Christmas Card Garland


or otherwise titled "What to do when you have a blank wall in your house already filled with millions of holes and your usual spot for displaying your Christmas cards is out because your 15 month old toddler will surely just rip them all down to play with".

I decided to fill the blank wall in our living room (that already has a bazillion nail holes in it from this gallery wall fiasco - don't worry, I've learned my lesson and will not be making the same mistakes again. Slightly embarrassed that I even posted about it and showed you guys) with all our Christmas cards. Just used more of the same jute twine I had lying around (also used to make pine cone garland here and a "peace" banner here), a couple of clear thumbtacks and some mini clothespins from Michaels (would have preferred the natural wood ones but apparently there was a run on them when I stopped in so I had to go with the pastel colored clothespins from the baby shower aisle).

All in all a super easy, quick project that really brightens up this room. The hardest part was waiting impatiently those first few days of December to accumulate enough cards to start:) And of course, I didn't calculate for how extremely popular we are (ha!) and ran out of room, so I have a few cards from the past couple of days that didn't make it up. Silly me.

I added a few of these painted wooden ornaments that I inherited from my mom (we used them at Christmas all while I was growing up) in between some of the cards for dimension and a touch of that vintage vibe that is going on our mantel on the adjoining wall.

How do you guys display your Christmas cards? This will be my last post before Christmas, so I want to wish each and every one of you a Happy Holiday! And just in case I don't see you around these here parts next week, Happy New Year too! Thanks for making 2011 so great:)


  1. holy smokes -- I have that same wooden Christmas tree that I painted in like -- 1976 or something!?!?!

  2. Merry Christmas Sarah and family!! It's been a really fun year. Enjoy every Christmas moment with that darling little girl of yours! I won't even show you how my cards are displayed right now...haphazard is the one word that comes to mind. Enjoy!!

  3. Such a fun way to display Sarah! Holiday cards are a wonderful thing to look forward to receiving in the mail each day, this allows you to enjoy each and everyone of them until the holidays are over. I use a giant, fabric & ribbon wrapped bulletin board, brass paper clips and push pins to display our cards. My kids enjoy stopping there each day to see what's new.
    Have the happiest of holidays and all of the best to your family for 2012!


  4. Great idea especially when you have little hands to deal with...I just posted on how I displayed my cards this year too!

  5. Merry Christmas! I wish I had thought of this, I have just the wall! It looks fantastic.

  6. Such a great idea and an way to enjoy all the cards at once. I love those wooden ornaments - I have seen how so many in blogland have items from when they were kids - great traditions and memories.

  7. What?! I have those same exact wooden ornaments from when I was a kid. Awesome!


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