Taking the Paint Plunge


Guess what? I'm now the proud owner of these:

Yay!!! Yesterday I had to head into Boston for a doctor's appointment, so I decided to make a side trip to the closest retailer we have of Miss Mustard Seeds new Milk Paint, the quaint and friendly Maison Decor. Amy and her son Justin were super helpful when it came to answering my questions about the milk and chalk paint and really aided me in figuring out what I needed to get and what I didn't need to spend more money on. 

So, I'm going to try the Linen (like a winter white) milk paint on the old dry sink that I inherited from my mom (I'm going to use it for toy storage in the family room) and I'm going to see how far the sample jar of ASCP in Duck Egg (a pretty, soft green/gray/blue) will get me on the small black cabinet in my kitchen that I've been wanting to paint for forever.

I'm so excited to actually get going on these!!! Getting the paint was the last step holding me back, so now there's no excuses!!! Let's get some stuff done:)

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

Ps. I am currently writing this post during the day because I'm in the middle of a standoff with Maura. She refuses to get dressed in the morning or take her clothes off at the end of the day. We had an incident last weekend where I got a very cute dress stuck on her head while I was trying to get it off and since then its like she's scared of putting things over her heard. Last night we fought with her for 2 hours to get her clothes off so she could take a bath and then get dressed into her pajamas. This morning its been an hour and a half since I started trying to put her clothes on. Apparently we are not going to go do the errands I wanted to get done today. Any and all advice appreciated, I'm about to pull my hair out. Way past the crying about it stage:) 


  1. Exciting! I'm curious to hear about your milk paint experience! And, I have a little jar of Annie Sloan that I need to do something with. I just can't decide what!

    And sadly, I can offer no advice for your little one -- but I'm sending happy thoughts your way! And I do think at some point in the far future you'll all have a good laugh about the time she completely refused to change her clothes :)

  2. So fun! Can't wait to see how these pieces turn out Sarah! Ahh yes... the kid stand-off, specifically the girl stand-off. My best bit for you? Choices and consequences. If she is afraid to put things on over her head, let her pick what she will wear. Let her go to bed with no bath, wearing whatever she wore for the day and not her PJ's. And maybe in the morning, if she won't get dressed, take her to do errands in her Pj's! She's smart and and figuring out how to work her power on you, the trick is to not let the power struggle happen! Hope that helps!

  3. Sarah I was going to offer some advice like Cathy. Let her participate on choosing her clothes...make sure she watches you get dressed without any incidents so that she sees you aren't scared...and if for a couple of days she has to wear nothing but Jammie's until she feels confident enough (or itchy enough to want a bath) that is not the end of the world. Maybe even a book about getting dressed? or One lf fhose magnetic dress up dolls? Sometimes with grace it is about me giving enough acknowledgement to what her fear is instead of just plowing over her with why I don't think she should be scared or whatever. If you give positive attention to getting dressed maybe that will help.

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  5. I think the earlier posters have given you very good advice. I'd just add that you might avoid giving any time to the issue...no stand-offs, power-plays etc. She certainly will be putting clothes on over her head by first grade...That was always my measure! Just go about your life together with minimal fuss. (grandmother of 4!)

  6. Thank you so much, guys!!! Will definitely take this advice. She has either been wearing her zip up jammies or sweatshirts, button downs that don't have to go over her head. We are definitely still struggling with the issue here, but I'm trying to be better/more calm about it. We had 2 events today to go to and I gave up my hopes of her appearing in cute outfits and just let her go in what she felt comfortable in. Sigh. Hopefully time heals all:) Thanks again!

  7. Oh girl, I feel your pain. These girls are really loving the discovery of independence aren't they? Now you know why I haven't been posting as much either - I'm just beat. Some mornings are fine and Sheila puts on her clothing with not much of a struggle, but other mornings she is running around the house like a crazy person and does not want to get out of her PJs. I've had to talk to my boss about being late because of all of this. I guess we just need to put our schedule back an hour to get more time. She does like putting her clothes on by herself, so I've been laying her pants on the floor and she's been liking that idea. But some days...whew! Yes, we will look back on this and smile someday. OH! And hooray for the new paint - yep, go get 'em! Once I got my paint I was ready to go. Good luck and can't wait to hear what you think. Are you on Instagram?

  8. Excited to hear your thoughts on Miss Mustard Seed paint!
    As for Maura! I hear ya, I have days where I have to litterly pin Avery down to change her. Avery really likes to know about "her day" so each morning I go over our plans including getting dressed etc. have you tried making it into a game like peek-a-boo or singing to distract her? Good luck...we're in the "No" phase...


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