Not Sure If I Like It


Hello! How was the weekend? How come it always seems like its Monday again?!

Well, I had a productive weekend, but I might hate the fruits of my labor. I'm not sure:( I need your help.

Remember I wanted to put up a gallery wall in our living room? (Click here for my first post.) Here's the blank wall before:

And the final configuration of frames I settled on:

Here they are now all up:

Hmmmm. (Hanging these was a lot easier than I thought. Actually easier than a symmetrical grid where everything has to be perfect and centered. First I started by creating my "invisible rectangle" that I wanted everything to be contained within...I measured how high down from the ceiling I wanted things to start, how far in on the left and right, and how far from the ground I wanted the bottom row to end. Then I hung the 3 frames in the left-hand column, the 3 in the right-hand column and started filling in the middle. The whole thing might be a bit high...shute. I didn't want it too low in case we put furniture there or something and I didn't want it to be a safety issue if any kids were over.)

I'm definitely not thrilled with how it looks. I don't hate it, but I'm not sure if its the right thing for this wall. could be because I'm definitely not done. Even though the frames are up, a majority of them are getting new prints or artwork. Everything circled in red below will be filled with something better. So should I wait and do that and then see how I like it? Live with it for a bit and hope it grows on me? Immediately take them all down and fill the holes?

Here's some of the more personal/sentimental things that I thought would be better hung on this wall than sitting in my basement:

{watercolors of mine that I painted in or after college}

{a cross-stitch my grandmother made for me}

What do you think? What should I do?


And just for laughs, my husband's view on the gallery wall....of course, he hasn't seen it. He's away on business, has been since last week, won't be home until Wednesday:( This was our conversation on Saturday afternoon while I was in the car on my way home from a dentist appointment and he was doing whatever he does when he's away for work.

P: So, what are you going to do when you get home?
Me: I think I'm going to try to hang those frames that are all over the floor.
P: Oh. You're really going to put those up?
Me: Yes! What do you mean? You said they looked good!
P: I did? Oh. But are you going to put all of them up?
Me: Yep.
P: Even that blue framed one that your grandmother made?
Me: Yes!!!! That's special. You don't like it?
P: Well, I don't know, it doesn't really go with anything else.
Me: But I have all this stuff that's just sitting in the basement. Isn't it better to have it hanging up? Plus, my style is sorta changing.
P: To what? Ugly?

Bwa ha ha! The next morning he called to check in on me and asked "How's your ugly wall?!" Too funny. He does make me laugh:)


  1. i think you did a great job. everything looks even and straight. my suggestion would be to have the frames closer to each other instead of so much space between each frame.

  2. Oh gosh, the conversation with your hubby made me laugh out loud! Guys are so goofy sometimes!

    Here are my thoughts on your wall. Love the configuration! I think it's wonderful and a great way to fill up the expanse of the wall. Perhaps you could unify the frames by painting them all black...or some black, some white, some silver...or something unifying. Perhaps the reason it isn't quiet gelling is the fact that there isn't too much unity. I'd put in your new artwork/momentos first before you decide to take it down. I love it...I think those personal sentimental things need to be on display. Just maybe unifying the frames would bring the whole vingette together.

  3. I LOVE, LOVE your watercolors! Amazing! And I like your wall! It sounds/looks like every piece has a story. I love that!

  4. And by the way, your watercolors are stunning!

  5. I like the arrangement!

    I do agree there needs to be a touch more unification. I think with all the different colors going on in the artwork AND the frames is a bit much. I would limit the frame colors to one or two colors/tones.

  6. Bwahahaha. Your hubby sounds like mine! I actually really like how the photo gallery turned out. I think you should change out the prints before you make your final decision b/c I love the display!

  7. Wow that conversation definitely sounds like one I might've had with Dave. I honestly think though that if you had a sofa underneath the grouping, it would work quite well. Without furniture though to anchor the art, it DOES feel too high and too disconnected.

  8. I really like it. Don't take it down right away. Live with it. Let it grow on you. Add the art that you want and see how it feels then. I see how it might seem a bit high, but you could always add a console or piece of furniture below it. Ya' know what else would look fantastic is some sort of molding or beadboard, etc...That would frame it out nicely. More work though. ;)

    P.S. the convo. with your husband made me laugh so hard. Are you sure you weren't talking to my husband?!

  9. I like it, let's see the new pics in the frames and your furniture in place!

  10. Well, I think your configuration looks great, I think it may be the subject matter which is lacking, but that is extremely personal. That and the fact that there is nothing under the arrangement to anchor a mirror just hanging on a wall with nothing to ground it. Perhaps a long console, with a pair of ottomans tucked under it?

  11. LOL, hubbies just don't get it sometimes, do they?

    I like it, personally. It would look prefect with a wide, low to the ground buffet or console table underneath it. I would definitely live with it till you switch the artwork out. That may be what brings it to a level in which you'll enjoy it way more. You could even paint some of the frames if that will improve it in your eyes. Art with such sentiment attached should never be banished to a basement!

