My Advice for New Moms


Hey there! I'm honored to be guest blogging over at Odi et Amo today for Averill's "Advice for New Mom" series. Every Tuesday Averill (who is expecting a baby boy in March) features a different guest mom blogger who shares her bits of wisdom, product recommendations, nursery pics, etc. Yay! Check it out here:)

Ps. If you don't usually read Odi et Amo, you should start...this girl has style and a great way with words!


  1. I'm heading there right now! I'm due with our first baby in 6 days!

  2. Great advice! I didn't know Maura had colic - you've got my utmost respect, mama. That is tough. :/ Glad it's passed now. :)

  3. Thanks so much for guest blogging today, Sarah! Loved your advice (and Maura's nursery)!


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