Living Room Update: Vintage Wall Map


...otherwise known as "Brimfield 2012 Finds: Part II". (See Part I here.)

The huge wall map I bought at the Brimfield Antique Show this year is up!!! (It used to hang in a classroom in Germany in the 1950s. ) I'm psyched, I think its totally cool! 

We didn't have a ton of walls that were large and empty enough to hold this bad boy, so it was kind of a no brainer (for now) to stick it here on this blank wall in our living room - kitchen is to the left, family room on the right. (This wall has never really had a good look - for a while it was totally blank, then I tried to hang a gallery wall on it that was an epic fail. When I inherited my Gram's bow front dresser, I put it here and flanked it with two our kitchen chairs, that we weren't using, to fill up the empty space.)

Its definitely a German map of the US, which is fine with me. It was pretty much an impulse buy...I'm kinda too lazy to do the appropriate research and find the "perfect" map of my dreams. If I waited around to do that, I wouldn't have a map probably ever!

It also has a couple of notes drawn on it in red marker, I guess by either the teacher or students. There's big circles around Washington DC and somewhere in the middle of Wyoming (totally random!)...and then here's the legend in the bottom right corner that explains what they are. "GHB"?! Any guesses what this might mean in German?

Coincidentally, I love how the bright colors in the map coordinate with the striped rug, the chevron pillows and the sofa in here.

This vignette is nowhere near "done"...I think I'd eventually like to paint the dresser (maybe white/off white for the base/drawers and sand down the top and restain it in like walnut or something), these kitchen chairs are not my favorite (but we got them a long time ago and don't really need a new set), and I should probably sorta style the top of the dresser (for these pics I just took everything that was on there off and put it on the other side of the room!). I also know this map would look great in a play room or big kid's room, so who knows where it will eventually end up. But for now, I'm loving that I got an entire wall of bold, colorful, educational impact with one nail hole!!


  1. This looks AMAZING! What a great find ... seriously jealous :). And, it really does go perfectly with the pillows and the rug ... like it was made just for your room!

  2. I love it just the way it is now - it looks awesome. It coordinates perfectly with the rugs and the pillows go right with it too. I actually like the warmth that the dresser brings to that wall - that's a nice dresser. I bet you're enjoying your new look - it really looks awesome.

  3. What a great find! I'm on the lookout for a huge schoolhouse map too. I found one recently but it was in pretty rough shape so I didn't buy it but I keep finding myself wishing I had! Yours looks great and is a perfect, colourful addition to the room.

  4. That looks so great! Seriously, what an amazing set up with your grandmas beautiful dresser.

  5. I love huge maps! I have one wall papered in a map mural, but I would have rather had a vintage find like yours. And yes, the perfect colors of the rug with the map caught my eye right away! So cool.

  6. Looks great Sarah - what a great find! xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  7. This is a really great find, Sarah. The size, the colors, (the German-ness) really makes an impact in the room. Looks fantastic with the dresser too! Sigh...I really need to get to Brimfield!

  8. It looks incredible! It must feel entirely different in that room now!

  9. Found your Brimfield keyword! We are going in May as part of our honeymoon and I'm so excited! That map is fabulous!


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