Quick Easter Updates


I usually don't decorate for Easter, but now that Maura is getting older and understands all these things a bit more, its fun to add some holiday touches. We (she likes to help) kept it simple with some quick updates to the mantel.

{the potted plants at the bottom are not intentionally part of my decorating, I'm just plant sitting while my mom is away and this is where she plopped them down before she left...but they do add nice color!}

Up until this year I didn't really have any Easter decor and wouldn't really have known where to start, but I recently found this colorful felt egg garland ($4.99) and cream ceramic bunny ($9.99) at Target. Bingo. I think both are festive and fun without offending anyone's adult/sophisticated taste. (The garland replaced the capiz shell one I had hanging for "winter" and I swapped out the bunny for one of my white candles.)

A quick search at The Graphics Fairy yielded this sweet little bunny engraving, which I printed out in a sepia tone and added to the frame on the right.

The last thing I added is the most personal and special. We've found a local paint-your-own-pottery place that we really like, and last month we attended a "Family Night" there! (You get a discount off your purchase and every kid got a complimentary ice cream.) Paul, Maura and I each decided to paint our own egg...now, I had to let go of my perfectionist nature immediately, because it is darn hard to plan a design in your head, choose colors or paint anything when you are trying to help a 2 year old and keep her from breaking stuff. I was pleasantly surprised that Paul was so into it that he kept getting frustrated whenever Maura tried to "help him" paint his egg..."she keeps screwing up my design!"!! So, at any rate, do not judge our pottery skills based on these, but I looove how they look up here on the mantel. A nice pop of color and sentimentality to boot:)

{Paul's egg, my egg, Maura's orange and purple egg}

So, to recap, here's the mantel as it was for "winter", or basically, in its non-seasonal, normal state:

And here's the changes for Easter:

Not bad! I was loving all the white, but now I'm loving the color. (Can it just please stop snowing here?!) Have a great week and wonderful Easter weekend:)


  1. I love those painted eggs! What great, one-of-a-kind pieces to have and use, year after year. I'm sure it would be something Maura would even love to have someday in the future at her own house with little ones running around! :)

  2. I love the fun garland! It adds a wonderful punch of color to your mantle!

  3. Not bad? It's great and perfect for spring. Those eggs are adorable - and a reminder of your time as a family of 3 before growing to 4 soon. That thought is really stuck in my head for some reason - enjoying these last few months before our family grows. Have you had those thoughts too? And of course I love the vintage print too. Nice work!


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