Maura's Fairy 3rd Birthday Party: Decor


Hi, there! I finally have some pics of Maura's fairy birthday party to share. (We had such a fun time.) I'm going to break this up into two posts because I have so many photos. This one will be all about the favorite part!

If you remember from the invitations, she wanted a Tinkerbell party. And I decided to sort of add a general fairy/woodland vibe to it, without having to have everything be official Tink colors (green and purple) and plaster her Disney face everywhere.

So, first I ran with the idea of the Tinkerbell silhouette (from the invites...I had purchased this printable silhouette file for $5 on etsy). Then I used a lot of paper, because I already had it on hand and it is so versatile. (Really I think any theme can be enhanced using paper somehow, love it.) Lastly, I wanted to display real fairies in different little scenes, so I bought a pack of 6 of the Disney Fairy dolls at Target for $35. Not bad since I knew Maura could basically just take them afterwards to play with.

Paul helped me make a "fairies welcome" wooden sign that we stuck out in the front lawn to greet the guests when they arrived (really there was only about 25 close friends and family and only actually 7 a couple of infants). If you've seen "Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue", then you will recognize this from the little fairy house that Lizzie built and Tink got stuck inside. (Inspiration for this sign from here.)

{the birthday her Tinkerbell costume that we already had}
I made and hung scrapbook paper butterflies from both the kitchen and dining room table chandeliers. I got this idea from the Tom Kat Studio's Fairy Garden Party Collection on etsy. I didn't however buy their template, I found a pack of hot pink card stock butterflies at the dollar store that were the right size and shape to use. (I just glued patterned paper to both sides and cut them out following the shape of the original dollar store butterfly so that I had a bunch of different colored, patterned butterflies instead of a million hot pink ones.)

Adding in a lot of nature related elements helped enhance the fairy theme without being to cutesy and cliche. For the gift table/dresser, I made a really simple garland of cut out green paper flowers hot glued to jute twine (original idea from here). Really simple that is, until you totally burn 2 of your fingers on the hot glue while doing the FIRST leaf at one o'clock in the morning the night before the party!!! Must.keep.gluing.even.while.injured.Vision.must.become.a.reality!

One of my friends gave me two of these pink Martha Stewart pom poms that she had leftover from a project at her house. I hung them from the ceiling in the dining room using green ribbon and added cut out green paper leaves to make them look like giant, upside down flowers. I really like how they came out and if I had had more time I would have bought and made more to fill up a whole wall for more impact.

This is the third year in a row that I used my custom birthday banner from etsy seller Cow Country Creations. I'd say that was a good investment!

One of the things that I was super excited about was using real fairy dolls to decorate. I had imagined them flying from the ceiling (using clear fishing line/filament) but I was having trouble getting this to work, so I set up little vignettes with them around the house. The nerd in me tried to match each fairy's unique characteristics to what they were doing/posed with. I put two on the mantel - here's Silvermist, a water fairy, with sea shells, sand and a paper fish.

In "Secret of the Wings", Tink meets a sister she never knew she had, Periwinkle, a frost fairy who lives in the Winter Woods.

Tinkerbell is, after all a tinker fairy. She invents and creates using lost things I collected little random objects from around the house to make it look like she was building something:)

As a centerpiece on the dining room table (where we served the food and drinks), I put together a more elaborate woodland vignette with moss and glittery butterflies (from Michaels), rocks and acorns from the yard, and super market flowers in one of my birch paper sleeves (an oldie but goodie from Pottery Barn).

Rosetta is a garden fairy, so she's standing by a galvanized metal watering can.

I wanted more of a little setting, so I shopped the house and used a bird's nest and eggs, as well as this sweet little birdhouse.

Fawn is an animal fairy, so she posed with a little bottlebrush bunny from our Easter decor.

I had so much fun making up these little scenes!!! Was definitely my favorite part of planning for the party. I'll be back "soon" (that's a relative term) with more on the food and party activities.

Hope everyone is well, miss you!!!


  1. Too darling!!!! I love Tinkerbell and the way you pulled all of this together with the woodland touches and the real fairy dolls. I can't believe that Maura is already three...oh my goodness! Hope all is well with you and your adorable family!


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