were super great to work with! A beautiful intro for Maura. And they are extra special because you made them! For more info, read Holly's post on these here.


  1. Honestly Sarah, these are BEAUTIFUL. Love the hand-drawn font for Maura's name in particular. And letterpress is always just so, so rich and yummy.

  2. WOW! I had no idea how much goes into the process! They look beautiful, absolutely perfect! :)

  3. I just learned a whole lot in this post, I had no idea so much was involved. I have a much better appreciation of you talented ladies in the graphic arts and printing business. Love the announcements and your sweet Maura is beautiful,Kathysue

  4. WOW on so many levels! How cool that she owns her own letterpress? I can't even imagine how much one of those things costs. The paper place where I print my invites recently closed, so I've been printing/cutting everything myself on our inkjet. =( Needless to say, it isn't the same.
    Anyway, the invites are so, so gorgeous. The lettering is to die for- so playful and cute! And of course, Maura is a doll! Great job you guys did! I need a printer friend around like Holly. =)

  5. PS- I know you asked when I was due; and it looks like I'll be having a c-section on Jan 10. 5 weeks!

  6. Wow...I learned so much too~ Gorgeous work!

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