Finds: "Finding Silver Pennies" booth at the Duxbury Antiques Show


Do you guys know Danielle from "Finding Silver Pennies"? (or maybe you spotted her in the latest issue of Better Homes and Gardens?!) She's a super sweet mom of 2 boys, a pro at painting furniture and hosts a DIY link up party every Sunday. She lives a few towns up from me along the coast here in Ma, but we had never met...until this past weekend:) She was exhibiting at the 33rd Annual Duxbury Antique Spring Show and I headed there on Saturday to see what I could find, show some support, and hopefully get a chance to talk to her in person. And I totally behaved like the dorky blog stalker that I am:) Chatted her ear off for like ever and she was so nice and helpful with lots of painting tips and advice. Thank you, Danielle!!!

{Danielle - on the right - and I...ugh, I look terrible here. Oh well, whatdya going to do?!}
Danielle shared a booth with very nice Dan from Gentleman and Daughter Antiques and their space was so lovely (definitely the best staged one at the show).The combination of his antique treasures with her painted pieces and nautical finds and crafts was really pretty...and perfect for imagining how one or more of their wares might look if you brought it home.

{isn't the color combination on this painted writing desk that Danielle did beautiful? I love the stencil too. Such a wonderful surprise when you open it up!}
I went home from the show with one of Danielle's hand-made driftwood sailboats. Isn't it so sweet? I almost went for that one in the background with the blue and white canvasy sail, but then I couldn't resist the smallest one with the red and white butchers twine and little map bunting. (I have a thing for maps if you didn't least, Paul is always asking me "What's with you and maps?") I bought it thinking I would put it in Ian's nursery, but now I have it sitting on my entertainment center/bookcase where I can look at it all the time:)

While I was there, I also kinda fell in love with one of Danielle's pieces of painted furniture! I didn't go expecting to get anything big, but I couldn't help thinking about this Grantham dresser all the way home in the car and over the next few days. Isn't it gorgeous? Danielle used Miss Mustard Seed's French Enamel milk paint on the drawers and sides and sanded and stained the top in Minwax's Dark Walnut. This blue is such an awesome color in person, people! Here's Danielle's write up of the process she went through on this bad boy:)

Check out the original brass lion head pulls! So cool. Well, I pretty much convinced Paul that we needed this dresser...tons of storage!!...and so I just emailed Danielle to tell her I would like to buy him!!! Yay! I'm going to put him in the foyer in place of the Crate and Barrel wood and glass bookshelf we have had there since we moved in. (I'll move that upstairs where it can be more useful for actually holding books and other things.)

The only other things I wanted but didn't pull the trigger on were from a booth down the aisle, All Prints and Maps (from Essex, Ma.). I can't help it, I'm a sucker for anything paper-related that's old:) First I saw these super sweet vintage fairy illustrations that Maura would have loved:

But what I really wanted to do was take a bunch of these hand-colored wood engraving botanical prints (from a book published in 1597!!!) and run home and hang them up everywhere! (They were really nicely framed too...with a double mat in green and pretty gold molding.) Oh well, I'm going to have to save them for another time. The woman working the booth there, who owns the store with her husband, said that Main Street/Rt. 133 in Essex is a little mecca of antique shops (over 30 within walking distance of each other). Hmmm...maybe I'm going to have to hit that up sometime this summer!? Anyone ever been there?

So, what do you think about my new dresser?! I'm so excited! Can't wait to get it home. Thank you again, Danielle!!

Ps. Go here for Danielle's post about the highlights of the Duxbury show (and more pics).


  1. Sarah, it was so lovely to meet you! Thank you so much for such a glowing post about the Grantham dresser and our first antique show. Can't wait to do it again next year and so glad we're friends IRL now! x

  2. How fun to meet a local, fellow blogger! And what a talent! So excited for your gorgeous purchase Sarah, I can just picture that piece in your foyer, fun!!!

  3. When I saw that chest I was so hoping you said you bought it - just love the color and the pulls…amazing!! Hope we get to see it in your foyer…

  4. It truly is a wonderful experience to meet blog friends in person. What a fun day! And yes yes yes to your new dresser - what a cool piece! As soon as you mentioned Danielle's blog I remember reading about it in BHG. I'll have to hop over to say hello. And I love the driftwood boat that you got - really cool!

  5. PS - You're adorable Sarah!!

  6. Your new dresser is gorgeous. Such a pretty statement piece! Looks like a fun day.


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