Mini Foyer Update: Chevron Rug


Hello! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend:)

I'm very happy with the path our foyer has taken over the years. First we got a new entry rug, refinished the hardwood floors, painted the inside of the front door black and hung up 4 framed antique fish prints. Oops, then I kinda recently killed said black and white striped rug by trying to wash it...and almost killed our dryer! Let's just say the fringe did not survive:(

Soooo, kinda needed a new rug. Didn't search for very long before I found this indoor/outdoor chevron rug from Ballard Designs. The size I needed was only $35 and I had a 15% off coupon, so I just went for it (you guys probably remember I'm impatient and don't love to do a ton of has come back to bite me in the butt before, but hopefully not on this one). I got the "Gray with Sand" colorway, which even though the gray is dark, I think still adds a nice level of color depth to the space.


I'm trying to bring in more pattern to our home. I know that chevron is like way popular right now, at least online, but no one that I know in real life whose house I go to has anything chevron in it. So I'm cool with still sporting it. Do any of you think we worry too much about what's current and overdone, etc. in the design/blog world and let it get the best of us?

And now that it's gotten deep around here, back to the before with the striped rug (also from Ballards):

and the after of new chevron rug:

Got a favorite? Straight stripes? Zig Zag stripes? I can't say I like either one better, they both have their merits. And discuss:)

PS. Remind me in a while (when I forget) that this rug is not supposed to be washed in the washing machine either, just hosed down/spot cleaned:)


  1. I love chevron anything! I know it is a hot trend right now but I love it in my home! And like you said- most of my friends don't have a lot of chevron in their homes, just my blog friends!

  2. I remember seeing this in the southern living idea home's kitchen. Love it!

  3. That is a sad dryer story! As for chevron, I just love. I think this rug is a great update for the space. I tend to decorate just for what I'm loving because my friends and family that actually are at my house don't follow the design world/trends. They don't think it's overdone :)

  4. I see you've been getting spam comments too - ugh so frustrating. Anyway...I love your new rug. and I also love your floors too - I don't remember seeing them before. And too funny because I mentioned in my post today that I'm tired of our yellow chevron drapes in our living room, but I think it's because we've muted down the paint colors on our first floor and the yellow is just driving me crazy. I've never been one to follow trends, so the chevron is probably the trendiest thing that I have in our house. I do think that we can get influenced by blogs, Pinterest, and other social media outlets but it's always a personal decision. I always think to myself "will I love this in 5 years or sometimes even 10 years"?

  5. I definately worry too much about it. My no go at the moment include chevron and ikat although I know noone else that has those things (or even knows what they are).

    I was very excited about mint a few months ago, but then realised everyone else was excited about it too which kind of ruined it a little bit!

    I love your rug though, the grey works beautifully with your space.

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  6. I think I may even like that rug better, love the gray and the chevron! By the time you tire of the chevron, the rug will be ready for replacing, so really it is just a small commitment. Like you, I know of no one who has chevron in their home even tho it is all over the blog world.

  7. Thanks so much for stopping over to my blog. So great to 'meet' a local blogger! I love the rug and the floors. Beautiful!


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