The Nursery Switch Part IV: Accessories


One more quick post about the little guy's nursery. I'm sharing all this with you now so you don't think I've been idle...I've been a shopping fiend! It's just that none of this is going to get implemented for a little while (we gotta get Maura outta this room first and that is another series of posts on its own), so at least this way you get to see something!

Besides the new rug, bedding, and artwork, I've also been collecting some accessories for the room.  Found this great big striped round basket at Home Goods the other day for $14.99 (purchased with a gift card, even better)...should be good for corralling a bunch of his toys. (BTW, hadn't been to Home Goods in a while and they had a ton of on trend storage options - I could have bought like 4 other kinds baskets/bins but I refrained!)

I knew I wanted a new Reversible Changing Table Storage bin from Pottery Barn Kids and went with this Navy Geo one. Maura has had a pink and green one sitting on her dresser next to her changing pad since she was born and it is so good for holding diapers, wipes, cream, powder, hair bows, etc.

Also, scored this Stripe Favorite Throw from West Elm in Bean Sprout a couple of weeks ago when they were having another sale. I think I got it for like $10.99 or something and now they are back up to $23, which is still discounted from their usual $29. Its really soft and I plan on draping it over the back of the glider, will bring the green from the bedding to that side of the room.

Remember I hung up three little ceramic birds from the ceiling next to Maura's crib, kinda like a mobile? Figured I already had the hooks so I might as well find something to replace them. Stumbled on these little Gund stuffed dinosaurs and thought they might work. I guess you gotta have something cute, cuddly and adorable in here since it is a baby's rooms, right?!

And I'll be keeping some oldies but goodies like these wood letterpress printing blocks from the Brimfield Antique Show.

I'm really happy with everything I've got so far and where this space is headed...except when it comes to the window treatments. Can't seem to find what I want:( I'll try to write a post about it that makes sense so you can help:) Have a great week!


  1. I'm so impressed you're collecting all this when you can't start the room yet. I'd be dying! I was in home goods last night and also noticed all the awesome storage! And, I really love that west elm blanket ... it even looks soft and cozy in photos.

  2. All those accessories are perfect. I almost pulled the trigger on the same WE blanket (different color) and now I wished I had. Can't wait to see everything in place! :)

  3. I purposely haven't gone to HomeGoods b/c I don't want to buy anything new until we move - man, it's killing me ;) I feel like we're both hunter/gatherers - I'm gathering items for Sheila's next room and holding out on the new baby's room for a little while. Looking forward to the window treatment post too - always good to throw it out to your readers for some feedback. You score some great deals - these accessories are perfect.


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