Blogdate #3: Help Casey with her Nursery


..otherwise known as what 3 bloggers can get done in 6 hours with pizza, chocolate chip cookies and lots of Snapple and Vitamin Water:)

I had such a great day this past Sunday, you guys! Remember that I've gotten together with a couple of local bloggers before - Casey of loft & cottage and Carrie of Hazardous Design? (These girls are awesome! Previous blog dates have included Blogdate #1: Jewelry Party and Blogdate #2: Shopping in Providence.) Well, Casey's expecting her first baby in early October (yay!). So Carrie and I went over to her house this weekend to help with whatever we could in the nursery (check out the surprise we sent Casey in the mail here). It was soooo much fun and we got so much done!!

The room was already pretty great, with wide trim and tall baseboards, crown molding, hardwood floors, a huge slider to the porch. Previously as Casey's office it was a light yellow-green (which would totally work for a baby too), but this girl has a vision (see her mood board of the room here). First thing on the agenda, and a huge check on her to-do list, was new paint for the walls.

{silly girl practically doesn't even look pregnant here!}
Here's Carrie tackling proper prep work (go, Frog Tape!):

On three of the walls we painted two coats of Heavy Cream by Martha Stewart (such a nice, soft, warm, pretty white). Here's an in progress shot (we had a good system going, I cut in and Carrie rolled):

{I cut in, Carrie rolled}
Sigh. I love new paint. As soon as it went up I knew Casey had made the right decision. The new color made the room feel so much bigger and clean and bright and fresh!

Casey had us use Rustoleum's Black Chalkboard Paint on the fourth wall (we did three coats)!!! So cool! It's going to be such a great focal backdrop for the crib.

Look how cute Casey's bump is!! I swear, we didn't let her actually do much work!

After all the paint was dry and we had peeled off the tape (love that step!), we still had some time (and Casey's man Michael had come home), so we brought in the rug, put together the crib (super easy - the Jenny Lind from Target) and hung up the roman shade and drapes. (Aaaahhh! I love it! This kid is going to have the best room!)

Look at these two! (Girl even brings her own paint roller extender to the party. DIYer nerd alert!!!) And doesn't the crib look amazing against the black chalkboard wall?! (I can't wait to see what Casey writes/draws on it!)

I was so glad we were able to get a lot done and relieve some stress for Casey. Plus it was just really great to see how Casey's design brain works and be a part of the progress! Here's a pretty good before and after:


Not bad for a days work!! We've all agreed its much more fun to work on this stuff together with friends...what's that saying?..."many hands make light work"...totally true. Now I have to think of which project around my house I can use these girls on:)

I so can't wait to see this nursery finished, its going to be gorgeous!! And it'll be fun to meet baby loft & cottage too;)

PS. Casey and Carrie are posting about our blogdate today too, check 'em out here and here:)


  1. You ladies are awesome!!! And Casey looks fantastic. What a fun day for all. I love the new paint color and everything going on in the nursery - way to go girls! Can't wait to read the other write-ups. I've been absent from blogging this week since we are on staycation - promise I'll be back to read and will be ready for MBM too. Got a little work done on my board yesterday. We've done lots of fun stuff that I'll do a post on at some point. Have a good rest of the week Sarah and see you on Monday for some John Robshaw mood boards - woo hoo!

  2. Um...I think you just came up with a new business idea. A team of adorable ladies who descend on your house for a day and crank out a bunch of to-do's in your nursery. I would totally hire you!

  3. Omg, NOT the most attractive pictures of me. I'm going to have to find myself a more stylish painting outfit for our next painting party :)
    Thanks coming up with the idea to surprise Casey with our DIY skilz. It was a really fun and productive day!

  4. Wow, Sarah, great write up and awesome pics of the room that really show the transformation so far. I can't thank you guys enough for all your hard work and the super FUN time we had on Sunday. We must do this more often. I love Diana's idea for the business. Look how much we got accomplished in a day!!

  5. WOW! That is so awesome that you guys helped her out ... and the change in the room is amazing. I hope chalkboard walls never go out of style, because I really love how beautiful a black wall is :).


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