Converting our Family Room to a Playroom: Part II


So the process of turning our family room into a playroom continues. As you saw in Part I, we moved the tv into our adjacent living room and painted that newly blank whole wall in magnetic and chalkboard paint. I will say, we are thoroughly enjoying being able to color on the wall and it has definitely helped Maura with writing her letters..she has come so far with that skill in the last month!!

Next I needed to get a new rug since the one we had in here was a bit too traditional for the look I was going for, plus I wanted to move it into the new family room where the tv is now. I was stuck for a little while on which rug to go with it...I wanted something relatively reasonable and practical so I wouldn't be concerned about the kids spilling/spitting up on it, etc., something graphic but with not a ton of color so that the toys would do the "popping" and something fairly soft (cotton/synthetic not wool) for all the sitting and obviously playing we'll be doing here. I had considered some indoor/outdoor rugs from Overstock, but then got an email from West Elm the other day about their rug sale and threw caution to the wind and went for the Graduated Striped Cotton Dhurrie in Feather Gray. In typical me fashion, I got impatient to just move on already, tired of rug hunting, saw that I could get the 8 x 10 for $160 (plus a $25 delivery surcharge) and pulled the trigger. So glad I did! Finally one of my spontaneous decisions paid off:)

Don't mind the rest of the room...we still have half our family room furniture in here that has yet to be moved out and no toy storage yet, so stuff is just all over the place. But I'm loving the rug!!! The colors are even better than in the WE product shots. Two darker shades of gray for the outside set of stripes and then a lovely blueish-greenish-grayish color for the inside stripes.

I love how it looks with the chalkboard wall and can't wait to hang up my huge vintage wall map which I know will look great with these colors too. I've come to realize that I just really like black and white and in this case, with one girl and one boy, it works for us as a gender neutral room.

Next up is storage. We're hoping to head to Ikea this weekend to get some Expedit shelves. Have a good one!!


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