  12. Wow! Thanks everyone for all the quick and helpful feedback. Ok, so more unity is a must. That makes sense. Frame color is a good point. I could paint some or most of them. And what if the artwork I fill in the red circled frames with is all pretty similiar? Would that help? I'm not sure about furniture here. It's the weirdest space. Also, I have a feeling the function in this room is going to chance in a year or so...right now its a very adult sitting space, and once we have kids I'm thinking we are going to have to rearrange to make room for toys and playing, etc. So I'm not sure what to put here in the meantime. Hmmm. You've all got great ideas, thank you so much! And thanks for indulging my husband! We'll have to see what he says when he gets home and sees it in!

  13. I think the wall if artwork is such a great idea...and really love that you picked some special pieces, even the blue one. I'd have to agree however to make the frames all one color, either black or white. A little spray paint, what have you got to lose? Just keep telling yourself, it doesn't have to stay how it is forever, that is the beauty of it. You can add to it, change out pictures to your liking. Thanks for sharing.

  14. I love the configuration you have on the wall, thought I do think that they need to be more unified. I really like the silver toned frame with your wall color and would try to use only silver and black frames, the others could be easily spray painted. Once you put in your new art, I think you will be more pleased.

  15. Okay, I'm seeing a mid-century, long low console under there. Something with doors so you can use it for toy storage someday. Like the piece in the lower left corner of this pic:

    If that's not your style, something in that shape. Just my two cents. Or four cents, since this is my second comment on the matter. :)

  16. I agree with a pp that said try painting all the frames to "match". Not necessarily all black, but same scheme. And I would definitely try putting in the pictures/art you want to use- that makes a *huge* difference!

    But overall I love it!! Great job!

  17. I agree, there is something missing... I'd love to see them hung closer together, like within an inch or so of each other, but since they're already up, there has to be something we can do... right?!

    First put in your artwork and see if that helps, if not I would definitely paint them. You could easily have that done in an afternoon and not have to worry about patching holes in your wall!

  18. I really like it, but I agree with a pp, I think some sort of long skinny table there would look great. Great job, love it!

  19. Hi! First off let me just say that I love the wall color. And I agree you were smart for leaving space at the bottom for furniture. I have to agree with Mandi. Keep all the frames the same color or some variation of black and silver like she said, would be great! That may mean replacing Grandmom's artwork, but maybe you could find another place for it! I think using things that are special to you is so important. Love hubby's comment - too funny!!

  20. Hi Sarah! I really like it! I agree with leaving it up until you change the artwork and like it at that height for furniture below (I like the idea of a console with storage for toys or a bench). Your conversation w/your husband cracks me up! It definitely sounds like something mine would say too! He can never see my "vision" until it's all said and done then 95% of the time loves it.

    Talk to you soon.

  21. hi there! i think it looks great the way they are arranged..maybe just paint the frames all the same color black or white and your gonna feel better about your already great placement!

  22. I actually like the idea of the frames all being different- but I think they may need to be pulled in just a little- so that they are closer together. I think a console table underneath would compliment that wall beautifully. Nice job!

  23. I really like it. I think if I were a guest in your home It would be a great conversation starter. There is so much beauty in how mixed and matched it is. Guys are funny. The hubs typically says "that's weird" when I try something different lately but I don't care cause I tend to get compliments on it. He recently said that about my quick solution to our laundry room but two recent guest said they need the same solution and it looks great.

  24. Thanks so much, everyone! No way was I expecting to get this much great feedback!!! I definitely love the idea of something low with closed storage here...hidden storage is key, you would laugh if you knew all the stuff I keep in our family entertainment center cabinets and in the baskets in our bathroom! I've been thinking about this alot, and I'm considering taking it down and starting over! I hope no one will hate me if I actually do this. Its just that I'm not sure I like it enough to actually put all this extra effort into it, and to be honest, I have no idea what I'm actually going to put in all those other frames. I have always wanted to do a gallery wall of family photos, maybe in black and white... and perhaps that would be better on this all the same frame color. I think right now its a bit distracting from everything else going on around it..and this is such a central point of the house that I dont' want to dislike it every time I walk by it, I want to love it! Well, Paul is coming home from his business trip tonight...let's see what he says. Thank you so much for all your suggestions and for not telling me it totally sucks:)

  25. I adore picture walls. I really like the layout you came up with. We are working on one now for a small space in our kitchen. My husband takes care of all the measuring and hanging because I am scared to put holes in the wood! This turned out great and I can't wait to see the updates!

  26. I LOVE the wall, it looks great and well proportioned and the watercolors are beautiful!

    What if you add in the black and white frame family photos to this, so you have one large gallery wall, instead of having two?

    All it needs a a larger sofa with a side table or credenza in the empty space underneath and you will have a totally finished area.


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