Maura's Fairy 3rd Birthday Party: Activites and Food


Here's the last installment of Maura's birthday party trilogy. If you missed them, check out the invitations here and the decor here.

We had a "Pixie and Pirate Check In" station set up for when the kids first arrived. The girls could choose fairy wings to wear and a fairy wand and for the two boys who attended we had pirate hats and vests.  (Remember, Tinkerbell was first and foremost Peter Pan's sidekick, and her Disney Fairies show is a spin off, so adding the whole Pirate theme to this makes sense for the boys that came. As some of you suggested, I probably didn't even need to worry about this, since the boys were not nearly as into dressing up as the girls were. Oh well!)

The kids' goodie bags were here too for them to take when they left (bottom shelf). (Side note...does anyone else think the goodie bags are the most stressful part of planning a kid's party? I hate them. Couldn't all us moms just band together and say "No more goodie bags?!")

{pirate hats and vests from iparty, wands from Target and Walmart, wings from Toys R Us and Walmart}

{so cute! Maura's friends Morgan and Addie...they're sisters if you can't tell!}

The only other thing I really had planned to keep the kids busy was a "Decorate your own Fairy House" craft station.

I'd seen this idea all over Pinterest and loved it! (Check out some inspiration pins here, here and here.) The "fairy houses" are just unfinished wood bird houses from Michaels. Then I just bought a ton of washable paint, foam stickers, sticky-back jewels, etc. They really got into it and made some good looking fairy habitats.

As far as food goes, I'm more into eating food that tastes good as opposed to making food that looks cute or goes along with some theme. (We served home-made mac-n-cheese, chicken tenders with different dipping sauces, fruit salad and a green salad with green apples, toasted pecans, Craisins and gorgonzola cheese.)

Drinks, however, I feel are something you can have a little more fun with. We did make two kinds of "theme" drinks (as well as having beer and soda and juice boxes and water)..."Neverberry Punch", which was lemonade, cranberry juice and a splash of Sprite (with raspberries and cut up strawberries)...

and for the grown ups, "Pirate Island Punch", a yummy cocktail of lemonade, gin and crushed up mint.

For dessert, I made Maura the exact cake my mom used to make for us on our birthdays when we were little. Yellow cake with home-made mocha frosting. Served with ice cream. I was totally proud of myself for DIYing this little cake bunting:)

Also ordered some an assortment of yummy cupcakes from our local Cupcake Charlies. These Tinkerbell silhouette cupcake toppers from etsy seller BMine Occasion Design (I purchased all green) were the perfect addition!

It was a wonderful day! And still hard to believe that my lovie is now 3 years old!!


  1. So cute Sarah! You never skimp on the details and it all looks so nice. I'm an anti-party bagger. I usually end up doing some sort of edible treat for the kids that they can take home and will then be disposed of - last year we did soft pretzels (mini ones) for each kid and then this year we just had Dora fruit snacks for all of them to take home (since those are one of Sheila's favorite treats). Those drinks look so yummy - I like doing a specialty drink too and it's always easy.

  2. I love the blue rug you have in the 3rd picture - do you mind sharing where it's from? I'm hoping to get a rug in that color and a similar style that doesn't shed too much.

    1. Hi! Thanks so much. Its the Allure Area Rug from Home Decorators Collection. Here's the link:
      I originally bought this for my daughter's big girl room, but its a thin scratchy wool and didn't turn out to the be the most comfortable thing for all the playing on the floor and lying around getting changed that we do. So instead of returning it, I moved it downstairs to the living room. I also don't love that the dark color shows a ton of dirt...I figured it would hide dirt, but all kinds of light dust and lint and things show up on it. Overall, I guess you could say I think its ok, but not sure if I would recommend it. I love the color and pattern, but not so much the feel or fact that I need to vacuum it all the time. Sorry, hope that helps! Good luck in your search:)


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