Rate My Space Rockstar


With all the great blogs out there to read, I sometimes forget about good old Rate My Space from the HGTV website. I was browsing around there the other day and came across another awesome series of killer spaces, this time from dwanderson.

{small den/TV room}


{master bath}

{kids bath}

So inspirational! This home seems to hit a lot of the styles I like but have had trouble envisioning how to pull all together.

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  1. Wow, this house is incredible!!

  2. Very nice. I rarely visit RMS any longer and would NEVER feature one of my spaces, too many snarky commenters for my taste.

  3. Sometimes I can't get over how incredible people's homes look!

  4. Wow...that is a stunning home! Definitely will have to go and check out the RMS site.
    PS go over and check out Sherry's post today if you want a laugh on a topic we have discussed!

  5. I have never been to Rate My Space. Thanks for reminding me I should really check it out. You found a gem of a feature!


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